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 Started adding back some of the more interesting items with new pics and info - from our old Oshawa Wrestling History.com site. Covering 1929-1996 across the Oshawa circuit, the site was modeled after Gary Will's Toronto Wrestling History which is here now too!  It was a lot of fun going back into the history of a great wrestling town. The scene mirrored Toronto somewhat but there was a lot of local based action. There were tournaments, trophies, trophies being smashed, parades, DJ's, Summer fairs, fires, and riots, lots of riots. 

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Maple Leaf Audio Snippet: Ric Flair 1983

NWA champion Ric Flair paying tribute to Frank Tunney shortly after his death in May 1983. Flair, one of the best ever on the mic is reserved as he talks about Frank Tunney ahead of the upcoming  card. Flair vs Valentine.  

Wild Bill Zim and Northland Wrestling

    It's great to hear from family of wrestlers who appeared in Ontario. Recently I heard from the son of Wild Bill Zim, a very interesting and well travelled star of the 1930's to 1950's.
Mike Zim has done an admirable job putting together a detailed and lengthy ring results record for his Father who wrestled in many areas including Ontario. Wild Bill Zim (a long list of aka's including Zimovitch, Zimm, Zimmo, and many other variations) was a very colorful character, larger than life, as many of the early pro wrestlers were. Wild Bill was a real classic.

Main Pic: Zim after un-masking the Marvel with Kasaboski Sault Ste Marie 1949 

   The story of Wild Bill Zim has a strong Ontario connection. He wrestled quite a bit on Larry Kasaboski's Northland circuit and also got to Maple Leaf Gardens several times. 

   He had been scheduled at MLG in 1939 but his first appearance in Toronto would come on Dec 3 1942. Billed from Arizona, Zim was described as the latest in 'Mat Maestro Tunney's importation of oddities in pachyderms to expose on the weekly squirm cards...Zim sports a luxuriant growth of shoulder-long hair and Mr. Tunney hastens to deny that Zim is one of the *Seven Sutherland Sisters incognito, He is matched with Jan Gotch.'
*The Seven Sutherland Sisters was a family 'act' that toured to great acclaim showing 37 feet of long dark hair.

 Zim faced super-villain Nanjo Singh on Dec 17 1942 and returned again to face Jack Claybourne and then Yvon Robert. His time on the Northern circuit was more plentiful, with several tours and some big bouts. In addition to the far north spots that Kasaboski ran, they also moved into Barrie for several summers in the 1950's that resulted in a bit of a promotional war with Tunney. We looked a bit at that at The Wrestling Boom of the 1950's - Beyond Tunney The Northland shows were well attended and according to reports of the time, the fans enjoyed these (and Red Garner's cards) more than Tunney's cards in the area.

  Wild Bill would appear across the Ontario circuit and into some of the towns in Eastern Quebec that were part of the vast Northland territory. Kasaboski ran about 30 towns regularly and also went into some very remote spots around James Bay and other far flung areas. They did well, even at spots like Moosonee where in 1957 some 250 fans started a riot after a fun filled night. 'The excitement had just been too much for the northerners.' 

Signing to meet the Masked Marvel Sault Ste. Marie 1949 
Promoter Barnett (not that Barnett), Tony Martinelle, Zim, Marvel, Frenchy Monte La Due

   Zim was an accomplished artist and documented his life travels with interesting caricatures, portraits, and busts, both of fellow wrestlers and others he met along the way. Mike shares some great pictures and artwork at his site, some of which was done at the Sunset Cabins resort which was owned by Herb Parks and later, his brother Bill 'Dinty' Parks.

   The resort is where the wrestlers would stay while up on their summer tours of the area and is the source of the naming of the 'sunset flip.' The lure of the beautiful Ontario north was a great attraction for U.S. based wrestlers such as Zim, Roy Shire and Dory Funk Sr.

  A must read on the territory is the 'The Rassler From Renfrew' by the late Gary Howard. Track it down, its one of the best books ever written on pro wrestling and really captures the era and the legacy of the Kasaboski's, the Parks brothers, Bill (not Bull) Curry, Frankie Hart, Zim, and the many regulars that traveled the Northland towns for many years.

   If you can help Mike with any ring results that aren't already on his record send him a note
and thanks to Mike for the use of the photos!

Originally posted 2017

Self Caricature 

Frank & The Kangaroos 1967


     As a follow up to Jack & The Kangaroos 1967 we have another Roger Baker classic, this time with Frank Tunney and the Kangaroos Al Costello & Ray St Clair.  

Taken in Detroit a couple of years prior to the Sheik streak in Toronto, Frank (and nephew Jack with him) take in a Detroit show. This version of the Kangaroos also appeared in Toronto. The original team of Costello and Roy Heffernan appeared here back in 1957-58 and had even been special referees for a World title bout (Hutton vs Whipper in '58)- both of them. 

This version didn't last long, Costello (the nicest guy in wrestling as per Roger) would soon team with Don Kent, later Bulldog Don Kent around here. Frank and Jack perhaps scouting out the hot-at-the-time Detroit territory in a prelude to the teaming with Sheik. 


The Ramp!

      It's one of the most memorable parts of Maple Leaf Wrestling no matter when you attended cards at MLG. The Ramp. An elevated walkway to the ring that was originally put in to protect the heels, specifically Nanjo Singh, from the wrath of the fans. In 1948 when it was first used, the weekly cards were often brought to rioting by the heels of the day. Whipper Watson was in his prime and the star of the show. That made any of his opponents public enemy #1. In particular the dreaded Nanjo Singh.

   Nanjo and Whip had been feuding for years by 1948. Nanjo may have been the inspiration for The Sheik years later. A lot of biting, eye gouging, and foreign objects. It wasn't all an act either. The Sheik was one Ed Farhat, but apparently Nanjo was still Nanjo out of the ring. Frank Tunney later noted that the only way he could get Singh to calm down was to threaten to call the cops. That's the only thing that scared him. He later went to prison (1958) for the murder of his wife in Philadelphia.

   Whenever the fans got so enraged that they tried to attack Nanjo, he escaped under the ring. He stayed there until they could clear a track to the dressing rooms, usually with police and other wrestlers to form a protective line. The fans were used to this escape by then. Wild Bill Longson had used it on many occasions in the 1940s mostly versus Whipper. The fans loved Watson feverishly. Even with the escape under the ring Nanjo still had to fight his way to the hallway that led to the dressing rooms, with fans attacking, throwing drinks, chairs, and anything else they could find. They earned new tricks too, including lighting papers on fire and throwing them under the ring to ‘smoke him (Singh) out – like a porcupine.'

   By 1948 Tunney had tried different measures to keep Nanjo both in the ring - and away from fans. The wire fence match, an early precursor to the cage match was used to varying degrees of success.

   In May 1948 during one of those bouts Singh was battering Watson into the ring post when a female fan jumped up and attacked Singh over the fence. The police rushed in to restrain her and Singh tossed Watson high and up out of the ring to crash down on the floor. Referee Cliff Worthy counted Whipper out while Nanjo strutted and taunted the fans from the ring. As they were carrying Whipper out on a stretcher Nanjo pointed and screamed 'That's your champion.' The fans were enraged again. There were 11,000 in attendance and about 1,600 at ringside. Joe Perlove remarked in the Star the next day that while there were 1,600 at ringside '3000 tried to get at him.' As the police and other wrestlers tried to shield him he somehow made it safely to the back.

Nanjo will need it more than any of the others...

  Anytime the fans got out of hand in those days Tunney got flak from the Ontario Athletic Commission. That may have led to his decision to create a safer passage for Nanjo next time the two met. Right from the start it was called the ramp. An 'elevated ramp from rink-side gate to ring apron which will be erected for the occasion. Nanjo will need it more than any of the others and it is questionable if even that will help him escape the wrath of the customers.'

   That first bout with the ramp in place went the same way. Whipper had dropkicked Singh off the apron to the floor where he was counted out. The fans gathered around him and Nanjo awoke in a hurry and jumped back in the ring to attack both Whipper and his manager Phil Lawson. Whipper took the upper hand while the fans crowded around the ring. Then Nanjo went through the ropes and 'stepped out on that blankety-blank ramp and walked over the heads of the frothing populace.'

   Perlove opined that Tunney should have cared more about the fans that were unable to get their frustrations satisfied due to the easy exit by Singh on the ramp. Tunney was said to be quiet about the outcome until notified that Nanjo had split his head for 11 stitches upon whence he elicited a wide grin.

   At any rate it was a success, It had protected Singh from the fans and as time went on there were other advantages to having the ramp there. Wrestlers could use the structure as part of the story-line (see slams, suplex's, etc) and more importantly it created an entrance that the whole arena could see, no matter where you were seated in the vast MLG.

   It was built out of wood, basically a solid structure with a few steps built on at the front to enable the wrestlers to step up and walk to the ring where the end of the ramp met the height of the canvas. It was a solid piece. They don't make stuff like that anymore. It was initially kept in the basement of Maple Leaf Gardens where they kept the ring until Wrestling nights. While the ring was set up downstairs to enable training the ramp appears to have been stacked in a corner. A bunch of pieces put together by the rink staff and only put together on Thursday nights.

   Was it the same ramp we saw in the 1970's and early 1980's? Basically, but it did change and evolve a bit over time. The early days saw the steps very close to the hall. So the wrestler came out and was already up the stairs before most of the fans saw them. By the mid to late 1970's the ramp was a bit further out from the hall. The wrestler would take a few steps out behind the curtain before hitting the stairs. The actual ramp shrunk substantially over the years; but so did the ring.* While originally built as a short term solution to an age old problem the ramp ended up being a mainstay of the weekly cards and stayed in place through the WWF days until they deemed it un-necessary.

