The Sheik's unbeaten streak: 1969-1974: Gary Will's TWH

When the Sheik returned to Toronto in 1969 after a four-year absence, he quickly established himself as a main event performer (after one undercard appearance) and began a hot period for Toronto wrestling of a kind it had never seen before and wouldn't see again until the rise of Hulkamania. 

Sheik didn't lose a match in Toronto from 1969 to 1974. He lost a tag match in March 1974, but the real end of his undefeated streak came at the hands of Andre the Giant on August 11, 1974.

By my count, Sheik's record through his streak going into that match was 100-0-27. That's 127 singles matches without a loss. That includes 14 matches against Lord Athol Layton and 10 against Bobo Brazil.

69/02/09         WBill Palmer1-0-0
69/02/23WCNC         Mighty Igor2-0-0
69/03/16WBulldog Brower3-0-0
69/03/30WMighty Igor [2]4-0-0
69/04/13WDQWhipper Billy Watson5-0-0
69/05/18WDQWhipper Billy Watson [2]6-0-0
69/06/01WMighty Igor [3]7-0-0
69/06/29WGene Kiniski8-0-0
69/07/13WDQBruno Sammartino9-0-0
69/07/27WDQGene Kiniski [2]10-0-0
69/08/10WDominic Denucci11-0-0
69/08/24WLou Thesz12-0-0
69/09/07WLou Thesz [2]13-0-0
69/09/21WEdouard Carpentier14-0-0
69/10/05WCORDominic Denucci [2]15-0-0
69/10/19WDQBulldog Brower [2]16-0-0
69/11/02WCNCLord Athol Layton17-0-0
69/11/17WBulldog Brower [3]18-0-0
69/11/30WGiant Saka (Seiji Sakaguchi)19-0-0
69/12/14WBobo Brazil20-0-0
69/12/28WBobo Brazil [2]21-0-0
70/01/18WDQDewey Robertson22-0-0
70/02/08DDQLord Athol Layton [2]22-0-1
70/02/22WLord Athol Layton [3]23-0-1
70/03/08WCORWhipper Billy Watson [3]24-0-1
70/04/05WCORFlying Fred Curry25-0-1
70/04/12WDQWild Bull Curry 26-0-1
70/04/26WDQHaystack Calhoun27-0-1
70/05/10WHaystack Calhoun [2]28-0-1
70/05/24WFlying Fred Curry [2]29-0-1
70/06/14DDQLord Athol Layton [4]29-0-2
70/06/21WCORLord Athol Layton [5]30-0-2
70/07/12WHaystack Calhoun [3]31-0-2
70/07/26WDQBobo Brazil [3]32-0-2
70/08/16WCORBobo Brazil [4]33-0-2
70/08/30WMighty Igor [4]34-0-2
70/09/13WMighty Igor [5]35-0-2
70/09/20WDQFlying Fred Curry [3]36-0-2
70/10/04WCORBobo Brazil [5]37-0-2
70/10/18WDQWhipper Billy Watson [4]38-0-2
70/11/01WDQWhipper Billy Watson [5]39-0-2
70/11/15WCORWhipper Billy Watson [6]40-0-2
70/12/06DCORLord Athol Layton [6]40-0-3
70/12/13WHaystack Calhoun [4]41-0-3
70/12/27WLord Athol Layton [7]42-0-3
71/01/10DCORTex McKenzie42-0-4
71/01/17WTex McKenzie [2]43-0-4
71/02/21WDQTiger Jeet Singh44-0-4
71/03/14DNCTiger Jeet Singh [2]44-0-5
71/03/21WTiger Jeet Singh [3]45-0-5
71/04/04WHaystack Calhoun [5]46-0-5
71/04/18WDQTex McKenzie [3]47-0-5
71/05/02DDQLord Athol Layton [8]47-0-6
71/05/09WLord Athol Layton [9]48-0-6
71/06/06DCORDory Funk Jr.48-0-7
