Photos: Wildman cards

All photos taken at the Water St Arena Cornwall, ON
Sheik 1982,83,85 vs Bobo, Martinez, Valiant and McTavish

Chris Colt 1982 & 83 ....Vs Valiant, Whipper Jr, Wildman

Bullwhip/Blackjack Johnson 1983. Vs Whipper Jr and in a 6 man tag with the Destroyers

Gentleman Ben facing all comers 1982 & 83

Von Hess summer 1982. Vs Luis Martinez, and tagged with Steele vs Denucci & Bruno Jr.
And one there he is serving as a lumberjack for a Colt-Dave bout, look closely

Eddy Mansfield vs Ricky Johnson Sept 1982

Luis Martinez vs the masked Killer Kowalski June 1982....