    In my era there was a lot of action on the ramp. It made for some memorable moments. Likewise back in the 1950's.* The fan favorites could soak in the cheers on their way out while the heels could taunt the crowd and turn up the jeers while they lingered on the ramp. While it served as an additional area to wrestle and brawl it also worked as an easier way to go over the ropes without hitting the floor an additional 4 feet below.
*In those days the ring was huge, with an apron so wide that they could walk around the outside easily. In tags the second referee could find a spot there to stay out of the way.
   Whipper Watson slammed Lou Thesz on the ramp in 1956 and beat the count back to the ring to claim the NWA title. Whipper used the ramp to his advantage many times since he had first walked it in 1948 and others used it as an additional tool to enrage the fans. In the 1960's Bulldog Brower (just barely!) unable to  lift the actual ramp oftentimes just pulled up the stairs and heaved them around. In a 1962 bout against NWA champ Buddy Rogers he pinned the champ with his feet up on the ropes, claimed the championship belt, and was celebrating with his new title on the ramp before the result was overturned.

 'This wrestling photographer was very familiar with the Gardens ramp, since I had on many occasions climbed the steps leading to the ramp. Standing on the ramp offered me opportunity to get many dramatic photos of the wrestlers both on the ramp, as well as in the ring.

My favorite entrance to the ring side floor was climbing the steps to the ramp, take a calculated jump down to the concrete floor with my cameras, and then I was able to roam the ring side, always looking for that great wrestling shot.

Moments before attacking Roger! 

However my luck ran out one night many years ago. One of wrestling's greatest villains Dick The Bull Dog Brower  was wrestling on this night, his opponent had managed to inflict a head cut on Brower who was in a very vile mood.  I sensed an opportunity to get a close up bloody shot of Brower on the ramp so I climbed the steps, and found myself just a few feet from this very violent man, I took my picture and then he came rushing at me, without hesitation I leaped off the ramp, at this moment burdened down with a bulky twin lens camera, also a 135mm camera, and a strobe flash with a large power pack.

I hit the concrete floor off balance with my equipment all over me, it was a very nasty and painful fall that I took. It took me a minute or two to get back on my feet. Thankfully Brower went back to the ring. I landed on the floor which was a corridor between the dressing rooms on the south side, and the north side of the gardens, while I struggled to get to my feet a wrestler that I'd done a prior story on was standing feet from were I fell and he had a grin on his face, that bugged me, but It's all part of the game.'

   Near title changes and actual title change celebrations, while starting in the ring, inevitably ended up on the ramp with the belts held high and the center of the spotlight. In the 1970's The Sheik owned the ramp. He would race out and attack his opponent, often before they had a chance to get in the ring. Some bouts took place entirely outside the ring in those days.

The Fans, and the heroes...

 In 1980 Ray Stevens was attacked by a fan as he was leaving the ring following a tag bout with he and Jimmy Snuka against Flair and Dewey Robertson. After the fan had climbed up on the ramp Stevens kicked and knocked him off  leaving him unconscious on the floor. Once Stevens and Snuka had departed they put the fan back up on the ramp where he was put on a stretcher and examined by Gardens trainers.

   In the late 1970's early 1980's Ric Flair was a master at using the ramp to his advantage. With his extravagant robes for maximum visual effect he would stop to soak in the crowd and turn to face the fans around MLG. During bouts he could escape to the relative safety of it, and from his first appearances in Toronto, he also took the fight to the ramp.

  During Flair and Harley Race's brawls over the NWA Title they battled back and forth exchanging suplexes and piledrivers on the hard wooden structure. Fans all over the arena were able to see unobstructed by the ropes and was much better than the two fighting outside the ring on the far side to where you were seated. Race with his falling head butt out on the ramp with Flair moving aside just in time. The refs start counting. It seemed they hit 30 - 40 before they came back to the ring.

   At ringside in that era  you were able to get up close and personal at certain times. The ushers were fairly vigilant but it depended on who was working. Oftentimes they were as into it as the fans so you were able to crowd the ramp as the action spilled out. Other times they kept you in the seats which were about 7-8 feet away from the ramp, separated by a metal rail. It also helped for photographs without having the ring ropes in your way. They also used the ramp a bit around the circuit at different times.
  When Jack Tunney switched to WWF in 1984 Hulk Hogan was a big hit on the ramp. It was made for him at that time with the cupped ear thing he did. When he was here in 1981 vs Andre The Giant he had used the ramp to give a good arm flip-off to the fans. Hated heel back then. 

   In later years far removed from MLG and the NWA days in Toronto, many wrestlers including Flair and Hogan, when asked about wrestling in Toronto inevitably say - that Ramp! Nowadays nearly every wrestling (and other sports, concerts etc) show has a ramp of some kind somewhere.

   And the 2$ question is what happened to it after the Gardens became a Loblaws? Did it actually become the dock at Jack Tunney's lakeside. Was it used to build a shed at Ed Tunney's house? Did it become firewood? Or was it just tossed out in the many dumpsters of garbage removed from the site. If you know please share it!


Photos mapleleafwrestling.com collection
Circa 1950 main pic out of the MLG book 1981
Brower a Roger Baker pic - and Thanks to Roger

Below; the ramp through the years

Tiger Tommy Nelson

   It was the ship that launched a thousand careers. Well, at least several, including the man who would become Toronto's -and Canada's-greatest name in pro wrestling - Bill Potts aka Whipper Watson.

He wasn't the only one. The others that accompanied the soon to be re-named Whipper on that ship to the U.K. in 1936 would also make an impact on the Toronto and Ontario wrestling scenes in the coming years.

It was June 1936 and a group of wrestlers from the amateur and semi pro ranks would embark on a tour of the United Kingdom. Along with young Bill Potts, there was Ken Tasker, Al Korman, and Tom Nelson. Whipper, of course would return in 1940 and go on to a 30 year career. Tasker (aka Tiger) and Korman (aka Krusher) would continue their wrestling careers and then go on to be long time referees. Tommy Nelson's in-ring career would end sooner but he would also be a part of the office for many years to come.

Main pic: vs Billy Kohnke (mat) Sept 1938

Tommy was born in 1900 making him an elder statesman among the younger wrestlers he traveled with. He had formerly worked as a bus driver for the Danforth Bus Company. In 1928 he was involved in an accident at Midland and Danforth Rd when a CNR Train hit his bus, injuring him and the only passenger on board at the time. The bus was completely destroyed with fire after the train hit it, and ended his driving career.

There isn't notable mention of his earliest wrestling years but he likely came up in the same way that most did in those days. Learning their craft at the many clubs and related amateur contests that were plentiful in small halls and gyms around Toronto. He would hang up the boots in the early 1940's and work with Tunney in a promotional capacity through the 1960's running shows in the outlying towns around the city.
London, England 1938

Nelson would wrestle in England as Bear-Cat Tom Nelson and Battling Tom Nelson. A Poster from Centenary Hall for a bout vs Hein Stack in Oct 1937 lists Nelson as 'from USA, extremely popular here as wrestler and referee.' A later ad in December of 1937 has him as 'from Canada and ex Olympic games, the return of an old and tried favorite, back by public demand, and glad to be back.'

There is no record of Olympic involvement or active at any games, Olympic background a frequent boast to push wrestlers in those days - though many wrestlers participated in events qualifying for them.

Other names alongside Nelson in those years Ben(gal) Engbloom, the popular in Toronto amateur Finn, as well as Herb Parks. Parks was said to be a fine wrestler in his day and he and his brother Bill (Dinty) were early stars for Larry Kasaboski's Ontario based Northland group in the 1940's. The Parks brothers later owned Sunset Park in North Bay while starring for Kasaboski until Herb disappeared on a hunting trip in 1956 and was later found drowned. Sunset Park, the inspiration for the naming of the Sunset Flip.

Nelson made it through other parts of Europe through 1939. On a physicians statement in Toronto on Feb 20 1940 it lists his past bouts and includes stops in Belfast (where he won a title bout), Edinburgh, Vienna, Budapest, Paris, London, Manchester, and finally home to Toronto. 

The Belfast title bout in March 1939 was vs Mike de Mitre for the Light Heavyweight Championship of Europe. Nelson wins and the local media plays it up with Tommy listed as a local wrestler. They don't mention it again though but the win stands. He goes on to more dates through Europe where they played up the title win or added it to his credentials (see Physicians report below)

His debut at MLG came on Jan 12 1940 vs Pete Baltran. The write up lists Nelson as hailing from Ireland and having had won the European light-heavyweight championship back in 1939. In his recap of the bouts Joe Perlove called Nelson an 'undersized grappler from Ireland' in his draw with Baltran.

It's not clear when Nelson joined the office in an official capacity but appears to have been involved as one of Tunney's insiders by the late 1940's. Nelson worked as an associate promoter in the same way that Sammy Sobol and others had through the years. Running the outside towns and reporting (bringing the $$$) back to the Toronto office.

He publicly ran Stoufville, Aurora, Barrie, Collingwood, Sutton, and Bradford. And for a time in bigger centers such as Galt (Cambridge) and Kitchener until Johnny Powers bought Tunney (and Nelson?) out around 1965.

In 1955 Nelson was announced as taking over for Roy McMahon as matchmaker for CCWA (Red Garner's group) in Aurora on Aug 29 and then promoting in Stoufville, this time with Tunney stars instead of Garner's team. Garner and Tunney had a small turf war in the area (that's for another story) and listing Nelson as part of Red's group was likely a ploy to keep Red's fans.

The only mention of a Toronto-proper show under Nelson was a 1958 show held at Scarboro Arena  on Oct 4 to benefit the Scarboro Hospital Building Fund using Tunney's stars. There is a small mention later of Nelson being on the Board of the Scarboro Police Youth Club.

