Maple Leaf Gardens 2012

On a visit back to Toronto in 2012, we made sure to drop in to the old Maple Leaf Gardens and take some photos of the exhibits at the now Loblaws food court. The group in charge of the re-do had contacted me for some of my wrestling photos for under the glass on the tables, so it was fun to be able to see them as part of the large array of images from the history of MLG (and a couple that weren't!).
Mine are the Adonis/Ventura, Backlund, and Mosca/Studd in these shots. There were others, maybe in another spot around the giant grocery store. 

The Cornette- Eaton-Condrey pic has no connection to MLG other than the title belts they are holding were made by Alex Mulko who made our local belts and many more. The Flair with the red U.S. Title (also a Mulko) is from a Mid-Atlantic arena. Still, only a wrestling nerd would notice that. 

The other pics include the remaining interior wall on the South side that they kept intact, as well as the Wood St entrance where the fans would congregate and meet the wrestlers arriving by car or having walked over from one of the hotels. Great memories.