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Photos; Gorgeous George & Cherie Hair Bout II 1961

Will bump this up and follow with some scrapbook stuff with Gorgeous George

Roger Baker photos from the follow up 'Hair bout II' May 1961 between Gorgeous George and Whipper Watson. The two had met again after their infamous 1959 bout, but this time Cherie's hair was at stake.
See also Gary Will's TWH : Whipper Billy Watson vs Gorgeous George

GG's valet Cherie was to get her hair cut if her man lost the bout. He did and she did before Whipper stepped in to stop the cut, the gentleman that he was.

You can see GG trying to talk Whipper out of it but Whip is having none of it. Cherie loses it and is crying as ref Bert 'The Little Flower of Uxbridge' Maxwell lays down the law.

At a re-match the next week Cherie, still upset at the cut, chatted with Watson before the bout enraging George who loudly berated her. When he lifted his hand Cherie ducked behind Watson. Once the intros were done GG would thorw his robe at Cherie who emerged and 'laid a pretty hand solidly against his cheek' then stormed down the ramp.

Roger is still just a superfan here sitting at ringside - before he started taking photos for all of the mags of the day.

WOW ! Thanks Roger !

Tony Marino is the other wrestler in the ring

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Memories of Toronto with Roger Baker: Keswick Park 1967

We are very fortunate to have Roger Baker contributing his vast knowledge and memories of Toronto wrestling to this site. This time, Keswick Park, Terrible Ted, and Whipper!

Roger takes on the bear! 
 'It was back in the summer of 1967, I had received a phone call from wrestler Paul Diamond that Whipper Watson and Dave McKigney were going to a lakeside park in Keswick  to entertain a group of challenged youngsters.

 I was very excited at the prospect having the opportunity to be on hand, and possibly get involved as well, I called the Whipper to hear from him the details of the planned event and the location as well.

 I invited a young fellow that lived in the same apt. building as myself to tag along with me to Keswick as I knew that he would enjoy seeing the bear take on all comers.

 The afternoon was all that I hoped it might be. First was a very informative and visual demonstration of wrestling holds and grips applied by Whipper Watson. McKigney had brought Terrible Ted to the park in his own custom trailer and the children would have a closeup look at a very large bear.

Phil Watson far left watches one of his pals take on Ted

 Whipper's 17 year old son Phil (later Whipper Watson Jr.) along with several of his friends were also in attendance, McKigney yelled out 'Who wants to try and wrestle with the bear?' and one of Phil's pals stepped forward to meet the challenge. He lasted about 90 seconds before McKigney pulled the bear away.

 At this point no one else seemed interested in having a go with Ted so I stepped up to the plate and accepted the invitation. I will say for sure that when that big and heavy bear is smothering you with his massive paws and slobbering on your face it can be very intimidating. I think the Bearman let Ted maul me for about a minute and a half. Afterwards Whipper made mention that because a bear is round shouldered -it can't actually be pinned.

Whipper applies a painful hammerlock in a demonstration

 When the afternoon's activities concluded the Whipper invited both myself and my friend to join him and his wife as well as Phil and his buddies for dinner at Whipper's home which backed onto Lake Simcoe. Whipper's wife was a very gracious hostess and we had an early dinner as Whipper had to leave at 6pm. He had a wrestling match scheduled at MLG that evening.'


Dave and Ted romp in Lake Simcoe behind Whipper's home

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Toronto Lists; Fathers & Sons

Second in a series of Toronto lists

There were quite a few father and son wrestlers that had both appeared in Toronto. Some at the same time, others in different eras. Some stayed around long enough to star with their sons at MLG. Of the more well-known you can include Whipper Sr. & Jr. (Phil) Watson, Johnny & Greg Valentine, and Angelo Sr. & Jr. Mosca. Even the territory was a family business. Run by the Tunney's including John & Frank Tunney (brothers), Jack (John's son), and Eddie (Frank's son) and the scene was full of wrestling families, some real others not.


1. WARREN & NICK BOCKWINKEL - Different eras
 Warren was highly touted upon his debut in Aug 1945, billed from St Louis and second only to World champ Wild Bill Longson. Said to be Longson's policeman (to protect the champ, head off rivals etc) Bockwinkel fared well with a win over respected star John Katan with an abundance of 'zest and twists.'  It was a good enough showing to earn a main vs Whipper Watson the following week. Whipper's mouthpiece and manager Phil Lawson accused Frank Tunney of protecting Longson calling Bockwinkel a kinky haired copper, and offered to let Whipper take a fall to lure Longson in. Whipper ended up tossing his foe out of the ring after 30 minutes and won by count out after Bockwinkel landed hard on the wooden floor. He would continue to appear here up to 1952 and face most of the regulars including Fred Atkins, Sandor Kovacs, and Sky Hi Lee. Nick would wrestle in Buffalo and other nearby cities in the late 1950's but not make it to Toronto until 1977. Post Sheik era Frank had arranged to use some of the top tier stars of the AWA. As AWA World champion Nick would defend his title 16 times between 1977-1982 including the big double title challenge vs Backlund and defenses vs some rarer challengers including Edouard Carpentier, Stan Stasiak, Tiger Jeet Singh, and Dewey Robertson. Of course with the AWA we also saw.......

2. VERNE & GREG GAGNE - Same era for a time
 Both would appear 1977-1978 but Verne had been here before. His first Ontario appearances were in Fort William (later Thunder Bay) in the early 1950's and would finally make it to Toronto in 1958. He was holding the prestigious U.S. (NWA Illinois) Title and faced Karl Kulaski and later Al Alberto in his only area bouts for the era. In Oct 1977 Verne joined Frank at MLG, not to wrestle but to watch some of his stars in the first AWA affiliated card of the short lived partnership. Son Greg and partner Jim Brunzell would defend their AWA Tag Titles against Blackjack Lanza & Bobby Duncum and made for fast fan-favorites in the city. For the second card a month later Verne would return, this time in ring taking on a masked El Santos (local gimmick, Duncan MacTavish, Terry Yorkston, and others did it). He would continue to appear here sporadically over the next year including teaming with son Greg against Lanza & Duncum. Greg would stay busy in tags and on his own with a title shot vs Bockwinkel. Partner Brunzell also faced Bockwinkel and appeared to have won the AWA title and was leaving down the ramp with the belt -only to have it reversed. Both Greg & Brunzell would help Verne off the ramp on a couple of occasions after tough bouts. Once the Mid-Atlantic partnership started in Oct 1978 both Verne & Greg (and the other AWA stars) would be absent other than Bockwinkel. As a footnote the AWA also ran in Ottawa (in tandem with Ray Boucher, not Tunney) in 1980 and did fairly well with our former Canadian champ Dino Bravo. It was a short run though and a year later Frank went back to the nation's capital for the first time in 35 years or so. The AWA tried Ontario one more time in Dec 1989 with a card at the CNE Coliseum. Battle of the Belts (AWA champ Zybysko vs Slaughter) didn't do well, a few hundred in attendance was reported.

Verne, Greg, and Jim Brunzell on the ramp 1978

3. BRUNO & BRUNO JR/DAVID - Different and same eras -kind of
Toronto is frequently paired to Bruno who enjoyed wrestling here over three decades but is most notably remembered for his initial run in 1962. He had flattened the immovable object Bulldog Brower and several others in the months before being matched up with World champ Buddy Rogers. Rogers wins the first bout when Bruno can't beat the ten count after both were knocked to the canvas. The rematch would see the same finish. This time though with Bruno winning after Rogers had attempted to leap over Bruno and got a low blow as they used to say. Sammartino would refuse to accept the title on those grounds telling the crowd (in Italian) 'I know I can beat the man and will under more favorable conditions.' He would but not here. A big bout vs Lou Thesz after Thesz had taken the title from Rogers (also here) would see the end of Bruno's run before he moved on to the WWWF Title. In all Bruno would defend the title 27 times in Toronto over his two runs , his last coming in Apr 1976 vs then Toronto regular Brute Bernard. David who wrestled up here as Bruno Jr. in 1981-82 wouldn't make quite the impact of his father but did well both on the Tunney and McKigney circuits.  On the Maple Leaf scene he teamed with Bruno's wrestling cousin and local star Tony Parisi both at MLG and on the TV show. On McKigney's cards he was often teamed with Domenic Denucci, another of Bruno's Italian Connection pals. David would return in 1984 with the WWF as..David Sammartino while Bruno was working in the booth. A few years later in 1987 (during a brief comeback) Bruno would sub for Ken Patera and get a win over Butch Reed almost exactly 25 years since that first bout with Rogers. Bookend Buddy Rogers-Butch Reed.

Bruno Jr and Denucci Cornwall, ON 1981

Brother Jonathon. He's the father. And Don Leo Jonathon - different eras
The Wolfman  & Mark Greer -same eras -Wildman circuit
Blackjack Mulligan & Blackjack Jr. -same eras -also later as Barry Windham
Bob Orton Sr & Bob Orton Jr - different eras

Not a father son but a worthy addition
Wildman/Dubois/McKigney & Rachel Dubois (stepdaughter) -same eras

The Mulligans 1982

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Toronto Lists; Notable Guest Referees

First in a series of lists looking at wrestling in Toronto. 

 There were many guest referees over the years brought in mostly for big bouts or to settle heated feuds. Often a special referee was inserted to create a new feud or to cause an unjust or incomplete ending to a bout. 

 Most special refs were wrestlers themselves or pro boxers, occasionally office or non wrestlers. It was still all serious business. The Ontario Athletic Commission licensed the referees just as they did the wrestlers, usually about 6 at a time, and the special refs were no exception. 