In some towns Nelson was referred to as Matchmaker for the Queensbury Club, the Toronto office's official name.

Above pic from 1958 with about 200 years of Toronto wrestling in there. Wrestlers Refs Promoters
l. to r. top: *unknown, Pat Flanagan, Joe Gollob, Dara Singh, Frank Tunney, Lou Pistocia
l. to r. bottom: Sam Gotter, Al 'Krusher' Korman, Tommy Nelson

From a 1958 piece on Nelson in the Galt Evening Reporter  ' I was wrestling on a pro card in Manchester, England in 1938. I was thrown out of the ring and cracked my spine on the exposed iron part of a ringside theater-type seat.'

The result was five painful months in an English hospital with the not-too-heartening news that he would never walk again. But just two years later Nelson was not only walking but was back on the pro grapple beat. It was 1940 now and he was booked into Detroit. Gus Sonnenberg was his opponent and when big Gus attempted a flying tackle both gladiators went sprawling among the ringsiders. Nelson, on the bottom, found another empty iron frame with his tender spine. Another long siege in hospital followed. But this time it was the end. There definitely would be no further wrestling.

After a series of spinal operations they found that he shrank somewhat from the effects of the spinal knife job. In a later 1962 piece in the Barrie Examiner, it repeats the story and says his height was pared by a couple of inches as well as his weight. It says he fought at 220lbs (don't think so but he was now down to 150lbs) and from later photos looks to have stayed in good shape into his senior years.

Roger Baker attended some of Nelson's shows in the early 1960's.
...Nelson was a very nice guy who was worried for his incoming wrestlers on a particularly snowy evening in Kitchener but still kept his smile amid the pressure of the evening...At another show in Sutton when one of the wrestlers threw his opponent via a slingshot into one of the corner posts with such force that the ring ropes popped out of the turnbuckles. Tommy came to the ring dressed in a suit, and again under pressure got those ropes back up, and the balance of the card was able to go ahead. A part time wrestling promoter must be able to handle a litany of potential problems!


Thanks to Roger Baker, Brian L, & Nicholas Campbell 
If you can add anything to Mr Nelson's story please contact me

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I really enjoyed this book, learned a lot about MLG wrestling, good read.
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So much information on the great history of Toronto’s Maple Leaf Wrestling. It will be a great reference guide for anyone interested in learning more about Maple Leaf Wrestling as we know it today!
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Thanks to all of the fans who said they enjoyed the book. 

Oshawa Wrestling History: Tournament Of Champions 1967

    In 1965 Oshawa Promoter Pat Milosh would present his first Tournament Of Champions. It was a one night tourny with a 3 round system to determine the nights winner. Scotsman Andy Robin won three bouts to win that one defeating Professor Hiro in the finals. Milosh would present Robin with a nice trophy to mark the win. Robin (who would later become the Scottish Bearman after working with Dave and Terrible Ted here) took home a nice Canadian title belt which he may have had made to celebrate this win. 

   At the second one in 1966 Sweet Daddy Siki took the trophy. He beat Hans Schmidt in the final after taking out The Beast (Yachetti) and Mr X (also appeared in Toronto but never unmasked or identified). This time the hated Schmidt would attack Siki and destroy the trophy. They did that a lot in the days of trophies.  

  For the 3rd Annual in 1967 there was a mix of veterans and young stars. Dewey Robertson, Pat Flanagan, Siki were all entered. As was Bulldog Brower who would defeat Erwin Starr, Siki, and then have a draw with The Assassin (Guy Mitchell presumably) in the final. Ref Bunny Dunlop had counted out both wrestlers after they took the battle to the floor. A draw in a tournament? What to do? Often they would tack on a few extra minutes to decide a winner but Milosh elected to carry it over to the following week. 

    So a week later the two would go at it again in the main event, this time with no time limit. MUST BE A WINNER! shouted the ad. They would do it as a 2/3 fall affair with each taking one fall. During the 3rd fall Brower managed to rip off  Assassin's mask to reveal....a face full of tape. He had tape all around his face but for his mouth, nose, and eyes. For that action Dunlop would disqualify Brower. They should have thought of that! Bulldog would then grab the mic off the announcer and challenge Assassin to a Texas Death Match the following week. A winner must be decided. As an added bonus The Assassin would have to unmask if he lost. Note at this time Brower was a fan favorite in the area though he didn't change his style much. 

   For the 3rd bout the Texas Death Match rules were in effect, our version. Winner takes all, no disqualifications and no time limit. Falls count anywhere, outside of ring fighting permitted. No holds barred except the choke. As per the ad 'The fighting will continue till one man is completely helpless and the survivor wins the bout....'

   The war to end all wars would go six falls before Brower missed a top rope jump and injured himself. The Assassin would take advantage and beat on Brower's injured leg until he finally conceded. While Assassin kept his mask he would later lose it at MLG. Unmasked by the Sheik in 1971 to reveal Mitchell. That was the last tournament held in Oshawa during the Milosh days (through 1992). 


Dave McKigney Career Record

Started this one some years back, will add some updates and leave it. With all of the newspapers online now there are likely tons more.

-There were appearances where Dave didn't wrestle the bear himself and isn't listed. I included those where it says 'as handled by Dave/Jean/Gene etc.' as it's likely he worked with the bear. This is not the Bears record­čś«
-Confusion around the use of The Beast in Ontario. McKigney, Yachetti, Firpo? and others used it at different times. Can usually tell especially if Wolfman is also on the card. There are some dates left out that may have been, but not likely, Dave.
-Names are as they appeared in ads or results. He used a lot of variations so left them for context.

For more on the life and career of Dave McKigney see on Slam
External link opens in new window
Slam Wrestling "The Bearman" Dave McKigney: 25 years later

Started out on Red Garner cards around Southern Ontario as Flying Frenchman Jacques Dubois alongside fellow trainee Wally Seiber, later to be Waldo Von Erich.

A 1958 source says Dave had been wrestling Terrible Ted for 3 years. The earliest result listed here is 1957 on Red Garner's cards.

Terrible Ted appeared here with Paul Brunet in summer 1957 and by later that year was with Dave.

Toronto listings are MLG unless noted otherwise

53/07/28 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois W Don George
53/08/04 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Bobby Jordan
53/08/11 Richmond Hill, ON Antonio Rocci W Jacques Dubois
53/08/18 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Bobby Jordan
53/08/25 Richmond Hill, ON Joe Greenfield W Jacques Dubois

54/05/06 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Tom Sullivan
54/05/11 Toronto (Lakeshore Arena) Jacques Dubois vs Baron Von Sieber
54/05/13 Richmond HIll, ON Jacques Dubois W/DQ Ed 'Killer' Mangotich
54/05/20 Richmond Hill, ON Red Garner W Jacques Dubois
54/05/27 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Baron Von Sieber
54/06/03 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Al Orlando
54/06/17 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Hassan Bey
54/06/24 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois W Hassan Bey
54/07/08 Richmond Hill, ON Murray Star W Jacques Dubois
54/07/15 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois /Ron Osborne W Ed 'Killer' Mangotich/Al Orlando
Note: Team of Dubois/Osborne called 'The Dazzling Dandies'
54/07/21 Toronto (Weston Arena) Jacques Dubois vs Harold Van Dyke
54/07/29 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois/Ron Osborne vs Ed 'Killer' Mangotich/Al Orlando
54/08/19 Richmond Hill, ON Dennis 'The Menace' Winn W Jacques Dubois
Dubois first main event
54/09/02 Richmond Hill, ON Baron Von Seiber/Kurt Von Sieber W Jacques Dubois/Red Garner
54/09/16 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois D Sylvain Richard
54/09/23 Richmond Hill, ON Ed 'Killer' Mangotich/Jack Flicker W Jacques Dubois/Tony Rocci

UK Tour - to fill in 
54/12/04 Portsmouth England Jaques Dubois vs Benny Leema (aka Lima - a regular on Garner's circuit)

55/02/22 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois D Sylvain Richard
Says Dubois went to England last summer with Mangotich, Orlando, and co
55/03/15 Thornhill, ON Alex Jensen W Jacques Dubois
55/04/19 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Jim Hopkins
55/05/17 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Bobby Pryor
55/06/21 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Jack Flicker
55/07/15 Georgetown, ON Jacques Dubois vs Gori Mangotich

56/10/30 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Baron Von Sieber
56/11/06 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois W Stoney Brooks
56/11/13 Thornhill, ON Baron Von Seiber W Jacques Dubois
56/11/20 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois/Calypso Kid vs Baron Von Sieber/Dr Von Sieber
56/12/04 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois W Glen Mowat

 57/02/05 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Joe Greenfield
57/02/26 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois W Gori Mangotich
57/06/02 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois D Cowboy Carlson
57/06/30 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Killer Conroy
57/10/15 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois D Stoney Brooks....Terrible Ted the bear vs Killer Conroy
Note: earliest mention of Ted
57/11/26 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois W Al Orlando
57/12/10 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois W Orro Morro
57/12/17 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Killer Conroy

58/03/04 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Joe Greenfield
58/03/25 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois W Ron Doner
58/07/07 Cobourg, ON Terrible Ted the bear won over “Some Foolish Wrestler”' (McKigney likely)
58/12/15 Niagara Falls, ON Gene Dubois vs Terrible Ted the Bear
58/12/26 Toronto Gene Dubois L Terrible Ted the Bear
Note: Maple Leaf Gardens debut

