Johnny Weaver in Toronto (external link)

 Always a pleasure to contribute to other sites and none more than the fine Mid Atlantic Gateway. This time we looked at Johnny Weaver in Toronto as part of a series they were running on the late great mat star. 

Johnny Weaver made his Toronto debut amid a flurry of re-organization for the territory. It was late 1978 and Frank Tunney had left his brief AWA association behind. A new partnership with Jim Crockett Jr. & George Scott was soon to revitalize the area....

Read more at Johnny Weaver's Important Role in Toronto During the Mid-Atlantic Years 


I took the above photo at MLG in Jan 1982 as Weaver & old foe Lord Alfred Hayes start a cage bout. That night was a double cage with Mosca vs Studd following it. Norm Kimber is making the intros while ref Terry Yorkston enters the cage. Weaver won it but didn't look like it. A lot of blood spilled at that one!