 Former Boxing champ who had a long association with Toronto dating back to his early days and his boxing Tournaments. He first refereed here in the late 1930s and was often brought in for the big feuds including Whipper Watson-Fred Atkins, and Whipper-Nanjo Singh. After Whipper had defeated The Zebra in 1951 Dempsey helped him unmask Zebra as George Bollas. Perhaps his biggest bout was as ref of the 1956 title change of Lou Thesz to Watson after a disputed finish in their previous Toronto bout (that one with fellow boxing champ Jack Sharkey as ref). Dempsey would also hit the Tunney circuit towns working in Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Oshawa, Barrie, and Newmarket. In Newmarket in 1952 a low drawing card caused some issues with the big stars when Dempsey received a costly 225$ to appear leaving little for the others. He would also work a bit up North for Kasaboski in North Bay and other stops on that circuit.

Dempsey visits Oshawa, ON in 1952 at The Casino Restaurant, owned by Promoter Pat Milosh - at right
Oshawa's own wrestling star Jimmy Szikszay is getting a light from Dempsey, not sure of far left.
Milosh family photo

 At that time a world class tag team, the Kangaroos were appointed for a 1958 bout between NWA world champ Dick Hutton and Watson. Costello & Heffernan were undefeated since coming to the city in late 1957 and were big fan favorites. Sports writer Jim Proudfoot in the following days Daily Star recap remarked  'while they looked more dashing and efficient than the regular portly officials, weren't able to forestall any of Hutton's illegal tactics.' On Hutton's performance Proudfoot wasn't as kind summing it up with 'It’s the first time in recorded history that a National Wrestling Alliance titleholder has gone through a whole bout without wrestling.' This one looks to be the only time that a tag team served as special referees in Toronto.

1957 Kangaroos vs the Kalmikoffs. 

 Orlando was a former Detroit Red Wing player notable for a stick swinging incident in 1942 against the Maple Leafs, and a fight with the US government over draft status. He was appointed for a big Watson-Yvon Robert bout in 1950 after having previously reffed in Ottawa licensed under the OAC. Dubbed 'the former Detroit Slasher' he earned the Toronto fans wrath -again- in not only siding with Robert, but attacking Watson as well. Whipper preserved though and won the bout but Orlando was said to have added 8,000 more people to the 'We hate Orlando' club. That was the only time a NHL player refereed here but two star Leafs players once battled in the 1930s. That story at Gary Will's TWH: Two Leafs wrestle, rival promoters combine for charity: 1932

 Jersey Joe was one of the more prolific special referees out of former boxing champs to referee in Toronto. Jack Sharkey could make the list too with a part in some big bouts while others including Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, and Max Baer all reffed at the Gardens. Frank Tunney also ran the Boxing side for years and the office was teeming with ex boxers, matchmakers, and the like, making the visits by the ex champs big news around town. When the Watson/Kiniski feud blew up in 1957 Walcott was frequently in to keep peace within the various tag combos and such. At that time all tag bouts were two refs so they would often have one of our regulars along with a guest. In many of his bouts Jersey Joe would often end up trading blows with the various combatants. One notable square up came against a young Reggie Crusher Lisowski. A few years later in 1962 Walcott came back to officiate in 2 bouts between NWA champ Buddy Rogers and our #1 bad guy at the time Bulldog Brower.

Showdown with Reggie Crusher Lisowski MLG 1958 while brother Stanley looks on
Walcott was ref for a tag with the Lisowski's vs Watson/Wilbur Snyder. Bunny Dunlop is the other ref.

 Yes the king of Toronto wrestling once (at least) stepped in as a referee. Though Tunney did have a bit of an athletic background he was one of the small group of promoters who weren't former wrestlers themselves. In 1945 they held a Boxing-Wrestling card for the Armed Service personnel at the Coliseum and Tunney worked as a referee. If he did it any other time I haven't found it yet. Not sure if his brother John ever did either. Jack Tunney would referee a bit on the circuit shows but not at MLG..

Frank & the French Angel Toronto 1942


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The Canadian Heavyweight Title: The Complete History 1978-1984 presents with design & layout by Dick Bourne of the Mid-Atlantic Gateway
The Canadian Heavyweight Title  The Complete History 1978-1984
Available at The Mid-Atlantic Gateway Bookstore  and Amazon 
14.95 U.S. & Canada 126 pages black & white with color cover

Writeup at Mid-Atlantic Gateway   l    Review at Slam! Wrestling

In 1978 as the Toronto territory was taking off with the young stars of Mid-Atlantic wrestling, promoter Frank Tunney introduced a local championship. The Canadian Heavyweight Title, to be defended by the top star in Maple Leaf Wrestling. During those years the Toronto area was one of the most exciting and important territories in the wrestling world.  

In this book we take a look back at the emergence of the Canadian Heavyweight Title. The champions and challengers. Dino Bravo, Greg Valentine, Dewey Robertson, Hossein the Arab, Angelo Mosca Sr. & Jr. Big John Studd, and more. Join us as we revisit the big cards, the tournaments, the title belt, and other memorable slices of Maple Leaf Wrestling from 1978-1984.

...remarkable, compelling, and long-overdue tale about a championship belt that shared the stage with some of the most respected titles in professional wrestling history.- Marshall Ward -Slam! Wrestling

Short but oh so sweet! In-depth coverage of a short lived but absolutely loved belt here in the Toronto Maple Leaf Wrestling area. Recommend - Wes Maidment -Toronto Wrestling Historian

Toronto has a great history of wrestling drawing big names and huge crowds to Maple Leaf Gardens. This book is for those who remember and a great read for those that are keeping the sport alive today. Really enjoyed it. - Perry Gray -On The Ropes Wrestling

Check out all the fine books at

Red Garner: The Pride Of Langstaff

Best of 
Originally published Apr 2018

Edwin 'Red' Garner certainly deserves his place in the history of professional wrestling in Canada for his tenure as an amateur, pro, and promoter for over 30 years in Southern Ontario.
Red circa early 1940's

Red's story goes back to about 1932 when he started showing up on Toronto's busy local amateur boxing and wrestling scene. At 17 years old and 126 lbs Red would learn the ropes out of the Premier Athletic Club, one of the many athletic clubs in Toronto. The city was full of contests at all sorts of venues. Amateur mostly, some mit-mat (boxing & wrestling), and some that were a mix of the pro and amateur styles.

Maple Leaf Gardens had been open for about a year with Jack Corcoran running pro cards there. Ivan Mickailoff, the man who started the regular weekly cards in the city was holding court at the Mutual St Arena.

Around 1933 Red began wrestling on shows for the West Toronto Wrestling Club out of Mavety Hall (later West End Theater) at Mavety and Dundas St. Now up to 150 lbs Red would begin moving up the ladder to main event bouts which lead into appearances on the cards at Mutual St. Amateur star Ted McKinley would became one of Red's early allies. McKinley was a regular on the scene in the early 1930's (and a bit of pro later) earning a Silver medal in the 1934 Commonwealth Games in the Bantamweight division. McKinley was often billed as a Canadian Champion.

In 1937 Red suffered a serious injury with dislocating a neck vertebrae and there was a benefit card held for him at the Mutual St Arena. The main event featured McKinley vs another regular Ernie Hughson. Others appearing included Sam Gotter who later worked with the Toronto (Tunney) office and refereed at MLG. Red would join the Canadian Army in 1940 and train soldiers in physical fitness and athletics. He would locally on weekly shows for the Crawford A.C. held at Foresters Hall at College and Yonge. Others appearing included Bert Maxwell 'The Little Flower Of Uxbridge' who was an MLG employee and would serve as a referee at the Gardens for many years.

In 1946 Red traveled to Mexico. He would spend nearly a year there and appeared in a Welterweight Tournament held at La Arena Coliseo, site of many Lucha Libre events over the years. The following year he appeared on several shows in Oshawa for Promoter Pat Farrell who pre-dated Pat Milosh as head of the Oshawa scene. Others on those shows including McKinley, Hughson, and Milosh, were Jim Allen and Harvey Stanfield.

The promoting side for Garner started around 1948. Red would start with shows near his home at the Richmond Hill Arena. As was the case with the amateur/pro cards some shows would be sponsored. One cites the East Vaughan Ratepayers Association, and shows would be held every Tuesday evening.
Oshawa 1947

As the early 1950's began Red was running cards at Weston Arena, Lakeshore Arena, and Newmarket Arena. Shows at Richmond Hill were billed as "Professional Light-Heavyweight Wrestling - coolest spot in town - Wrestling On Ice". Other wrestlers now appearing on these cards included The Black Knight, Juan Lopez, and Roy Hassan/Hassan Bey (Georgio Stefanides - later a referee at MLG). Garner would also travel a bit up the road to both Ottawa and Montreal and other towns in Quebec before coming up with a new angle to help himself get over.

Friends had told him he looked Asian so he took up Sumo and studied the style and costumes of Japanese Wrestlers in order to turn into Mr. Moto, dreaded Japanese heel. In his new persona Red would speak in broken English and made up a phony story about his Japanese ancestry. The first appearance of Mr Moto was in Ottawa in 1952. As Mr Moto he would face a young Buddy Rogers in Montreal that same year.

Red would set up a gym in his garage in Richmond Hill and start to train wrestlers to use on his cards. Joe Greenfield, Norm Alexander, Bill Clubine, Harold Van Dyke, Stoney Brooks were all trainees that worked on the local scene. Al Korman who would later referee at MLG and Mike Scicluna aka Baron Scicluna were other early trainees. Most notable were Wally Seiber and Dave McKigney, two newcomers who would each make ta big impact on the Ontario Wrestling scene.