59/01/13 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Terrible Ted
59/03/24 Edmonton, AB Chet Wallick W Jacques Dubois
59/03/26 Lethbridge, AB Charro Azteca vs Jacques Dubois
59/03/27 Calgary, AB Sandy Scott W Jacques Dubois
59/03/28 Regina, SK John Foti W Jacques Dubois
59/03/31 Edmonton, AB Paul Vachon W Jacques Dubois
59/04/03 Calgary, AB Steve Bolus W Jacques Dubois
59/05/26 Edmonton, AB George/Sandy Scott W Jacques Dubois/Red Gardner (Garner?)
59/05/28 Regina, SK Charro Azteca W Jacques Dubois
59/05/29 Calgary, AB Paul Vachon W Jacques Dubois
59/06/05 Calgary, AB Dave Ruhl W Jacques Dubois

60/01/09 Troy, MI Gene Dubois vs Frank Talaber
60/01/30 Columbus, OH Karl Karlsson W Gene Dubois
60/02/05 Piqua, OH Gene Dubois vs Tony Baillargeon
60/02/23 Dallas, TX Adnon Kaisy W Jean Dubois
60/02/24 San Antonio, TX PY Chong W Gene Dubois
60/02/26 Houston TX Man Mountain Managoff beat Terrible Ted the Bear
Note in paper:  'The bear was handled by Dave McKigney aka Gene DuBois' -Earliest mention of 'Dave McKigney' 
60/02/27 Beaumont TX Gene DuBois vs Duke Keomuka
60/02/28 Waco, TX Duke Keomuka W Jean Dubois
60/03/01 Austin, TX Gean Dubois vs El Gordo
60/03/03 Galveston, TX Cyclone Anaya W Jean Dubois
60/03/04 Houston TX Gene DuBois W Maurice Vachon
60/04/07 Chattanooga, TN  Corsica Joe W Gene Dubois
60/04/25 Tulsa, OK Hassan Bey W Gene Dubois
60/05/09 Tulsa, OK Lorenzo Parente W Gene Dubois
60/10/13 Toronto Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois

61/06/17 Spartanburg, SC Gene Dubois vs PY Chung
61/07/01 Spartanburg, SC Dan Madrid W Gene Dubois.....Terrible Ted the Bear vs Firpo Zybsko
61/07/08 Lexington, NC Herb Larsen W Gene Dubois
61/07/22 Lexington, NC Kurt Von Brauner / Karl Von Brauner W Gene Dubois  / Pat O'Brien
61/08/08 Macon, GA Frank Morgan / Ivan Zukoff W Gene Dubois / Marco Polo
61/08/09 Macon, GA Jack Dillon / Ivan Zukoff W Gene Dubois / Marco Polo
61/08/19 Columbus, OH Leon Graham W Gene Dubois
61/08/26 Colombus, OH Chief Whit Owl / Kit Fox W Gene Dubois / Jack Steele
61/09/09 Cincinnati, OH Chief Kit Fox D Gene Dubois
61/09/16 Columbus, OH Larry Daniels / Bobby Clark W El Diablo / Gene Dubois
61/09/23 Cincinnati, OH Farmer Don Marlin W Gene Dubois
61/11/06 Birmingham, AL Gene Dubois / Joe Lanza W Frank / Ray Samson
61/11/09 Chattanooga, TN Mephisto / Dante W Jackie Fargo / Gene DuBois

62/08/14 Acton,ON Gene Dubois vs Ivan Koloff

63/06/01 Stoufville, ON Terrible Ted W Gene Dubois/Ron Doner - Ted pinned Doner
63/06/05 Newmarket, ON Gene Dubois vs Terrible Ted the Bear
63/06/15 Toronto, ON Honest Eds (Store)- Jean Dubois vs Terrible Ted the Bear- 3 bouts
63/07/06 Port Perry, ON Gene Dubois vs Terrible Ted the Bear
63/07/15 Newmarket, ON Logger Dubois/ Ron Doner vs Terrible Ted the Bear
63/07/22 Niagara Falls, ON Gene Dubois vs. Terrible Ted the Bear
63/07/23 Hamilton, ON Terrible Ted the Bear on ad
63/07/27 Bradford, ON Gebe Dubois vs Terrible Ted the Bear

UK Tour
1963 - to fill in 

64/01/24 Calgary, AB Dave Dubois W Jean LaSalle
64/01/28 Edmonton, AB Gene Dubois W Waldo Von Erich
64/01/30 Regina, SK Gene Dubois/Luis Hernandez vs Dave Ruhl/Ivan Volkoff
64/02/05 Saskatoon, SK Mike Valentino W Gene Dubois
Note: Valentino aka Baron Scicluna also started on Garner's circuit as Mike Scicluna
64/02/06 Regina, SK Gene Dubois vs. Dave Ruhl
64/02/07 Calgary, AB Dave Dubois D Killer Conroy
Note: As the Wrestling Bear was appearing , as well as 'Bill' (Wolfman) Farkus, Dave/Pierre Dubois are assumed to be McKigney. Killer Conroy a indy type and bouncer from Toronto)
64/02/11 Edmonton, AB Duke Noble vs Pierre Dubois
64/02/14 Calgary, A Dave Dubois / Ricky Waldo W Michael Valentino / Killer Conroy
64/02/18 Edmonton, AB Michael Valentino / Killer Conroy vs Pierre Dubois / Ricky Waldo
64/02/19 Saskatoon, SK Gene Dubois vs Waldo Von Erich
64/02/21 Calgary, AB Waldo Von Erich W Dave Dubois / Jean LaSalle - Handicap bout
64/02/24 Lethbridge, AB Gene Dubois vs Mike Valentino
64/02/25 Edmonton, AB Luis Hernandez vs Pierre Dubois
64/02/26 Saskatoon, SK Smokey the Bear W Gene Dubois
Note: Smokey was a later bear, assume this is Terrible Ted
64/02/27 Regina, SK Gene Dubois vs Killer Conroy
64/02/28 Calgary, AB Smokey the BearW Dave Dubois
64/03/02 Lethbridge, AB Gene Dubois vs Mike Valentino
64/03/04 Saskatoon, SK Mike Valentino/Eric the Great W Luis Hernandez/Gene Dubois
64/03/06 Calgary, AB Smokey the Bear/Dave Dubois W Sweet Daddy Siki - Handicap match
64/07/15 Newmarket, ON Terrible Ted the Bear vs Logger Dubois/Ron Doner
64/08/13 Toronto Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
64/12/17 Windsor, ON Andy Robin W Gene Dubois
64/12/27 Toronto Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois

65/01/20 London, ON Terrible Ted the Bear vs Gene Dubois
65/05/07 Buffalo, NY Karl Gotch W Gene Dubois
65/06/14 Albuquerque, NM Juan GarciaW Gene Dubois
65/06/21 Abilene, TX Tarzan Tyler W Gene Dubois
65/06/22 El Paso, TX The Mongol W Gene DuBois
65/06/28 Oklahoma City, OK Jack Donovan beat Mike DuBois
Note: Terrible Ted on card so assume Mike Dubois = McKigney
65/07/02 Oklahoma City, OK Jack Donovan beat Mike DuBois
65/07/03 Oklahoma City, OK Terrible Ted the Bear D Mike DuBois
65/07/09 Oklahoma City, OK Terrible Ted the Bear/Mike DuBois W Jack Donovan/Verne Donovan
65/07/16 Hugo, OK Terrible Ted the Bear/Mike DuBois vs Jack Donovan/Verne Donovan
65/08/05 Savannah, GA Gene Dubois vs Jesse James
65/08/06 Atlanta, GA Jesse James W Gene Dubois
65/08/07 Marietta, GA Gene Dubois vs Benny Mata
65/08/25 Kingsport, TN Gene Dubois/Chris Belkas vs Tojo Yamamoto/Chin Lee....Terrible Ted vs loser of Rocky Smith and Johnny Long
65/09/15 Kingsport, TN Gene Dubois vs Al Greene....Terrible Ted vs Ron Wright / Al Greene

66/01/18 Edmonton, AB  Sweet Daddy Siki W/DQ Gene Dubois
66/01/25 Edmonton, AB  Gene Dubois vs Alexander the Great
66/06/09 Oshawa, ON Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
66/06/21 Hamilton, ON Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
66/08/01 Huntsville, ON Terrible Ted the Bear vs Logger Dubois
66/08/23 Simcoe, ON Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
66/10/06 Acton, ON Terrible Ted W Gene Dubois

67/01/01 Toronto Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
67/02/24 Buffalo, NY Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
67/03/19 Toronto Michele Barone W Jean Dubois
67/04/23 Toronto Michele Barone DCOR Gene Dubois
67/05/01 Milton, ON Gene Dubois vs Whipper Watson Jr.
67/05/23 Simcoe, ON Gene Dubois vs. Phil Watson
67/06/01 Milton. ON Gene Dubois vs Whipper Watson Jr.
67/06/03 Barrie, ON Gene Dubois vs Terrible Ted the bear
67/06/04 Toronto Moose Cholak vs Gene Dubois
67/06/17 Newmarket, ON Whipper Watson Jr./Roger Littlebrook W Gene Dubois/Frenchy Lalonde
67/07/11 Huntsville, ON Gene Dubois vs Whipper Watson Jr
67/08/01 Huntsville, ON Terrible Ted the Bear on ad
67/08/09 Stoufville, ON Gene Dubois vs Whipper Watson Jr
67/09/13 Georgetown, ON Terrible Ted the Bear vs 2 wrestlers