71/06/20WAngelo Mosca49-0-7
71/07/11WMasked Assassin (Guy Mitchell)50-0-7
71/07/25WDQBobo Brazil [6]51-0-7
71/08/15WCORBobo Brazil [7]52-0-7
71/08/29DDQBig John Quinn52-0-8
71/09/05WBig John Quinn [2]53-0-8
71/09/12WDQMighty Igor [6]54-0-8
71/09/26DCORTiger Jeet Singh [4]54-0-9
71/10/17DCORTiger Jeet Singh [5]54-0-10
71/10/31WTiger Jeet Singh [6]55-0-10
71/11/14WDQLuis Martinez56-0-10
71/11/28WLuis Martinez [2]57-0-10
71/12/12WLuis Martinez [3]58-0-10
71/12/26DCORLord Athol Layton [10]58-0-11
72/01/02WLord Athol Layton [11]59-0-11
72/01/09WBulldog Brower [3]60-0-11
72/02/06DCORCarlos Rocha60-0-12
72/02/20WCarlos Rocha [2]61-0-12
72/03/05WDQCarlos Rocha [3]62-0-12
72/03/19WCORPampero Firpo63-0-12
72/04/02WCORPampero Firpo [2]64-0-12
72/04/16DCORCarlos Rocha [4]64-0-13
72/04/30WCarlos Rocha [5]65-0-13
72/05/14WPampero Firpo [3]66-0-13
72/06/11DDQLord Athol Layton [12]66-0-14
72/06/25WLord Athol Layton [13]67-0-14
72/07/09WBen Justice68-0-14
72/07/23WCORThe Beast69-0-14
72/08/13WDQTony Parisi70-0-14
72/08/27WMagnificent Zulu71-0-14
72/09/10WDQTony Parisi [2]72-0-14
72/10/01WDQMagnificent Zulu [2]73-0-14
72/10/15WMagnificent Zulu [3]74-0-14
72/10/29WDQSweet Daddy Siki75-0-14
72/11/19DDQPampero Firpo [4]75-0-15
72/12/03WPampero Firpo [5]76-0-15
72/12/17DDQJohnny Valentine76-0-16
72/12/28DDQTiger Jeet Singh [7]76-0-17
73/01/14DCORTiger Jeet Singh [8]76-0-18
73/02/04WTiger Jeet Singh [9]77-0-18
73/02/11WCNCTony Marino78-0-18
73/03/04DDQChief Jay Strongbow78-0-19
73/03/18DDQChief Jay Strongbow [2]78-0-20
73/04/01WCNCChief Jay Strongbow [3]79-0-20
73/04/08WLord Athol Layton [14]80-0-20
73/04/29WChief Jay Strongbow [4]81-0-20
73/05/13DBobo Brazil [8]81-0-21
73/05/27DDQBobo Brazil [9]81-0-22
73/06/10WBobo Brazil [10]82-0-22
73/06/24WEric the Animal83-0-22
73/07/08WCORPampero Firpo [6]84-0-22
73/07/22WDQJohnny Valentine [2]85-0-22
73/08/12DCORJohnny Powers85-0-23
73/09/23WTony Marino [2]86-0-23
73/10/14WJohnny Powers [2]87-0-23
73/10/28WJohnny Powers [3]88-0-23
73/11/11WDQBearcat Wright 89-0-23
73/11/25DCORDominic Denucci [3]89-0-24
73/12/02WDominic Denucci [4]90-0-24
73/12/16WBilly Red Lyons91-0-24
73/12/30DCORAndre the Giant91-0-25
74/02/10DDQAndre the Giant [2]91-0-26
74/02/17WAndre the Giant [3]92-0-26
74/03/03WDQChief Jay Strongbow [5]93-0-26
74/03/31WCORChief Jay Strongbow [6]94-0-26
74/04/07WCORThe Crusader (Dewey Robertson) [2]      95-0-26
74/04/21WCrusader Robertson [3]96-0-26
74/05/12WDQEdouard Carpentier [2]97-0-26
74/05/26WCOREdouard Carpentier [3]98-0-26
74/06/09DDQErnie Ladd98-0-27
74/06/23WErnie Ladd [2]99-0-27
74/07/21WEdouard Carpentier [4]100-0-27
74/08/11LDQAndre the Giant [4]100-1-27

-by Gary Will