Wally, from Holland Landing progressed first into Waldo Von Seiber, and then later teamed up with Fritz Von Erich as cousin Waldo Von Erich. He became Waldo away form Toronto but both Wally and Fritz had appeared on the same cards around Toronto in those early days. McKigney too would create his own legacy by using a wrestling bear as early as 1957 and later becoming The Canadian Wildman. At this time McKigney was billed as Jean or Jacques Dubois -the Flying Frenchman. Along with McKigney and Seiber, others on the cards included soon to be Garner regulars, Ed 'Gori' Mangotich, Ron 'Wildcat' Osborne, Tom Sullivan, Al Wallace, Ivan Klimenko, Jack Flicker 'The Aurora Madman', Billy Foster (Georgetown Lacrosse Star), and Les Lyman. Mangitoch would make several trips across to the UK and would become quite a star there in the 1960's.
Tied in the ropes circa 1952

Scarborough's Les Lyman, often billed as a Canadian champ, was promoting around Toronto at the Scarborough & Lakeshore Arenas and the two were sharing talent and resources. One of Red's trainees 'Jumping' Joe Greenfield would also emerge on the scene and become family when he married Ed's daughter Phyllis in 1953

In the late summer of 1953 Red along with Ed Mangotich described as 'the biggest Toronto villains' were invited to Quebec to wrestle on shows for Promoter Sylvio Samson. Samson, similar to Garner, was promoting shows in competition with the big players in Quebec, Eddie Quinn and others. Garner would see action alongside Dr Jerry Graham, the Lortie's Bob, Donald, and Ray, as well as the Quebec version of the Wrestling Bear, Gorgeous Gus (handled by Billy Fox).

Waldo Von Seiber would also make some of those shows with partner Kurt Von Seiber as would another prominent Ontario name Joe Maich. Maich promoted for many years in Brantford and area, and Red would show up on his shows from time to time in Simcoe, Delhi, and the other spots they were running.

Back in Ontario under the banner of Central Canadian Wrestling Alliance (CCWA) Red would expand out into the smaller towns across the Southern part of the province. Stoufville, Georgetown, Port Perry , Cobourg, Peterborough, and Lindsay were all popular stops. Former wrestler Toar Morgan who had settled in Lindsay would also promote some shows in that area in a partnership of sorts. Locally the troupe would fill Lakeshore Arena for weekly shows in the mid 1950's and other spots, East York Arena, Scarborough Arena, and others would see shows. In 1955 they would start in Aurora on Monday evenings at the Aurora Arena for a season usually 4-5 months.

It truly was a family affair for Red. Along with son-in-law Joe Greenfield who wrestled and refereed,  Joe's brother Pal and Ed's son Ed Jr would truck the ring and bear trailer around to the different venues. Ed Jr billed as 'Red Jr' would also wrestle a bit on his Dad's shows. Red's daughter Phyllis (Joe's wife) would help man the box office. One night Red got into it with a fan and Phyllis hit the guy over the head with the moneybag and it split open sending cash all over the Arena floor. Another daughter Betty was married to wrestler Stoney Brooks, a regular on the circuit for many years. Joe's son ( Red's grandson) Edwin remembers that when he was a kid that the ring was set up in Garner's backyard for the wrestlers to work out and train for the upcoming shows.

In the summer of 1955 Red promoted a series of cards at the Port Perry Arena. Baron Von Sieber would headline most of them with other names such as 'Langstaff Jumping Jack' Tommy White, Irish Jack Phelan, Sylvain Richard, Calvin Cosburn, and Joe Greenfield, billed 'Langstaff Scissors King'.
Garner would also feature the fabulous midget wrestlers who were very popular in those days. A two card series in Stoufville in 1957 featuring the midget stars would draw 3,000 people over the two cards. Red would also run weekly shows in the winters at the Thornhill Farmers Market between 1955-1958.

In the mid 1950's Red would also be visible in his local area as Manager of the Langstaff Bantam minor hockey team. His son-in law Joe would serve as coach. Red (and Joe) would continue that involvement through the 1960's and when mentioned in the hockey news section was usually preceded with 'Well known Wrestler Red Garner...'.

In 1956 Red would make it to Maple Leaf Gardens using his Mr Moto persona. He would team up with a Mr Hito (Mamoru Noguchi), both using a sleeper hold as a finisher, and would prove very successful in taking on the teams of the day. Bouts against the Lewin Brothers Mark and Donn, Pat Flanagan and Billy Stack, and the Brunetti Brothers Guy and Joe would ensue. On Oct 4 1956 Moto and Hito would interfere in then NWA champion Whipper Watson's bout vs Mighty Ursus to earn the wrath of the new champ. Hito was up first the following week only to lose via dq, then both Moto and Hito were to take on Watson in a handicap bout. Both would end up disqualified but they had earned their success at the top. Moto would get his shot at Watson alone also only to lose by dq after both Hito and Whipper's pal Tim Geohagen interfered in the bout.
As Moto (right) 1956

On the Oct 25 card they would beat the Brunetti's by dq and appear to take the Canadian Open Tag Team Titles. The brothers would argue that they can't lose the belts via dq (many belts were lost by dq in those days) leaving both teams claiming the titles. They would meet in a re-match a few weeks later which ended in a draw. It appears the earlier dq win was discarded as the Brunetti's kept the titles until losing to the Miller Brothers (Dan & Bill) in Feb 1957.

On Thursday Nov 8 1956 Red as Moto would again face Watson with Wee Wille Davis appointed as special referee. Watson would win the bout clean and Red would earn another spot in history as being Whippers last opponent as NWA champ. The next day Watson would lose his belt to Lou Thesz in St Louis ending his reign.

The success at MLG that year and into 1957 would lead Moto and Hito to travel. In Winnipeg they would face other heel teams, Fritz Von Erich and Karl Von Schoberg and the Kalmikoff's. One bout in Montreal pitted the two against the star pairing of Edouard Carpentier and Verne Gagne while another put them up against Dick The Bruiser and Killer Kowalski. Red would make his last appearance as Moto at MLG in Jan 1957 but continue to show up elsewhere through 1958, solo and with Hito. The Moto character, sometimes as the Great Moto would continue into the late 1950's on Red's shows around the area.

I asked Writer and Photographer Roger Baker if he had ever attended any of Red's shows.
"I did see one of his shows in Toronto back around 1957-1958, he had it staged in an old Toronto movie theater called 'The Runnymede' this was down on Runnymede Street near the intersection of Runnymede and College. It was the first time that I got a to see how a small 'Indy' promotion was staged. Garner wore many hats that evening, including being the announcer, as well as the referee, and wrestling with the mask on as well. He was very adept in all his roles that evening. 

Can remember only the name of one wrestler who worked on that show, his name was 'Killer Joe Conroy'. Several years prior I was invited to second some wrestlers who appeared on a show in Scarborough, one of those wrestlers was 'Killer' Joe Conroy, and I can recall him telling me that he was going to live up to his moniker that night. being a young guy at the time and not having been clued in, this big brawler had me on edge."

The intimidating Killer Conroy would return on Red's shows under several aliases including Mr X, The Masked Marvel, and bearded 'Russian' Ivan Volkoff. Conroy who retired around 1970 later was the doorman at Kelly's bar at Shuter and Dundas.
Kudo on the mat 1960

Another promoter coming on the scene by the name of Gus Marmon would put on shows under the name Olympic Wrestling Club. Marmon had a partnership of sorts with Garner, hitting many of the same towns with many of the same wrestlers as was appearing on Red's shows as well as Red himself. Red at this time had taken a job with the Toronto Library and started to wrestle under a mask to avoid being recognized.

A 1960 Cobourg ad has  'Channel 11 in Kingston for a new ‘Live Wrestling Show starting June 11 Featuring International TV Stars, Ali Pasha, Cowboy Carlson, Danny Shayne, The Blonde Bomber, Kudo'. Unsure if that ever got off the ground but the promotion would continue.

Along with the smaller towns in Ontario Marmon would hold some shows at the Lansdowne Theater in Toronto in 1961. Along with 'Killer' Conroy, others on these cards included the Jennings Brothers including Wilf/Wolf Jennings who would later ref for McKigney, Tony Manousos, and Garner regulars Orlando and Osborne. Headlining these shows was The Great Kudo.

This was the new masked persona for Red - The Great Kudo - although masked he would wrestle barefoot a'la the Japanese stars. Kudo would make his debut around 1960 on the circuit shows before showing up at MLG in February 1962.

After a few bouts Kudo would be matched up against the newest Toronto star Bruno Sammartino and the two would get embroiled in a lively feud. At one bout Kudo's manager Sam Sullivan would get involved with Bruno outside the ring and a near riot would ensue.
As Kudo vs Bruno MLG 1962

Roger Baker was at ringside and taking photos on that night.
'As I recall it was a very rough match and both wrestlers got involved with some rowdy ringsiders who tried to beat up Garner's manager for this appearance".

Bruno would go on to win the WWWF title and when he made his first Toronto appearance as champion, his opponent again would be Kudo.

Red would hang up the boots soon thereafter as the ring was taking its toll on both his body and his family life. In an 1981 article he remarks 'I was too old, too tired, and it was too hard to keep in shape', and how he 'wanted to spend more time with Dorothy and the kids'. He would work up to be a Chief Librarian in Toronto before retiring in 1980. In 1981 he would become restless and take on a job driving the kids favorite, the Bookmobile.