68/01/21 Hamilton, ON Gene Dubois vs Dan Miller
68/05/04 Vancouver, BC Emile Dupre W Gene Dubois
68/05/14 Edmonton, AB  Gene Dubois vs Terrible Ted the bear
68/05/17 Calgary, AB Bobby Christy W Jean Dubois
68/05/21 Edmonton, AB Gene Dubois vs Bobby Christy
68/05/22 Saskatoon, SK Ox Baker W Jacques Dubois
68/08/12 Simcoe, ON Gene Dubois vs Ivan Kossloff
68/08/23 Simcoe, ON Logger Dubois vs Terrible Ted the Bear
68/09/14 Newmarket, ON Terrible Ted the bear vs. Whipper Watson Jr/Gene Dubois

69/01/31 Calgary, AB Dave Dubois / Don Serrano NC Bob / Fred Sweetan
69/04/24 Cleveland, OH Paul Christy W Gene Dubois
69/05/08 Cleveland, OH Li'l Abner Osborne W Gene Dubois
69/05/15 Cleveland, OH Luis Martinez W Gene Dubois
69/06/05 Cleveland, OH Prince Pullins W Gene DuBois
69/07/09 London, ON Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
69/07/12 Newmarket, ON Gene Dubois vs Terrible Ted
69/08/14 Acton, ON Gene Dubois W Ivan Kossloff
69/10/09 Washington, DC Jean Dubois W Angelo Savoldi
69/10/11 Philadelphia, PA Gene Dubois / Arnold Skoalnd vs Lou Albano / Tony Altamore
69/10/16 Washington, DC Jean Dubois W Tony Altamore
69/10/17 Harrisburg, PA Jean DuBois W Pete Sanchez
69/10/23 Washington, DC Jean Dubois W Lou Albano
69/10/27 New York, NY Lou Albano W Gene Dubois
69/10/30 Washington, DC Waldo Von Erich W Jean Dubois
69/11/06 Ivan Koloff W Jean Dubois
69/11/08 Philadelphia, PA Gene Dubois vs Joe Cox
69/11/13 Washington, DC Ernie Ladd W Jean Dubois
69/11/20 Washington, DC Gene Dubois vs Joe Cox
69/11/21 Harrisburg, PA Antonio Pugliese W Jean Dubois
69/11/24 Boston, MA Gene Dubois vs Ivan koloff
69/11/27 Ivan Koloff W Jean Dubois
69/12/01 Washington, DC Jean Dubois vs Baron Scicluna
69/12/04 Washington, DC Jean Dubois / Victor Rivera W Mitsu Arakawa / Prof Tanaka
69/12/08 Ney York, NY Baron Scicluna W Jean Dubois
69/12/11 Washington, DC Jean Dubois W Pete Sanchez
69/12/12 Harrisburg, PA Jean Dubois D Al Nelson
69/12/13 Boston, MA Gene Dubois / Dom Denucci W Lou Albano / Joe Cox
69/12/25 Cleveland, OH Terrible Ted the Bear vs Gene Dubois
69/12/29 Washington, DC Tony Pugliese W Jean Dubois

70/01/06 Lewiston, ME Gorilla Monsoon / Gene DuBois vs. Ivan Koloff / Waldo Von Erich
70/01/07 Salisbury, MD Karl Kovac vs. Gene DuBois
70/01/08 Washington DC Prof. Toru Tanaka W Jean DuBois
70/01/10 Philadelphia, PA Karl Kovacs vs. Jean DuBois
70/01/19 New York City, NY Karl Kovacs W Jean Dubois
70/01/21 White Plains, NY Jean DuBois vs. Mario Milano
70/01/22  Washington DC Jean DuBois W the Masked Demon
70/01/24 Boston, MA Jean DuBois D Pete Sanchez
70/01/29 Washington DC Prof. Toru Tanaka W Jean DuBois
70/01/31 Harrisburg, PA Karl Kovacs W Jean DuBois
70/02/02 Lowell, MA Ivan Koloff / Karl Kovacs vs. Jean Dubois / Mario Frataroli
70/02/05 Washington DC Jean DuBois W Johnny Rodz
70/02/06 North Attleboro, MA Ivan Koloff vs. Jean DuBois
70/02/11 Boston, MA Baron Mikel Scicluna vs. Jean DuBois
70/02/12 Washington DC  Karl Kovacs W Jean DuBois
70/02/13 North Attleboro, MA Pete Sanchez vs. Jean DuBois
70/02/14 Springfield, MA Pete Sanchez W Gene DuBois
70/02/20 North Attleboro, MA Lou Albano vs. Jean DuBois
70/02/23 Paterson, NJ Arnold Skaaland W Jean DuBois (also advertised on this date Hamburg, PA vs Ivan Kozloff)
70/02/24 Scranton, PA Gene DuBois vs Eric the Red
70/02/25 Hamburg, PA Jean DuBois vs. Ivan Koloff
70/02/26 Washington DC Prof. Toru Tanaka W Jean DuBois
70/02/27 North Attleboro Eric the Red vs. Jean DuBois
70/02/28 Lowell, MA Arnold Skaaland vs. Jean DuBois
70/03/02 Washington DC Joe Turco W Jean Dubois
70/03/05 Washington DC Lou Albano W Jean DuBois
70/03/06 Trenton, NJ Gene DuBois D Eric the Red
70/03/07 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Rodz vs. Jean DuBois
70/03/09 New York City, NY Eric the Red W Jean Dubois
70/03/10 Boston, MA Prof. Toru Tanaka W Jean DuBois
70/03/11 Salisbury, MD Gene DuBois W The Masked Demon
70/03/12 Washington DC Joe Turco W Jean DuBois
70/03/16 Allentown, PA Gene DuBois vs Eric the Red
70/03/18 Lowell, MA Eric the Red D Jean Dubois
70/03/19 Washington DC Waldo Von Erich W Jean DuBois
70/03/21 Philadelphia, PA Joe Turco W Jean Dubois
70/03/24 Scranton, PA Angelo Savoldi W Gene DuBois
70/03/25 Harrisburg, PA Ivan Koloff W Jean DuBois
70/03/26 Washington DC Al Nelson W Jean DuBois
70/04/01 Lowell, MA Gorilla Monsoon / Jean DuBois W Lou Albano / Joe Turco
70/04/02 Washington DC Joe Turco W Jean DuBois
70/04/04 Boston, MA Karl Kovacs vs. Gene DuBois
70/04/06 White Plains, NY Waldo Von Erich W Jean Dubois
70/04/09 Washington DC Ivan Koloff W Jean DuBois
70/04/11 Allentown, PA Joe Turco  W  Gene DuBois
70/04/13 Washington DC Jean DuBois vs. Karl Kovacs
70/04/18 Springfield, MA Inca Peru  W  Gene DuBois
70/04/22 Harrisburg, PA The Mongols  W  Gorilla Monsoon / Jean DuBois
70/06/18 Cleveland, OH Mike Loren W Gene DuBois
70/07/08 London, ON Gene Dubois vs Jerry Christy
70/07/10 Orangeville, ON Gene Dubois vs Jerry Christy
70/07/14 Wallaceburg, ON Gene Dubois vs Jerry Christy
70/07/15 Leamington, ON Gene Dubois vs The Beast

71/01/18 New York City, NY Jean DuBois W Joe Turco
71/01/26 Augusta, ME The Wolfman D Gene DuBois
71/01/28 Washington DC WWWF World Champion Ivan Koloff W Jean DuBois
71/01/29 Harrisburg, PA Gene DuBois W Chuck Richards
71/01/30 Queens, NY Blackjack Mulligan W Jean DuBois
71/02/06 Boston, MA WWWF World Champion Ivan Koloff W Jean Dubois
71/02/08 New York City, NY Jack Evans W Jean DuBois
71/02/11 Washington DC Bull Pometti / Blackjack Mulligan W Jean DuBois / Lee Wong
71/02/13 Philadelphia, PA Bull Pometti W Gene DuBois
71/02/15 Washington DC Tony Marino W Jean DuBois
71/02/16 Hagerstown, MD Vincenti Pometti vs. Jean DuBois
71/02/19 Harrisburg, PA  Miguel Feliciana D Jean Dubois...Chief Jay Strongbow  W Jean Dubois / Carlos Paredes - handicap match
71/03/09 Augusta, ME Johnny Rodz W Gene DuBois
71/03/22 New Haven, CT Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Gene Dubois
71/05/20 Newmarket, ON Gene Dubois vs Chief Little Bear
71/08/13 Orangeville, ON Gene Dubois vs The Wrestling Bear
71/08/27 Huntsville, ON Terrible Ted vs Gene DuBois
71/09/05 Toronto, ON 
71/10/05 Johnstown, PA Gene Dubois D Chief Little Bear
71/10/15 Pittsburgh, PA Terrible Ted W Gene DuBois/The Beast DeNucci
71/11/12 Pittsburgh, PA The Battman/Dom DeNucci W Gene Dubois/Eric The Red
71 11/20 Pittsburgh, PA TV Chief Little Bear and Johnny DeFazio W Robert Durkis and Gene DuBois
71/12/03 Pittsburgh, PA  Gene DuBois W/DQ the Beast
71/12/18* Pittsburgh, PA TV (airing) Gene DuBois W Ron Doner (also listed on this date Midland, PA vs Chief Little Bear)