Red would pass away in 1994 and while most remembered in the wrestling community as the trainer of Waldo and Dave among others, he certainly had a major impact on the local scene. He also likely inspired McKigney to branch out on his own as Dave started promoting in the early 1960's, filling in where Red once filled the arenas.

Thanks to Edwin Greenfield for his help and for allowing the use of his family photos as well as Roger Baker for his help and photos


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Dave McKigney Career Record

Started this one some years back, will add some updates and leave it. Wes probably has a ton and with all of the newspapers online now there are likely tons more.

-There were appearances where Dave didn't wrestle the bear himself and isn't listed. I included those where it says 'as handled by Dave/Jean/Gene etc.' as it's likely he worked with the bear. This is not the Bears record­čś«
-Confusion around the use of The Beast in Ontario. McKigney, Yachetti, Firpo? and others used it at different times. Can usually tell especially if Wolfman is also on the card. There are some dates left out that may have been, but not likely, Dave.
-Names are as they appeared in ads or results. He used a lot of variations so left them for context.

Sourced from ads, posters etc when no result available, Gary Will, Wes Maidment, Jim Zordani, Vern May, +

For more on the life and career of Dave McKigney see on Slam!
Slam! Wrestling "The Bearman" Dave McKigney: 25 years later

Started out on Red Garner cards around Southern Ontario as Flying Frenchman Jacques Dubois alongside fellow trainee Wally Seiber, later to be Waldo Von Erich.

A 1958 source says Dave had been wrestling Terrible Ted for 3 years. The earliest result listed here is 1957 on Red Garner's cards.

Toronto listings are MLG unless noted otherwise

53/07/28 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois W Don George
53/08/04 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Bobby Jordan
53/08/11 Richmond Hill, ON Antonio Rocci W Jacques Dubois
53/08/18 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Bobby Jordan
53/08/25 Richmond Hill, ON Joe Greenfield W Jacques Dubois

54/05/06 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Tom Sullivan
54/05/11 Toronto (Lakeshore Arena) Jacques Dubois vs Baron Von Sieber
54/05/13 Richmond HIll, ON Jacques Dubois W/DQ Ed 'Killer' Mangotich
54/05/20 Richmond Hill, ON Red Garner W Jacques Dubois
54/05/27 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Baron Von Sieber
54/06/03 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Al Orlando
54/06/17 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Hassan Bey
54/06/24 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois W Hassan Bey
54/07/08 Richmond Hill, ON Murray Star W Jacques Dubois
54/07/15 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois /Ron Osborne W Ed 'Killer' Mangotich/Al Orlando
Note: Team of Dubois/Osborne called 'The Dazzling Dandies'
54/07/21 Toronto (Weston Arena) Jacques Dubois vs Harold Van Dyke
54/07/29 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois/Ron Osborne vs Ed 'Killer' Mangotich/Al Orlando
54/08/19 Richmond Hill, ON Dennis 'The Menace' Winn W Jacques Dubois
Dubois first main event
54/09/02 Richmond Hill, ON Baron Von Seiber/Kurt Von Sieber W Jacques Dubois/Red Garner
54/09/16 Richmond Hill, ON Jacques Dubois D Sylvain Richard
54/09/23 Richmond Hill, ON Ed 'Killer' Mangotich/Jack Flicker W Jacques Dubois/Tony Rocci

UK Tour?
54/12/04 Portsmouth England Jaques Dubois vs Benny Leema (Lima?)

55/02/22 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois D Sylvain Richard
Says Dubois went to England last summer with Mangotich, Orlando, and co
55/03/15 Thornhill, ON Alex Jensen W Jacques Dubois
55/04/19 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Jim Hopkins
55/05/17 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Bobby Pryor
55/06/21 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Jack Flicker
55/07/15 Georgetown, ON Jacques Dubois vs Gori Mangotich

56/10/30 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Baron Von Sieber
56/11/06 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois W Stoney Brooks
56/11/13 Thornhill, ON Baron Von Seiber W Jacques Dubois
56/11/20 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois/Calypso Kid vs Baron Von Sieber/Dr Von Sieber
56/12/04 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois W Glen Mowat

 57/02/05 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Joe Greenfield
57/02/26 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois W Gori Mangotich
57/06/02 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois D Cowboy Carlson
57/06/30 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Killer Conroy
57/10/15 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois D Stoney Brooks....Terrible Ted the bear vs Killer Conroy
Note: earliest mention of Ted
57/11/26 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois W Al Orlando
57/12/10 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois W Orro Morro
57/12/17 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Killer Conroy

58/03/04 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Joe Greenfield
58/03/25 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois W Ron Doner
58/07/07 Cobourg, ON Terrible Ted the bear won over “Some Foolish Wrestler”' (McKigney likely)
58/12/15 Niagara Falls, ON Gene Dubois vs Terrible Ted the Bear
58/12/26 Toronto Gene Dubois L Terrible Ted the Bear
Note: Maple Leaf Gardens debut

59/01/13 Thornhill, ON Jacques Dubois vs Terrible Ted
59/03/24 Edmonton, AB Chet Wallick W Jacques Dubois
59/03/26 Lethbridge, AB Charro Azteca vs Jacques Dubois
59/03/27 Calgary, AB Sandy Scott W Jacques Dubois
59/03/28 Regina, SK John Foti W Jacques Dubois
59/03/31 Edmonton, AB Paul Vachon W Jacques Dubois
59/04/03 Calgary, AB Steve Bolus W Jacques Dubois
59/05/26 Edmonton, AB George/Sandy Scott W Jacques Dubois/Red Gardner (Garner?)
59/05/28 Regina, SK Charro Azteca W Jacques Dubois
59/05/29 Calgary, AB Paul Vachon W Jacques Dubois
59/06/05 Calgary, AB Dave Ruhl W Jacques Dubois

60/01/09 Troy, MI Gene Dubois vs Frank Talaber
60/01/30 Columbus, OH Karl Karlsson W Gene Dubois
60/02/05 Piqua, OH Gene Dubois vs Tony Baillargeon
60/02/23 Dallas, TX Adnon Kaisy W Jean Dubois
60/02/24 San Antonio, TX PY Chong W Gene Dubois
60/02/26 Houston TX Man Mountain Managoff beat Terrible Ted the Bear
Note in paper:  'The bear was handled by Dave McKigney aka Gene DuBois' -Earliest mention of 'Dave McKigney' 
60/02/27 Beaumont TX Gene DuBois vs Duke Keomuka
60/02/28 Waco, TX Duke Keomuka W Jean Dubois
60/03/01 Austin, TX Gean Dubois vs El Gordo
60/03/03 Galveston, TX Cyclone Anaya W Jean Dubois
60/03/04 Houston TX Gene DuBois W Maurice Vachon
60/04/07 Chattanooga, TN  Corsica Joe W Gene Dubois
60/04/25 Tulsa, OK Hassan Bey W Gene Dubois
60/05/09 Tulsa, OK Lorenzo Parente W Gene Dubois
60/10/13 Toronto Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois

61/06/17 Spartanburg, SC Gene Dubois vs PY Chung
61/07/01 Spartanburg, SC Dan Madrid W Gene Dubois.....Terrible Ted the Bear vs Firpo Zybsko
61/07/08 Lexington, NC Herb Larsen W Gene Dubois
61/07/22 Lexington, NC Kurt Von Brauner / Karl Von Brauner W Gene Dubois  / Pat O'Brien
61/08/08 Macon, GA Frank Morgan / Ivan Zukoff W Gene Dubois / Marco Polo
61/08/09 Macon, GA Jack Dillon / Ivan Zukoff W Gene Dubois / Marco Polo
61/08/19 Columbus, OH Leon Graham W Gene Dubois
61/08/26 Colombus, OH Chief Whit Owl / Kit Fox W Gene Dubois / Jack Steele
61/09/09 Cincinnati, OH Chief Kit Fox D Gene Dubois
61/09/16 Columbus, OH Larry Daniels / Bobby Clark W El Diablo / Gene Dubois
61/09/23 Cincinnati, OH Farmer Don Marlin W Gene Dubois
61/11/06 Birmingham, AL Gene Dubois / Joe Lanza W Frank / Ray Samson
61/11/09 Chattanooga, TN Mephisto / Dante W Jackie Fargo / Gene DuBois

62/08/14 Acton,ON Gene Dubois vs Ivan Koloff

63/06/01 Stoufville, ON Terrible Ted W Gene Dubois/Ron Doner - Ted pinned Doner
63/06/05 Newmarket, ON Gene Dubois vs Terrible Ted the Bear
63/06/15 Toronto, ON Honest Eds (Store)- Jean Dubois vs Terrible Ted the Bear- 3 bouts
63/07/06 Port Perry, ON Gene Dubois vs Terrible Ted the Bear
63/07/15 Newmarket, ON Logger Dubois/ Ron Doner vs Terrible Ted the Bear
63/07/22 Niagara Falls, ON Gene Dubois vs. Terrible Ted the Bear
63/07/23 Hamilton, ON Terrible Ted the Bear on ad
63/07/27 Bradford, ON Gebe Dubois vs Terrible Ted the Bear