72/01/14 Pittsburgh, PA John L. Sullivan W Gene Dubois
72/02/11 Pittsburgh, PA Gene DuBois W John Furr
72/02/24 Washington, PA Gene Dubois vs Hangman Jim Grabmire
72/02/26 Pittsburgh, PA TV Gene DuBois W Tom Reesman
72/03/03 Pittsburgh, PA Gene Dubois D John L. Sullivan
72/03/04 Pittsburgh, PA TV Mitsu Arakawa and Yoshino Sato W Frank Holtz and Gene DuBois
72/03/05 Pittsburgh, PA Gene Dubois D Johnny Furr
72/03/11 Pittsburgh, PA TV Gene DuBois W Ron Sims
72/03/17 Altoona, PA Gene Dubois W John L. Sullivan
72/03/18 Pittsburgh, PA TV Gene DuBois W Al Hayes
72/03/24 Pittsburgh, PA TV Gene DuBois D Frank Holtz
72/04/14 Pittsburgh, PA  Gene DuBois D JIm Grabmire
72/04/15 Pittsburgh, PA TV Frank Holtz W Gene DuBois
72/04/22 Pittsburgh, PA TV Gene DuBois W Johnny Furr
72/05/05 Pittsburgh, PA Gene DuBois D Johnny Furr
72/05/06 Pittsburgh, PA TV Johnny DeFazio and Luis Martinez W Cowboy Hondo and Gene DuBois
72/05/20 Newmarket, ON Wildman vs Chief Little Bear
72/06/06 Midland, ON Wildman vs Chief Little Bear
72/07/13 Peterborough, ON Wildman / The Beast (Wolfman or maybe Firpo?) W Pat / Mike Kelly
72/07/22 Detroit, MI The Beast D Bobby Bold Eagle ( Wolfman on card assume Beast=Wildman)
72/06/25 Chatham, ON Canadian Wildman / The Beast vs. Vic Rossetani / Chief Little Bear
72/07/13 Peterborough, ON Wildman / The Beast defeated Mike Kelly / Pat Kelly
72/08/17 Wallaceburg, ON Gene Dubois vs Eric The Red
72/08/30 Leamington, ON Ken Dillinger/Blackjack Mulligan W The Beast/The Wolfman
72/09/16 Indianapolis, IN Billy Red Cloud W The Beast
72/09/18 Dundas, ON Wildman / Wolfman vs The Kelly Bros
72/10/06 Indianapolis, IN Wolfman / The Beast D Wilbur Snyder / Sailor Art Thomas
72/10/08 Detroit, MI Wolfman / The Beast W Billy Red Cloud / Bobby Bold Eagle
72/10/23 Indianapolis, IN Billy Red Cloud / Bobby Bold Eagle W The Beast / Mark Mason
72/10/28 Detroit, MI Chief Bold Eagle D The Beast
72/11/24 Indianapolis, IN The Beast W Jim Alexi
72/11/25 Terre Haute, IN Bob Ellis W The Beast
72/12/02 Detroit, MI The Beast / The Wolfman W/DQ Sailor Art Thomas / Wilbur Snyder
72/12/27 Terre Haute Moose Cholak W The Beast
72/12/28 Fort Wayne, IN Battle Royal where the first man eliminated had to wrestle Terrible Ted the Bear- The Beast (1st out / lost to Bear)...Bob Ellis W The Beast
72/12/29 Detroit Dick The Bruiser / Crusher W The Wolf man / The Beast

73/01/06 Hammond, IN Terrible Red Wrestling Bear W Bobby Heenan / The Beast
73/01/21 Detroit. MI The Beast D Moose Cholak
73/02/17 Indianapolis, IN The Beast W Gil Guerrero
73/03/07 Indianapolis, IN The Beast D Moose Cholak
73/03/16 New Castle, IN The Beast vs Prince Pullins
73/03/18 London, ON Gene Dubois / Whipper Watson Jr vs Pretty Boy Heenan / Jimmy Valiant
73/03/23 Terre Haute, IN The Beast W Frankie Adonis
73/03/31 Indianapolis, IN The Beast W Bobby Bold Eagle
73/04/01 Detroit, MI The Beast D Bull Bullinski
73/04/14 Detroit, MI The Beast D Whipper Watson Jr,
73/04/18 Indianapolis, IN The Beast W Tom Lynch
73/04/19 Fort Wayne, IN Bull Bullinski W The Beast
73/05/10 Fort Wayne, IN Whipper Watson Jr W The Beast
73/06/09 Newmarket, ON Wildman vs Carlos Belafonte
73/06/10 Orangeville, ON Wildman on Ad
73/06/13 London, ON Gene Dubois vs The Masked Assassin
73/07/14 Newmarket, ON Wildman vs Angelo Mosca
73/06/07 Renfrew, ON Wildman on ad 73/06/23 London, ON Gene Dubois / Dewey Robertson vs The Kelly Twins
73/06/28 Windsor, ON The Beast / Carlos Belafonte vs Pretty Boy Heenan / Jimmy Valiant
73/07/09 Acton, ON Nick DeCarlo W Wildman
73/07/25 London, ON Gene Dubois / Cowboy Bob Ellis vs Pretty Boy Heenan / Jimmy Valiant
73/07/26 Windsor, ON  The Beast vs Nick DeCarlo
73/08/03 Eganville, ON Wildman on ad
73/08/09 Scarborough, ON Wolfman/Wildman vs The Kelly Twins
73/08/22 London, ON Gene Dubois / Carlos Belafonte vs Pretty Boy Heenan / Jimmy Valiant
73/08/23 Windsor, ON The Beast / Carlos Belafonte / Angelo Mosca vs Pretty Boy Heenan / Jimmy Valiant / Baron Von Rashcke
73/08/30 Scarborough, ON Angelo Mosca/Kelly Twins vs Wolfman/Wildman/Beautiful Bruce Swayze
73/10/11 Muncie, IN The Beast vs Prince Pullins
73/10/12 Terre Haute, IN The Beast W Tom Lynch
73/10/13 Indianapolis, IN The Beast W Johnny Kace
73/10/18 Fort Wayne, IN Moose Cholak W The Beast
73/10/19 New Castle, IN Bob Ellis / Wilbur Snyder / Pepper Gomez vs Jimmy Valiant / Bobby Heenan / The Beast...Jose Martinez vs The Beast
73/10/20 Detroit, MI WWA Champion Bob Ellis W The Beast
73/10/21 London, ON Gene Dubis vs John Sullivan
73/11/10 Detroit, MI Bruno Sammartino W The Beast
73/11/12 Ypsilanti, MI Pepper Gomez / Luis Martinez W Mitsu Arakawa / The Beast
73/11/16  Livonia, MI Ted The Wrestling Bear / Clem Turner / Sherry Logan W Cowboy Parker / The Beast / Tanya West...Moose Cholak W/DQ The Beast
73/11/17 Lagrange, IN Ted The Wrestling Bear W/COR The Beast
73/12/01 Plymouth IN The Beast D Billy Red Cloud
73/12/02 Detroit, MI Moose Cholak W The Beast
73/12/04 Windsor, ON The Beast NC Cowboy Parker
73/12/06 Anderson, IN Bob Ellis vs The Beast
73/12/07 Logansport, IN The Beast in ad
73/12/08 Plymouth, IN The Beast D Luis Martinez

74/01/11 Detroit, MI The Beast W Tom DeMarco
74/01/12 Elkhart, IN Pepper Gomez W The Beast
74/01/27 London, ON Bobby Heenan/Jimmy / Johnny Valiant DCO  Bold Eagle/Luis Martinez/The Beast
74/02/27 London, ON Bobby Heenan/Jimmy / Johnny Valiant DCO  Bold Eagle/Luis Martinez/The Beast
74/03/10 London, ON Jimmy / Johnny Valiant W/DQ. The Beast/Luis Martinez
74/04/15 London, ON Baron Von Raschke/Jimmy Valiant/Bobby Heenan W/DQ Gene Dubois/Whipper Watson Jr/Wolfman
73/04/18 Indianapolis, IN The Beast W Tom Lynch (Rachel Dubois on these cards)
73/04/19 Fort Wayne, IN Bull Bullinski W The Beast
74/05/07 Thorold, ON Terrible Ted (wrestling bear) W Wildman
74/05/08 Guelph, ON Terrible Ted (wrestling bear)  W Wildman
74/05/09 St. Thomas, ON  Terrible Ted (wrestling bear) W Wildman
74/05/22 Toronto, ON (Ted Reeve Arena) Wildman vs Golden Boy Apollo
74/05/27 Midland, ON Wildman Terrible Ted (wrestling bear)
74/06/05 Toronto, ON (Ted Reeve Arena) Wildman/Wolfman vs Luis Martinez/Vic Rossetani
74/06/12 London, ON Gene Dubois / Luis Martinez vs The Love Brothers
74/06/16 Whitby, ON Luis Martinez/Rachel Dubois W The Beast/Tanya West
74/06/26 London, ON Gene Dubois vs Vic Rossitani
74/06/29 Newmarket, ON Wildman/Wolfman vs Angelo Mosca/Ron Doner
74/07/01 Midland, ON Wildman vs Dewey Robertson
74/07/12 Wiarton, ON Wildman / Wolfman vs Chief Bold Eagle / Luis Martinez
74/07/13 Newmarket, ON Wildman vs Tony Parisi
74/07/08 Point Edward, ON The Mighty Igor W The Canadian Wildman
74/07/15 Midland, ON Wildman/Wolfman vs Luis Martinez/Billy Red Lyons
74/07/25 Peterborough, ON Wildman vs Luis Martinez
74/07/26 Brampton, ON Wildman vs Dewey Robertson
74/08/04 Midland, ON Wildman vs Wolfman
74/08/08 Simcoe, ON Wildman/Eric The Animal vs TOny Parisi/Nick DeCarlo
74/08/09 Orillia, ON The Beast vs Luis Martinez
74/08/10 Orangeville, ON The Beast vs Luis Martinez
74/08/15 Simcoe, ON Wildman vs Nick DeCarlo
74/08/21 London, ON Gene Dubois / Dewey Robertson vs The Love Brothers
74/08/23 Brampton, ON Wildman vs Terrible Ted (wrestling bear)
74/09/01 Keswick, ON Wildman vs Terrible Ted (wrestling bear)
74/09/08 Toronto Wildman D Ron Doner
74/09/14 Verdun, PQ Bearman NC Billy Two Rivers
74/09/22 Toronto Chris Markoff / Tony Marino W/DQ Eric the Red / Wildman
74/10/06 Toronto Ivan Kalmikoff / Ron Doner D Lee Henning / Wildman
74/10/13 London, ON Gene Dubois / Billy Red Lyons vs The Love Brothers
74/10/27 Toronto Wildman D Eric the Red
74/11/03 Toronto Stan Stasiak W Wildman
74/11/10 London Gene Dubois vs Wilf Jennings
74/12/08 Toronto Baron Scicluna / Lee Henning D Earl Pinnock / Wildman
74/12/26 Chatham, ON The Beast vs The Wrestling Bear
74/12/29 Toronto Terrible Ted (wrestling bear) W Wildman