64/01/24 Calgary, AB Dave Dubois W Jean LaSalle
64/01/28 Edmonton, AB Gene Dubois W Waldo Von Erich
64/01/30 Regina, SK Gene Dubois/Luis Hernandez vs Dave Ruhl/Ivan Volkoff
64/02/05 Saskatoon, SK Mike Valentino W Gene Dubois
Note: Valentino aka Baron Scicluna also started on Garner's circuit as Mike Scicluna
64/02/06 Regina, SK Gene Dubois vs. Dave Ruhl
64/02/07 Calgary, AB Dave Dubois D Killer Conroy
Note: As the Wrestling Bear was appearing , as well as 'Bill' (Wolfman) Farkus, Dave/Pierre Dubois are assumed to be McKigney. Killer Conroy a indy type and bouncer from Toronto)
64/02/11 Edmonton, AB Duke Noble vs Pierre Dubois
64/02/14 Calgary, A Dave Dubois / Ricky Waldo W Michael Valentino / Killer Conroy
64/02/18 Edmonton, AB Michael Valentino / Killer Conroy vs Pierre Dubois / Ricky Waldo
64/02/19 Saskatoon, SK Gene Dubois vs Waldo Von Erich
64/02/21 Calgary, AB Waldo Von Erich W Dave Dubois / Jean LaSalle - Handicap bout
64/02/24 Lethbridge, AB Gene Dubois vs Mike Valentino
64/02/25 Edmonton, AB Luis Hernandez vs Pierre Dubois
64/02/26 Saskatoon, SK Smokey the Bear W Gene Dubois
Note: Smokey was a later bear, assume this is Terrible Ted
64/02/27 Regina, SK Gene Dubois vs Killer Conroy
64/02/28 Calgary, AB Smokey the BearW Dave Dubois
64/03/02 Lethbridge, AB Gene Dubois vs Mike Valentino
64/03/04 Saskatoon, SK Mike Valentino/Eric the Great W Luis Hernandez/Gene Dubois
64/03/06 Calgary, AB Smokey the Bear/Dave Dubois W Sweet Daddy Siki - Handicap match
64/07/15 Newmarket, ON Terrible Ted the Bear vs Logger Dubois/Ron Doner
64/08/13 Toronto Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
64/12/17 Windsor, ON Andy Robin W Gene Dubois
64/12/27 Toronto Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois

65/01/20 London, ON Terrible Ted the Bear vs Gene Dubois
65/05/07 Buffalo, NY Karl Gotch W Gene Dubois
65/06/14 Albuquerque, NM Juan GarciaW Gene Dubois
65/06/21 Abilene, TX Tarzan Tyler W Gene Dubois
65/06/22 El Paso, TX The Mongol W Gene DuBois
65/06/28 Oklahoma City, OK Jack Donovan beat Mike DuBois
Note: Terrible Ted on card so assume Mike Dubois = McKigney
65/07/02 Oklahoma City, OK Jack Donovan beat Mike DuBois
65/07/03 Oklahoma City, OK Terrible Ted the Bear D Mike DuBois
65/07/09 Oklahoma City, OK Terrible Ted the Bear/Mike DuBois W Jack Donovan/Verne Donovan
65/07/16 Hugo, OK Terrible Ted the Bear/Mike DuBois vs Jack Donovan/Verne Donovan
65/08/05 Savannah, GA Gene Dubois vs Jesse James
65/08/06 Atlanta, GA Jesse James W Gene Dubois
65/08/07 Marietta, GA Gene Dubois vs Benny Mata
65/08/25 Kingsport, TN Gene Dubois/Chris Belkas vs Tojo Yamamoto/Chin Lee....Terrible Ted vs loser of Rocky Smith and Johnny Long
65/09/15 Kingsport, TN Gene Dubois vs Al Greene....Terrible Ted vs Ron Wright / Al Greene

66/01/18 Edmonton, AB  Sweet Daddy Siki W/DQ Gene Dubois
66/01/25 Edmonton, AB  Gene Dubois vs Alexander the Great
66/06/09 Oshawa, ON Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
66/06/21 Hamilton, ON Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
66/08/01 Huntsville, ON Terrible Ted the Bear vs Logger Dubois
66/08/23 Simcoe, ON Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
66/10/06 Acton, ON Terrible Ted W Gene Dubois

67/01/01 Toronto Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
67/02/24 Buffalo, NY Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
67/03/19 Toronto Michele Barone W Jean Dubois
67/04/23 Toronto Michele Barone DCOR Gene Dubois
67/05/01 Milton, ON Gene Dubois vs Whipper Watson Jr.
67/05/23 Simcoe, ON Gene Dubois vs. Phil Watson
67/06/01 Milton. ON Gene Dubois vs Whipper Watson Jr.
67/06/03 Barrie, ON Gene Dubois vs Terrible Ted the bear
67/06/04 Toronto Moose Cholak vs Gene Dubois
67/06/17 Newmarket, ON Whipper Watson Jr./Roger Littlebrook W Gene Dubois/Frenchy Lalonde
67/07/11 Huntsville, ON Gene Dubois vs Whipper Watson Jr
67/08/01 Huntsville, ON Terrible Ted the Bear on ad
67/08/09 Stoufville, ON Gene Dubois vs Whipper Watson Jr
67/09/13 Georgetown, ON Terrible Ted the Bear vs 2 wrestlers

68/01/21 Hamilton, ON Gene Dubois vs Dan Miller
68/05/04 Vancouver, BC Emile Dupre W Gene Dubois
68/05/14 Edmonton, AB  Gene Dubois vs Terrible Ted the bear
68/05/17 Calgary, AB Bobby Christy W Jean Dubois
68/05/21 Edmonton, AB Gene Dubois vs Bobby Christy
68/05/22 Saskatoon, SK Ox Baker W Jacques Dubois
68/08/12 Simcoe, ON Gene Dubois vs Ivan Kossloff
68/08/23 Simcoe, ON Logger Dubois vs Terrible Ted the Bear
68/09/14 Newmarket, ON Terrible Ted the bear vs. Whipper Watson Jr/Gene Dubois

69/01/31 Calgary, AB Dave Dubois / Don Serrano NC Bob / Fred Sweetan
69/04/24 Cleveland, OH Paul Christy W Gene Dubois
69/05/08 Cleveland, OH Li'l Abner Osborne W Gene Dubois
69/05/15 Cleveland, OH Luis Martinez W Gene Dubois
69/06/05 Cleveland, OH Prince Pullins W Gene DuBois
69/07/09 London, ON Terrible Ted the Bear W Gene Dubois
69/07/12 Newmarket, ON Gene Dubois vs Terrible Ted
69/08/14 Acton, ON Gene Dubois W Ivan Kossloff
69/10/09 Washington, DC Jean Dubois W Angelo Savoldi
69/10/11 Philadelphia, PA Gene Dubois / Arnold Skoalnd vs Lou Albano / Tony Altamore
69/10/16 Washington, DC Jean Dubois W Tony Altamore
69/10/17 Harrisburg, PA Jean DuBois W Pete Sanchez
69/10/23 Washington, DC Jean Dubois W Lou Albano
69/10/27 New York, NY Lou Albano W Gene Dubois
69/10/30 Washington, DC Waldo Von Erich W Jean Dubois
69/11/06 Ivan Koloff W Jean Dubois
69/11/08 Philadelphia, PA Gene Dubois vs Joe Cox
69/11/13 Washington, DC Ernie Ladd W Jean Dubois
69/11/20 Washington, DC Gene Dubois vs Joe Cox
69/11/21 Harrisburg, PA Antonio Pugliese W Jean Dubois
69/11/24 Boston, MA Gene Dubois vs Ivan koloff
69/11/27 Ivan Koloff W Jean Dubois
69/12/01 Washington, DC Jean Dubois vs Baron Scicluna
69/12/04 Washington, DC Jean Dubois / Victor Rivera W Mitsu Arakawa / Prof Tanaka
69/12/08 Ney York, NY Baron Scicluna W Jean Dubois
69/12/11 Washington, DC Jean Dubois W Pete Sanchez
69/12/12 Harrisburg, PA Jean Dubois D Al Nelson
69/12/13 Boston, MA Gene Dubois / Dom Denucci W Lou Albano / Joe Cox
69/12/25 Cleveland, OH Terrible Ted the Bear vs Gene Dubois
69/12/29 Washington, DC Tony Pugliese W Jean Dubois