75/03/12 Toronto Edouard Carpentier / Jackie Wiecz D Lee Henning / Wildman
75/03/23 Toronto Jacques Rougeau WDQ Wildman
75/04/13 Toronto Wildman D Ivan Kalmikoff
75/04/27 Toronto Ron Doner D Wildman
75/05/01 Renfrew, ON Wildman vs Billy Red Lyons
75/05/02 Windsor, ON Wildman on Ad
75/05/03 Newmarket, ON Wildman on card
75/05/04 London, ON Gene Dubois W Ali Baba
75/05/11 Toronto Tony Parisi W Wildman
75/05/25 Toronto Andre the Giant W Lee Henning/Wildman
75/06/13 Perth, ON Wildman on Ad
75/06/18 Windsor, ON Wildman/Billy Red Lyons vs The Samoans
75/07/06 Toronto Haystack Calhoun/Tony Parisi W Wildman/Terry Yorkston
75/07/09 Whitby, ON Handicap Bout: Haystack Calhoun vs The Wildman/Bobby Bass
75/07/16 Windsor, ON Wildman vs Kurt Von Brauner
75/07/20 Toronto Crusaders W Wildman/Lou Klein
75/08/08  Niagara Falls, ON Billy Red Lyons / Dewey Robertson DCOR Wildman / Wolfman
75/08/10 Toronto Tony Parisi/Ricki Stewart W Wildman/Bobby Bass
75/08/18 Windsor, ON Wildman vs Chris Tolos
75/08/24 Toronto Lord Athol Layton/Duncan McTavish D Wildman/Wolfman
75/09/07 Toronto Wolfman/Wildman W Hank James/El Brassero
75/09/21 Toronto The Beast/Duncan McTavish D Wolfman/Wildman
75/09/28 London, ON Gene Dubois D Chris Tolos
75/10/19 Toronto Lord Athol Layton/Duncan McTavish D Wildman/Wolfman
75/10/25 Detroit, MI Wildman/Wolfman W Dewey Robertson/Billy Red Lyons
75/11/25 Cincinnati, OH The Islanders vs Canadian Wildman / The Wolfman
75/11/30 Toronto Duncan McTavish/Lord Athol Layton D Chris Tolos/Wildman
75/12/07 Toronto Crusaders W Wildman/Bob Harmon
75/12/28 Toronto Sweet Daddy Siki / The Beast D Chris Tolos / Wildman

76/01/11 Toronto Crusaders WDQ Wildman/Baron Von Krupp
76/02/01 Toronto Wildman WP Nick DeCarlo
76/02/08 London, ON Gene Dubois W Don Kent
76/02/15 Toronto Andre the Giant W Wolfman/Wildman
76/02/29 Toronto Lord Athol Layton/Duncan McTavish D Reginald Love/Wildman
76/03/14 Toronto Lord Athol Layton/Duncan McTavish W Wildman/Gary McLaughlin
76/03/28 Toronto Crusaders W Mike Sharpe/Wildman
76/04/11 Toronto Sweet Daddy Siki/Chris Markoff W Wildman/Terry Yorkston
76/05/10 Dundas, ON Wildman on Ad
76/05/27 Brantford, ON Smoky the Bear vs The Wildman
76/05/30 Toronto Crusaders W Wildman/Chris Colt
76/06/13 Toronto Andre the Giant W Wildman/Golden Boy Apollo
76/06/15 Simcoe, ON Smokey the Bear vs The Wildman
76/07/11 Toronto Chris Markoff WDQ Wildman
76/07/25 Toronto Kelly Twins D El Santos #2/Wildman
76/08/03 Perth, ON 8 Man Battle Royal - The Wildman Entered
76/08/10 Oshawa, ON 10 Man Battle Royal -The Wildman entered
76/08/17 Simcoe, ON 8 Man Battle Royal - The Wildman Entered
76/09/12 Toronto Wildman D The Beast
76/10/17 Toronto Wildman D Sweet Daddy Siki
76/11/06 Detroit, Mi The Wildman D Al Costello
76/11/19 Toronto The Beast D Wildman
76/11/20 Kitchener, ON Wildman / Reggie Love vs Dewey Robertson / Billy Red Lyons

77/01/08 Detroit, Mi Dominic DeNucci W The Wildman
77/03/20 Toronto The Crusaders D The Mongol/The Wildman
77/04/03 Toronto The Wildman/Chris Tolos D Sweet Daddy Siki/The Beast
77/04/16 Detroit, MI Dick The Bruiser W Canadian Wildman
77/04/30 Detroit, MI Charlie Cook W Canadian Wildman
77/06/11 Detroit, MI Chris Tolos D Canadian Wildman
77/06/15 Brockville, ON Billy Red Lyons / Wildman W Chris Tolos / El Santos #1
77/07/10 Toronto The Wildman D Pat Kelly
77/08/07 Toronto The Beast WDQ The Wildman
77/08/18 Oshawa, ON The Wildman vs Smokey the Bear
77/08/24 St Catherines, ON Wildman on Ad
77/09/17 Detroit, MI The Wildman W John Boy Ruffin
77/10/01 Detroit, MI Tony Parisi / George Gulas W Canadian Wildman / The Wolfman
77/11/20 Toronto The Wildman D Steve Bolus

78/01/08 Toronto Billy Red Lyons D The Wildman
78/02/05 Toronto Sweet Daddy Siki D The Wildman
78/02/19 Toronto Dewey Robertson WDQ The Wildman
78/04/10 Toronto Chris Tolos D The Wildman
78/05/15 Toronto Dewey Robertson WDQ The Wildman
78/06/10 Detroit, Mi Raymond Rougeau W Canadian Wildman
78/06/24 Detroit, MI The Wildman W Sam Schell
78/07/16 Toronto Chris Tolos/The Wildman WP Bob Marcus/Steve Bolus
78/07/22 Detroit, MI The Wildman drew Hank James
78/08/13 Toronto The Wildman D Nick DeCarlo
78/09/10 Toronto Steve Bolus D The Wildman
78/09/24 Detroit, MI The Wildman W Sam Schell
78/09/30 Detroit, MI Canadian Wildman W Jim Steele
78/12/16 Toronto TV Tiger Jeet Singh/Tony Atlas W Tito Senza/Wildman

79/01/14 Toronto Sweet Daddy Siki D The Wildman
79/04/28 Detroit, MI Wildman W Traitor Hampton
79/06/23 London, ON Gene Dubois/? Roberts vs The Kelly Twins
79/08/11 Brampton, ON Canadian Wildman W Vic Rossitani
79/08/16 Aurora, ON Billy Red Lyons DCOR The Wildman
79/09/29 Detroit, MI The Wildman W John Bonello
79/10/14 Detroit, MI Farkas the Wolfman / The Wildman W Bobby Colt / El Santos
79/10/28 Detroit, MI The Wolfman / The Wildman W Pat Kelly / Mike Kelly

80/02/03 London, ON Mighty Igor / The Wildman W Rick / Scott Davidson
80/02/17 London, ON Vic Rossetani / The Wildman W Rick / Scott Davidson
80/03/01 Detroit, MI Canadian Wildman W John Davis
80/03/02 London, ON Vic Rossetani, Wildman, / Randy Johnson W Don Kent, Rick /amp; Scott Davidson
80/03/15 Detroit, MI Round Robin North American Tag Team Tournament
Final - Haystack Calhoun / Big Red W The Assassin / The Wildman to win Tag Title
Rick Davidson / John Davidson W The Assassin / The Wildman in
The Wildman W Tim Tall Tree
80/03/30 London, ON Wildman in Battle Royal
80/04/13 London, ON Wildman vs Eddie Mansfield
80/05/03 Detroit, Mi Canadian Wildman W Bobby Colt
80/05/11 London, ON Wildman W Don Kent
80/05/25 London, ON Wildman vs Don Kent
80/05/27 Georgetown, ON Wildman on ad
80/05/28 Windsor, ON Wildman on ad
80/06/20 Oakville, ON  Randy Scott / John Bonello W The Wildman / The Assassin
80/06/28 Detroit, MI Tournament for title shot against World Tag Team Champions John Bonello / Randy Scott
First Round Shohei Giant Baba / Jumbo Tsuruta W Jerry Oates / Canadian Wildman
80/06/29 Keswick, ON Randy Johnson D The Wildman...The Wildman / Avenger W Randy Scott / John Bonello
80/07/03 Port Hope, ON The Wildman vs The Sheik
80/07/05 Barrie, ON The Wildman vs The Sheik
80/07/15 Peterborough, ON The Wildman on ad
80/07/16 St Catherines ON The Wildman on ad
80/07/27 Gravenhurst, ON Wildman on ad
80/08/29 New Liskeard, ON Wildman vs Edouard Carpentier
80/10/12 London, ON Smoky the Bear vs The Wildman