70/01/06 Lewiston, ME Gorilla Monsoon / Gene DuBois vs. Ivan Koloff / Waldo Von Erich
70/01/07 Salisbury, MD Karl Kovac vs. Gene DuBois
70/01/08 Washington DC Prof. Toru Tanaka W Jean DuBois
70/01/10 Philadelphia, PA Karl Kovacs vs. Jean DuBois
70/01/19 New York City, NY Karl Kovacs W Jean Dubois
70/01/21 White Plains, NY Jean DuBois vs. Mario Milano
70/01/22  Washington DC Jean DuBois W the Masked Demon
70/01/24 Boston, MA Jean DuBois D Pete Sanchez
70/01/29 Washington DC Prof. Toru Tanaka W Jean DuBois
70/01/31 Harrisburg, PA Karl Kovacs W Jean DuBois
70/02/02 Lowell, MA Ivan Koloff / Karl Kovacs vs. Jean Dubois / Mario Frataroli
70/02/05 Washington DC Jean DuBois W Johnny Rodz
70/02/06 North Attleboro, MA Ivan Koloff vs. Jean DuBois
70/02/11 Boston, MA Baron Mikel Scicluna vs. Jean DuBois
70/02/12 Washington DC  Karl Kovacs W Jean DuBois
70/02/13 North Attleboro, MA Pete Sanchez vs. Jean DuBois
70/02/14 Springfield, MA Pete Sanchez W Gene DuBois
70/02/20 North Attleboro, MA Lou Albano vs. Jean DuBois
70/02/23 Paterson, NJ Arnold Skaaland W Jean DuBois (also advertised on this date Hamburg, PA vs Ivan Kozloff)
70/02/24 Scranton, PA Gene DuBois vs Eric the Red
70/02/25 Hamburg, PA Jean DuBois vs. Ivan Koloff
70/02/26 Washington DC Prof. Toru Tanaka W Jean DuBois
70/02/27 North Attleboro Eric the Red vs. Jean DuBois
70/02/28 Lowell, MA Arnold Skaaland vs. Jean DuBois
70/03/02 Washington DC Joe Turco W Jean Dubois
70/03/05 Washington DC Lou Albano W Jean DuBois
70/03/06 Trenton, NJ Gene DuBois D Eric the Red
70/03/07 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Rodz vs. Jean DuBois
70/03/09 New York City, NY Eric the Red W Jean Dubois
70/03/10 Boston, MA Prof. Toru Tanaka W Jean DuBois
70/03/11 Salisbury, MD Gene DuBois W The Masked Demon
70/03/12 Washington DC Joe Turco W Jean DuBois
70/03/16 Allentown, PA Gene DuBois vs Eric the Red
70/03/18 Lowell, MA Eric the Red D Jean Dubois
70/03/19 Washington DC Waldo Von Erich W Jean DuBois
70/03/21 Philadelphia, PA Joe Turco W Jean Dubois
70/03/24 Scranton, PA Angelo Savoldi W Gene DuBois
70/03/25 Harrisburg, PA Ivan Koloff W Jean DuBois
70/03/26 Washington DC Al Nelson W Jean DuBois
70/04/01 Lowell, MA Gorilla Monsoon / Jean DuBois W Lou Albano / Joe Turco
70/04/02 Washington DC Joe Turco W Jean DuBois
70/04/04 Boston, MA Karl Kovacs vs. Gene DuBois
70/04/06 White Plains, NY Waldo Von Erich W Jean Dubois
70/04/09 Washington DC Ivan Koloff W Jean DuBois
70/04/11 Allentown, PA Joe Turco  W  Gene DuBois
70/04/13 Washington DC Jean DuBois vs. Karl Kovacs
70/04/18 Springfield, MA Inca Peru  W  Gene DuBois
70/04/22 Harrisburg, PA The Mongols  W  Gorilla Monsoon / Jean DuBois
70/06/18 Cleveland, OH Mike Loren W Gene DuBois
70/07/08 London, ON Gene Dubois vs Jerry Christy
70/07/10 Orangeville, ON Gene Dubois vs Jerry Christy
70/07/14 Wallaceburg, ON Gene Dubois vs Jerry Christy
70/07/15 Leamington, ON Gene Dubois vs The Beast

71/01/18 New York City, NY Jean DuBois W Joe Turco
71/01/26 Augusta, ME The Wolfman D Gene DuBois
71/01/28 Washington DC WWWF World Champion Ivan Koloff W Jean DuBois
71/01/29 Harrisburg, PA Gene DuBois W Chuck Richards
71/01/30 Queens, NY Blackjack Mulligan W Jean DuBois
71/02/06 Boston, MA WWWF World Champion Ivan Koloff W Jean Dubois
71/02/08 New York City, NY Jack Evans W Jean DuBois
71/02/11 Washington DC Bull Pometti / Blackjack Mulligan W Jean DuBois / Lee Wong
71/02/13 Philadelphia, PA Bull Pometti W Gene DuBois
71/02/15 Washington DC Tony Marino W Jean DuBois
71/02/16 Hagerstown, MD Vincenti Pometti vs. Jean DuBois
71/02/19 Harrisburg, PA  Miguel Feliciana D Jean Dubois...Chief Jay Strongbow  W Jean Dubois / Carlos Paredes - handicap match
71/03/09 Augusta, ME Johnny Rodz W Gene DuBois
71/03/22 New Haven, CT Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Gene Dubois
71/05/20 Newmarket, ON Gene Dubois vs Chief Little Bear
71/08/13 Orangeville, ON Gene Dubois vs The Wrestling Bear
71/08/27 Huntsville, ON Terrible Ted vs Gene DuBois
71/10/05 Johnstown, PA Gene Dubois D Chief Little Bear
71/10/15 Pittsburgh, PA Terrible Ted W Gene DuBois/The Beast DeNucci
71/11/12 Pittsburgh, PA The Battman/Dom DeNucci W Gene Dubois/Eric The Red
71 11/20 Pittsburgh, PA TV Chief Little Bear and Johnny DeFazio W Robert Durkis and Gene DuBois
71/12/03 Pittsburgh, PA  Gene DuBois W/DQ the Beast
71/12/18* Pittsburgh, PA TV (airing) Gene DuBois W Ron Doner (also listed on this date Midland, PA vs Chief Little Bear)

72/01/14 Pittsburgh, PA John L. Sullivan W Gene Dubois
72/02/11 Pittsburgh, PA Gene DuBois W John Furr
72/02/24 Washington, PA Gene Dubois vs Hangman Jim Grabmire
72/02/26 Pittsburgh, PA TV Gene DuBois W Tom Reesman
72/03/03 Pittsburgh, PA Gene Dubois D John L. Sullivan
72/03/04 Pittsburgh, PA TV Mitsu Arakawa and Yoshino Sato W Frank Holtz and Gene DuBois
72/03/05 Pittsburgh, PA Gene Dubois D Johnny Furr
72/03/11 Pittsburgh, PA TV Gene DuBois W Ron Sims
72/03/17 Altoona, PA Gene Dubois W John L. Sullivan
72/03/18 Pittsburgh, PA TV Gene DuBois W Al Hayes
72/03/24 Pittsburgh, PA TV Gene DuBois D Frank Holtz
72/04/14 Pittsburgh, PA  Gene DuBois D JIm Grabmire
72/04/15 Pittsburgh, PA TV Frank Holtz W Gene DuBois
72/04/22 Pittsburgh, PA TV Gene DuBois W Johnny Furr
72/05/05 Pittsburgh, PA Gene DuBois D Johnny Furr
72/05/06 Pittsburgh, PA TV Johnny DeFazio and Luis Martinez W Cowboy Hondo and Gene DuBois
72/05/20 Newmarket, ON Wildman vs Chief Little Bear
72/06/06 Midland, ON Wildman vs Chief Little Bear
72/07/13 Peterborough, ON Wildman / The Beast (Wolfman or maybe Firpo?) W Pat / Mike Kelly
72/07/22 Detroit, MI The Beast D Bobby Bold Eagle ( Wolfman on card assume Beast=Wildman)
72/06/25 Chatham, ON Canadian Wildman / The Beast vs. Vic Rossetani / Chief Little Bear
72/07/13 Peterborough, ON Wildman / The Beast defeated Mike Kelly / Pat Kelly
72/08/17 Wallaceburg, ON Gene Dubois vs Eric The Red
72/08/30 Leamington, ON Ken Dillinger/Blackjack Mulligan W The Beast/The Wolfman
72/09/16 Indianapolis, IN Billy Red Cloud W The Beast
72/09/18 Dundas, ON Wildman / Wolfman vs The Kelly Bros
72/10/06 Indianapolis, IN Wolfman / The Beast D Wilbur Snyder / Sailor Art Thomas
72/10/08 Detroit, MI Wolfman / The Beast W Billy Red Cloud / Bobby Bold Eagle
72/10/23 Indianapolis, IN Billy Red Cloud / Bobby Bold Eagle W The Beast / Mark Mason
72/10/28 Detroit, MI Chief Bold Eagle D The Beast
72/11/24 Indianapolis, IN The Beast W Jim Alexi
72/11/25 Terre Haute, IN Bob Ellis W The Beast
72/12/02 Detroit, MI The Beast / The Wolfman W/DQ Sailor Art Thomas / Wilbur Snyder
72/12/27 Terre Haute Moose Cholak W The Beast
72/12/28 Fort Wayne, IN Battle Royal where the first man eliminated had to wrestle Terrible Ted the Bear- The Beast (1st out / lost to Bear)...Bob Ellis W The Beast
72/12/29 Detroit Dick The Bruiser / Crusher W The Wolf man / The Beast