81/02/03 London, ON Wildman / Mighty Igor vs The Davidson Brothers
81/03/22 London, ON Wildman on ad
81/04/26 London, ON Wildman W The Sheik
81/07/21 Exeter, ON Whipper Watson Jr. W Wildman
81/08/01 New Liskeard, ON Wildman on Ad
81/08/11 Winchester, ON Wildman W Chris Tolos
81/08/19 Windsor, ON Wildman on Ad
81/08/20 Leamington, ON Wildman / Wolfman vs Vic Rossitanni / Danny Johnson
81/08/22 Newmarket, ON Wildman/Whipper Watson Jr W Chris Tolos/Vic Rossitani
81/08/24 Kingston, ON Wildman on ad
81/08/25 Simcoe, ON Wildman/Whipper Watson Jr W Chris Tolos/Danny Johnson
81/08/26 Toronto (Ted Reeve Arena) Wildman/Whipper Watson Jr W Chris Tolos/Vic Rossitani
81/08/27 North Bay, ON Wildman W Danny Johnson
81/08/28 Timmins, ON Wildman / Whipper Watson Jr. W Pat / Mike Kelly
81/09/02 Whitby, ON Wildman vs Chris Tolos
81/09/03 Tillsonburg, ON Luis Martinez / Wildman W Kurt Von Hess / Blackjack Johnson
81/12/29 London, ON Wildman in Battle Royal

82/05/13 Woodstock, ON Ginger the Bear on ad
82/05/23 Kingston, ON Wildman W Wolfman
82/05/24 Belleville, ON Wildman / Debbie Combs W Wolfman / Donna Day - Mixed tag team
82/05/25 Peterborough, ON Wildman W Wolfman
82/05/26 Port Hope, ON Wildman W Wolfman
82/05/27 Lindsay, ON Wildman / Debbie Combs W Wolfman / Donna Day - Mixed tag team
82/06/08 Glencoe, ON Debbie Combs / Canadian Wildman W Donna Day / The Wolfman when Combs
82/06/09 Petrolia, ON Wildman W Wolfman
82/06/10 Exeter, ON Wildman D Wolfman
82/06/11 Wingham, ON Wildman W Wolfman
82/06/12 Sutton, ON Wildman W Wolfman
82/06/19 Brampton, ON The Wildman W/DQ The Assassin
82/07/13 Vanier, ON Wildman on Ad
82/07/18 Scarborough, ON Chris Colt / George Steele W Luis Martinez / Wildman
82/08/01 Scarborough, ON Chris Colt W Wildman in a Chain match, to win the North American title
82/08/06 Vanier, ON Wildman vs Chris Colt
82/08/15 Scarborough, ON Domenic Denucci / Wildman W/COR Chris Colt / Kurt Von Hess
82/08/26 Pembroke, ON Wildman on ad
82/08/29 Toronto (Lakeshore Arena) Domenic Denucci, Wildman, / Johnny Valiant W Chris Colt, Kurt Von Hess, / Eddie Mansfield

83/06/19 Scarborough, ON Destroyers/The General W Bobo Brazil/Tiger Jeet Singh/Wildman
Note: McKigney breaks his leg jumping off the turnbuckle. In agony, addresses the crowd. Next week appeared on crutches.

84/06/08 Tatamagouche, NS Whipper Watson Jr. W Canadian Wildman
84/06/12 Sackville, NS Canadian Wildman vs Whipper Watson Jr
84/07/22 Whitbourne, NL Canadian Wildman vs Whipper Watson Jr
84/08/10 Port Aux Basques, NL Canadian Wildman (w/manager Sweet Daddy) vs Whipper Watson Jr
84/08/16 Canning, NS Canadian Wildman vs Whipper Watson Jr

85/07/21 Scarborough, ON Moose Morowski / Snake Williams vs. Mighty Igor / Wildman
85/07/31 Cornwall,ON Wildman / Igor vs Snake Williams / Moose Morowski

86/01/03 London, ON Wildman in Battle Royal
86/05/12 Pembroke, ON Wildman on Ad
86/05/13 Bolton, ON Wildman on Ad
86/05/21 Stoufville, ON Wildman on Ad
86/05/25 Scarborough, ON Joey War Eagle/Canadian Wildman/Angelo Mosca Jr. W/DQ Kevin Sullivan/Mark Lewin/Jet Star
86/06/08 Scarborough, ON Wildman on Ad
86/06/10 Whitby, ON Canadian Wildman/Angelo Mosca Jr. W/COR Kevin Sullivan/Mark Lewin
86/06/29 London, ON Wildman/Joey War Eagle vs Sweet Daddy Siki/Snake Williams

87/05/03 Erin, ON Wildman vs The Sheik
87/06/14 Toronto Canadian Wildman vs. Chris Colt - Cage match - Last Ontario Appearance


Photos nostalgia  mapleleafwrestling.com colllection

50th Anniversary Card Nov 15 1981

   Over the years we have looked at the various anniversary shows held at Maple Leaf Gardens, this time we focus on the final one, celebrating 50 years of wrestling.

   The first card was held on Nov 19 1931 under the promotion of the Queensbury Athletic Club headed by Jack Corcoran. Corcoran passed the promotion to John & Frank Tunney in 1939 and when John passed away suddenly in 1940 Frank took over the reigns. 

By 1981 the promotion was celebrating 50 years at the Gardens. 

   The card was set for Sunday Nov 15 and featured an NWA title bout with new champ Ric Flair defending against #1 contender Harley Race. At that time newspaper coverage was minimal as compared to previous eras, but this anniversary earned some notable entries in the dailies.

  The Toronto Sun had an enlarged ad type entry on Nov 11 with the caption 'He does it with Flair' with a photo of the new champ and his belt. It was billed as 3 championship bouts, Alongside Flair vs Race, Angelo Mosca was trying to regain his Canadian Heavyweight Title from John Studd, and NWA TV champ Ron Bass defended against Kurt Von Hess. Added to that was Andre the Giant going for revenge against Killer Kahn for breaking his leg (actually happened well before and the two had had several return bouts elsewhere) and 'others' including Johnny Weaver, Mike Miller, Mike (billed as Ron) Davis, and Victor Jovica.

   The Globe had a feature article by James Christie (40 years at Globe as Sportswriter) entitled 'Love and pain and 50 years of grappling.'  He looked at the history of wrestling here and quoted Tunney as saying he 'would sell out' the card expecting 17,000 and a gate of $100k.

   The card did almost sell out MLG, announced attendance was 16,000 which made it one of the best of the era. Since 1974 there had only been two other cards over 15,000.

The place was full, and loud.

The card itself did not disappoint, though there were some minor changes from what was scheduled.

NWA TITLE: Ric Flair WP Harley Race 24:03
Andre the Giant D/DQ Killer Kahn 14:19
Canadian Heavyweight Title: John Studd LCOR Angelo Mosca 15:47
TV Title: Outlaw Ron Bass W Mike Miller (sub for Kurt Von Hess) 10:46
Johnny Weaver W Charlie Fulton 8:24
Tony Parisi/Mike Davis W Doug Vines/Izzy Slapowitz 11:12

About to hit the ramp! 

   The highlight was Flair vs Race. 24 minutes of suplexes, figure fours, falling headbutts, and all out action, both in the ring and on the ramp. As was usually the case when these two met, both were covered in blood after sacrificing themselves on the hard wooden ramp.

   Race appeared to pin the champ when ref Terry Yorkston counted Flair down for 3 and the fans thought we had seen another title change in Toronto. Ref John Laing came out to tell Yorkston that Race had pulled Flair's trunks. During this exchange Flair got behind Race and threw him into the ropes catching him in a cradle and pinning him. Flair was declared the winner and some of nights wrestlers came out from the back to congratulate him.

   Race though, blew his stack and laid out Mike Davis before piledriving Flair into the mat. Race continued to stomp on Flair until Johnny Weaver grabbed the NWA title belt and chased Race out as the fans cheered.

  That was their 2nd of 6 bouts here over the NWA Title between 1980-1984, each as champ for 3 bouts. Flair who was popular here since his switch in 1980 always earned the cheers, while mostly a heel in other areas. Even as a full fledged heel here in 78-79 the fans loved him. When he made his return as NWA champ we saw 10 defenses total 1981-1984. The only downside of his NWA runs was that we saw him less often.

     The Andre- Kahn bout was also a hard fought, very realistic and rough battle. Andre looked to be killing Kahn before Miller, Fulton, Slapowitz, and Vines rushed out and dragged Kahn away from the angry Giant. Andre had Kahn on the ropes trying to break his leg and wouldn't let up so was officially a double dq.

   Mosca and Studd continued their feud with two referees and brawled their way to the floor where Studd had enough and fled to the dressing room. It left Mosca the winner but not the champ. Mosca eventually regained the title a few months later in a cage bout.

   Those 3 bouts alone were worthy of the card and the openers were pretty good, including the only appearance for Slapowitz. Some of the wrestlers appeared in Brantford for TV tapings the following day, notably Race who wrestled 3 bouts for the day.

   The card got some write ups in the magazines of the day including an 'Arena Report' in PWI, 'The Wrestler' had a' story entitled 'The John Studd School of Rulebreaking' - Studd mentoring Slapowitz, Miller, Davis and a great shot of the old dirty Maple Leaf Dressing room,  and a 2 page spread in 'Ring' Magazine.

 The Mid Atlantic Gateway has the TV bout from the next day featuring Race vs Weaver 

   None of the bouts from the 50th card have surfaced, I have a hazy memory of seeing portions of the Andre-Kahn and Flair-Race bouts on the CITY TV News.

Some other Flair-Race pics are Flair vs Race: Photos
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