73/01/06 Hammond, IN Terrible Red Wrestling Bear W Bobby Heenan / The Beast
73/01/21 Detroit. MI The Beast D Moose Cholak
73/02/17 Indianapolis, IN The Beast W Gil Guerrero
73/03/07 Indianapolis, IN The Beast D Moose Cholak
73/03/16 New Castle, IN The Beast vs Prince Pullins
73/03/18 London, ON Gene Dubois / Whipper Watson Jr vs Pretty Boy Heenan / Jimmy Valiant
73/03/23 Terre Haute, IN The Beast W Frankie Adonis
73/03/31 Indianapolis, IN The Beast W Bobby Bold Eagle
73/04/01 Detroit, MI The Beast D Bull Bullinski
73/04/14 Detroit, MI The Beast D Whipper Watson Jr,
73/04/18 Indianapolis, IN The Beast W Tom Lynch
73/04/19 Fort Wayne, IN Bull Bullinski W The Beast
73/05/10 Fort Wayne, IN Whipper Watson Jr W The Beast
73/06/09 Newmarket, ON Wildman vs Carlos Belafonte
73/06/10 Orangeville, ON Wildman on Ad
73/06/13 London, ON Gene Dubois vs The Masked Assassin
73/07/14 Newmarket, ON Wildman vs Angelo Mosca
73/06/07 Renfrew, ON Wildman on ad 73/06/23 London, ON Gene Dubois / Dewey Robertson vs The Kelly Twins
73/06/28 Windsor, ON The Beast / Carlos Belafonte vs Pretty Boy Heenan / Jimmy Valiant
73/07/09 Acton, ON Nick DeCarlo W Wildman
73/07/25 London, ON Gene Dubois / Cowboy Bob Ellis vs Pretty Boy Heenan / Jimmy Valiant
73/07/26 Windsor, ON  The Beast vs Nick DeCarlo
73/08/03 Eganville, ON Wildman on ad
73/08/09 Scarborough, ON Wolfman/Wildman vs The Kelly Twins
73/08/22 London, ON Gene Dubois / Carlos Belafonte vs Pretty Boy Heenan / Jimmy Valiant
73/08/23 Windsor, ON The Beast / Carlos Belafonte / Angelo Mosca vs Pretty Boy Heenan / Jimmy Valiant / Baron Von Rashcke
73/08/30 Scarborough, ON Angelo Mosca/Kelly Twins vs Wolfman/Wildman/Beautiful Bruce Swayze
73/10/11 Muncie, IN The Beast vs Prince Pullins
73/10/12 Terre Haute, IN The Beast W Tom Lynch
73/10/13 Indianapolis, IN The Beast W Johnny Kace
73/10/18 Fort Wayne, IN Moose Cholak W The Beast
73/10/19 New Castle, IN Bob Ellis / Wilbur Snyder / Pepper Gomez vs Jimmy Valiant / Bobby Heenan / The Beast...Jose Martinez vs The Beast
73/10/20 Detroit, MI WWA Champion Bob Ellis W The Beast
73/10/21 London, ON Gene Dubis vs John Sullivan
73/11/10 Detroit, MI Bruno Sammartino W The Beast
73/11/12 Ypsilanti, MI Pepper Gomez / Luis Martinez W Mitsu Arakawa / The Beast
73/11/16  Livonia, MI Ted The Wrestling Bear / Clem Turner / Sherry Logan W Cowboy Parker / The Beast / Tanya West...Moose Cholak W/DQ The Beast
73/11/17 Lagrange, IN Ted The Wrestling Bear W/COR The Beast
73/12/01 Plymouth IN The Beast D Billy Red Cloud
73/12/02 Detroit, MI Moose Cholak W The Beast
73/12/04 Windsor, ON The Beast NC Cowboy Parker
73/12/06 Anderson, IN Bob Ellis vs The Beast
73/12/07 Logansport, IN The Beast in ad
73/12/08 Plymouth, IN The Beast D Luis Martinez

74/01/11 Detroit, MI The Beast W Tom DeMarco
74/01/12 Elkhart, IN Pepper Gomez W The Beast
74/01/27 London, ON Bobby Heenan/Jimmy / Johnny Valiant DCO  Bold Eagle/Luis Martinez/The Beast
74/02/27 London, ON Bobby Heenan/Jimmy / Johnny Valiant DCO  Bold Eagle/Luis Martinez/The Beast
74/03/10 London, ON Jimmy / Johnny Valiant W/DQ. The Beast/Luis Martinez
74/04/15 London, ON Baron Von Raschke/Jimmy Valiant/Bobby Heenan W/DQ Gene Dubois/Whipper Watson Jr/Wolfman
73/04/18 Indianapolis, IN The Beast W Tom Lynch (Rachel Dubois on these cards)
73/04/19 Fort Wayne, IN Bull Bullinski W The Beast
74/05/07 Thorold, ON Terrible Ted (wrestling bear) W Wildman
74/05/08 Guelph, ON Terrible Ted (wrestling bear)  W Wildman
74/05/09 St. Thomas, ON  Terrible Ted (wrestling bear) W Wildman
74/05/22 Toronto, ON (Ted Reeve Arena) Wildman vs Golden Boy Apollo
74/05/27 Midland, ON Wildman Terrible Ted (wrestling bear)
74/06/05 Toronto, ON (Ted Reeve Arena) Wildman/Wolfman vs Luis Martinez/Vic Rossetani
74/06/12 London, ON Gene Dubois / Luis Martinez vs The Love Brothers
74/06/16 Whitby, ON Luis Martinez/Rachel Dubois W The Beast/Tanya West
74/06/26 London, ON Gene Dubois vs Vic Rossitani
74/06/29 Newmarket, ON Wildman/Wolfman vs Angelo Mosca/Ron Doner
74/07/01 Midland, ON Wildman vs Dewey Robertson
74/07/12 Wiarton, ON Wildman / Wolfman vs Chief Bold Eagle / Luis Martinez
74/07/13 Newmarket, ON Wildman vs Tony Parisi
74/07/08 Point Edward, ON The Mighty Igor W The Canadian Wildman
74/07/15 Midland, ON Wildman/Wolfman vs Luis Martinez/Billy Red Lyons
74/07/25 Peterborough, ON Wildman vs Luis Martinez
74/07/26 Brampton, ON Wildman vs Dewey Robertson
74/08/04 Midland, ON Wildman vs Wolfman
74/08/08 Simcoe, ON Wildman/Eric The Animal vs TOny Parisi/Nick DeCarlo
74/08/09 Orillia, ON The Beast vs Luis Martinez
74/08/10 Orangeville, ON The Beast vs Luis Martinez
74/08/15 Simcoe, ON Wildman vs Nick DeCarlo
74/08/21 London, ON Gene Dubois / Dewey Robertson vs The Love Brothers
74/08/23 Brampton, ON Wildman vs Terrible Ted (wrestling bear)
74/09/01 Keswick, ON Wildman vs Terrible Ted (wrestling bear)
74/09/08 Toronto Wildman D Ron Doner
74/09/14 Verdun, PQ Bearman NC Billy Two Rivers
74/09/22 Toronto Chris Markoff / Tony Marino W/DQ Eric the Red / Wildman
74/10/06 Toronto Ivan Kalmikoff / Ron Doner D Lee Henning / Wildman
74/10/13 London, ON Gene Dubois / Billy Red Lyons vs The Love Brothers
74/10/27 Toronto Wildman D Eric the Red
74/11/03 Toronto Stan Stasiak W Wildman
74/11/10 London Gene Dubois vs Wilf Jennings
74/12/08 Toronto Baron Scicluna / Lee Henning D Earl Pinnock / Wildman
74/12/26 Chatham, ON The Beast vs The Wrestling Bear
74/12/29 Toronto Terrible Ted (wrestling bear) W Wildman

75/03/12 Toronto Edouard Carpentier / Jackie Wiecz D Lee Henning / Wildman
75/03/23 Toronto Jacques Rougeau WDQ Wildman
75/04/13 Toronto Wildman D Ivan Kalmikoff
75/04/27 Toronto Ron Doner D Wildman
75/05/01 Renfrew, ON Wildman vs Billy Red Lyons
75/05/02 Windsor, ON Wildman on Ad
75/05/03 Newmarket, ON Wildman on card
75/05/04 London, ON Gene Dubois W Ali Baba
75/05/11 Toronto Tony Parisi W Wildman
75/05/25 Toronto Andre the Giant W Lee Henning/Wildman
75/06/13 Perth, ON Wildman on Ad
75/06/18 Windsor, ON Wildman/Billy Red Lyons vs The Samoans
75/07/06 Toronto Haystack Calhoun/Tony Parisi W Wildman/Terry Yorkston
75/07/09 Whitby, ON Handicap Bout: Haystack Calhoun vs The Wildman/Bobby Bass
75/07/16 Windsor, ON Wildman vs Kurt Von Brauner
75/07/20 Toronto Crusaders W Wildman/Lou Klein
75/08/08  Niagara Falls, ON Billy Red Lyons / Dewey Robertson DCOR Wildman / Wolfman
75/08/10 Toronto Tony Parisi/Ricki Stewart W Wildman/Bobby Bass
75/08/18 Windsor, ON Wildman vs Chris Tolos
75/08/24 Toronto Lord Athol Layton/Duncan McTavish D Wildman/Wolfman
75/09/07 Toronto Wolfman/Wildman W Hank James/El Brassero
75/09/21 Toronto The Beast/Duncan McTavish D Wolfman/Wildman
75/09/28 London, ON Gene Dubois D Chris Tolos
75/10/19 Toronto Lord Athol Layton/Duncan McTavish D Wildman/Wolfman
75/10/25 Detroit, MI Wildman/Wolfman W Dewey Robertson/Billy Red Lyons
75/11/25 Cincinnati, OH The Islanders vs Canadian Wildman / The Wolfman
75/11/30 Toronto Duncan McTavish/Lord Athol Layton D Chris Tolos/Wildman
75/12/07 Toronto Crusaders W Wildman/Bob Harmon
75/12/28 Toronto Sweet Daddy Siki / The Beast D Chris Tolos / Wildman

76/01/11 Toronto Crusaders WDQ Wildman/Baron Von Krupp
76/02/01 Toronto Wildman WP Nick DeCarlo
76/02/08 London, ON Gene Dubois W Don Kent
76/02/15 Toronto Andre the Giant W Wolfman/Wildman
76/02/29 Toronto Lord Athol Layton/Duncan McTavish D Reginald Love/Wildman
76/03/14 Toronto Lord Athol Layton/Duncan McTavish W Wildman/Gary McLaughlin
76/03/28 Toronto Crusaders W Mike Sharpe/Wildman
76/04/11 Toronto Sweet Daddy Siki/Chris Markoff W Wildman/Terry Yorkston
76/05/10 Dundas, ON Wildman on Ad
76/05/27 Brantford, ON Smoky the Bear vs The Wildman
76/05/30 Toronto Crusaders W Wildman/Chris Colt
76/06/13 Toronto Andre the Giant W Wildman/Golden Boy Apollo
76/06/15 Simcoe, ON Smokey the Bear vs The Wildman
76/07/11 Toronto Chris Markoff WDQ Wildman
76/07/25 Toronto Kelly Twins D El Santos #2/Wildman
76/08/03 Perth, ON 8 Man Battle Royal - The Wildman Entered
76/08/10 Oshawa, ON 10 Man Battle Royal -The Wildman entered
76/08/17 Simcoe, ON 8 Man Battle Royal - The Wildman Entered
76/09/12 Toronto Wildman D The Beast
76/10/17 Toronto Wildman D Sweet Daddy Siki
76/11/06 Detroit, Mi The Wildman D Al Costello
76/11/19 Toronto The Beast D Wildman
76/11/20 Kitchener, ON Wildman / Reggie Love vs Dewey Robertson / Billy Red Lyons

77/01/08 Detroit, Mi Dominic DeNucci W The Wildman
77/03/20 Toronto The Crusaders D The Mongol/The Wildman
77/04/03 Toronto The Wildman/Chris Tolos D Sweet Daddy Siki/The Beast
77/04/16 Detroit, MI Dick The Bruiser W Canadian Wildman
77/04/30 Detroit, MI Charlie Cook W Canadian Wildman
77/06/11 Detroit, MI Chris Tolos D Canadian Wildman
77/06/15 Brockville, ON Billy Red Lyons / Wildman W Chris Tolos / El Santos #1
77/07/10 Toronto The Wildman D Pat Kelly
77/08/07 Toronto The Beast WDQ The Wildman
77/08/18 Oshawa, ON The Wildman vs Smokey the Bear
77/08/24 St Catherines, ON Wildman on Ad
77/09/17 Detroit, MI The Wildman W John Boy Ruffin
77/10/01 Detroit, MI Tony Parisi / George Gulas W Canadian Wildman / The Wolfman
77/11/20 Toronto The Wildman D Steve Bolus

78/01/08 Toronto Billy Red Lyons D The Wildman
78/02/05 Toronto Sweet Daddy Siki D The Wildman
78/02/19 Toronto Dewey Robertson WDQ The Wildman
78/04/10 Toronto Chris Tolos D The Wildman
78/05/15 Toronto Dewey Robertson WDQ The Wildman
78/06/10 Detroit, Mi Raymond Rougeau W Canadian Wildman
78/06/24 Detroit, MI The Wildman W Sam Schell
78/07/16 Toronto Chris Tolos/The Wildman WP Bob Marcus/Steve Bolus
78/07/22 Detroit, MI The Wildman drew Hank James
78/08/13 Toronto The Wildman D Nick DeCarlo
78/09/10 Toronto Steve Bolus D The Wildman
78/09/24 Detroit, MI The Wildman W Sam Schell
78/09/30 Detroit, MI Canadian Wildman W Jim Steele
78/12/16 Toronto TV Tiger Jeet Singh/Tony Atlas W Tito Senza/Wildman

79/01/14 Toronto Sweet Daddy Siki D The Wildman
79/04/28 Detroit, MI Wildman W Traitor Hampton
79/06/23 London, ON Gene Dubois/? Roberts vs The Kelly Twins
79/08/11 Brampton, ON Canadian Wildman W Vic Rossitani
79/08/16 Aurora, ON Billy Red Lyons DCOR The Wildman
79/09/29 Detroit, MI The Wildman W John Bonello
79/10/14 Detroit, MI Farkas the Wolfman / The Wildman W Bobby Colt / El Santos
79/10/28 Detroit, MI The Wolfman / The Wildman W Pat Kelly / Mike Kelly

80/02/03 London, ON Mighty Igor / The Wildman W Rick / Scott Davidson
80/02/17 London, ON Vic Rossetani / The Wildman W Rick / Scott Davidson
80/03/01 Detroit, MI Canadian Wildman W John Davis
80/03/02 London, ON Vic Rossetani, Wildman, / Randy Johnson W Don Kent, Rick /amp; Scott Davidson
80/03/15 Detroit, MI Round Robin North American Tag Team Tournament
Final - Haystack Calhoun / Big Red W The Assassin / The Wildman to win Tag Title
Rick Davidson / John Davidson W The Assassin / The Wildman in
The Wildman W Tim Tall Tree
80/03/30 London, ON Wildman in Battle Royal
80/04/13 London, ON Wildman vs Eddie Mansfield
80/05/03 Detroit, Mi Canadian Wildman W Bobby Colt
80/05/11 London, ON Wildman W Don Kent
80/05/25 London, ON Wildman vs Don Kent
80/05/27 Georgetown, ON Wildman on ad
80/05/28 Windsor, ON Wildman on ad
80/06/20 Oakville, ON  Randy Scott / John Bonello W The Wildman / The Assassin
80/06/28 Detroit, MI Tournament for title shot against World Tag Team Champions John Bonello / Randy Scott
First Round Shohei Giant Baba / Jumbo Tsuruta W Jerry Oates / Canadian Wildman
80/06/29 Keswick, ON Randy Johnson D The Wildman...The Wildman / Avenger W Randy Scott / John Bonello
80/07/03 Port Hope, ON The Wildman vs The Sheik
80/07/05 Barrie, ON The Wildman vs The Sheik
80/07/15 Peterborough, ON The Wildman on ad
80/07/16 St Catherines ON The Wildman on ad
80/07/27 Gravenhurst, ON Wildman on ad
80/08/29 New Liskeard, ON Wildman vs Edouard Carpentier
80/10/12 London, ON Smoky the Bear vs The Wildman

81/02/03 London, ON Wildman / Mighty Igor vs The Davidson Brothers
81/03/22 London, ON Wildman on ad
81/04/26 London, ON Wildman W The Sheik
81/07/21 Exeter, ON Whipper Watson Jr. W Wildman
81/08/01 New Liskeard, ON Wildman on Ad
81/08/11 Winchester, ON Wildman W Chris Tolos
81/08/19 Windsor, ON Wildman on Ad
81/08/20 Leamington, ON Wildman / Wolfman vs Vic Rossitanni / Danny Johnson
81/08/22 Newmarket, ON Wildman/Whipper Watson Jr W Chris Tolos/Vic Rossitani
81/08/24 Kingston, ON Wildman on ad
81/08/25 Simcoe, ON Wildman/Whipper Watson Jr W Chris Tolos/Danny Johnson
81/08/26 Toronto (Ted Reeve Arena) Wildman/Whipper Watson Jr W Chris Tolos/Vic Rossitani
81/08/27 North Bay, ON Wildman W Danny Johnson
81/08/28 Timmins, ON Wildman / Whipper Watson Jr. W Pat / Mike Kelly
81/09/02 Whitby, ON Wildman vs Chris Tolos
81/09/03 Tillsonburg, ON Luis Martinez / Wildman W Kurt Von Hess / Blackjack Johnson
81/12/29 London, ON Wildman in Battle Royal

82/05/13 Woodstock, ON Ginger the Bear on ad
82/05/23 Kingston, ON Wildman W Wolfman
82/05/24 Belleville, ON Wildman / Debbie Combs W Wolfman / Donna Day - Mixed tag team
82/05/25 Peterborough, ON Wildman W Wolfman
82/05/26 Port Hope, ON Wildman W Wolfman
82/05/27 Lindsay, ON Wildman / Debbie Combs W Wolfman / Donna Day - Mixed tag team
82/06/08 Glencoe, ON Debbie Combs / Canadian Wildman W Donna Day / The Wolfman when Combs
82/06/09 Petrolia, ON Wildman W Wolfman
82/06/10 Exeter, ON Wildman D Wolfman
82/06/11 Wingham, ON Wildman W Wolfman
82/06/12 Sutton, ON Wildman W Wolfman
82/06/19 Brampton, ON The Wildman W/DQ The Assassin
82/07/13 Vanier, ON Wildman on Ad
82/07/18 Scarborough, ON Chris Colt / George Steele W Luis Martinez / Wildman
82/08/01 Scarborough, ON Chris Colt W Wildman in a Chain match, to win the North American title
82/08/06 Vanier, ON Wildman vs Chris Colt
82/08/15 Scarborough, ON Domenic Denucci / Wildman W/COR Chris Colt / Kurt Von Hess
82/08/26 Pembroke, ON Wildman on ad
82/08/29 Toronto (Lakeshore Arena) Domenic Denucci, Wildman, / Johnny Valiant W Chris Colt, Kurt Von Hess, / Eddie Mansfield

83/06/19 Scarborough, ON Destroyers/The General W Bobo Brazil/Tiger Jeet Singh/Wildman
Note: McKigney breaks his leg jumping off the turnbuckle. In agony, addresses the crowd. Next week appeared on crutches.

84/06/08 Tatamagouche, NS Whipper Watson Jr. W Canadian Wildman
84/06/12 Sackville, NS Canadian Wildman vs Whipper Watson Jr
84/07/22 Whitbourne, NL Canadian Wildman vs Whipper Watson Jr
84/08/10 Port Aux Basques, NL Canadian Wildman (w/manager Sweet Daddy) vs Whipper Watson Jr
84/08/16 Canning, NS Canadian Wildman vs Whipper Watson Jr

85/07/21 Scarborough, ON Moose Morowski / Snake Williams vs. Mighty Igor / Wildman
85/07/31 Cornwall,ON Wildman / Igor vs Snake Williams / Moose Morowski

86/01/03 London, ON Wildman in Battle Royal
86/05/12 Pembroke, ON Wildman on Ad
86/05/13 Bolton, ON Wildman on Ad
86/05/21 Stoufville, ON Wildman on Ad
86/05/25 Scarborough, ON Joey War Eagle/Canadian Wildman/Angelo Mosca Jr. W/DQ Kevin Sullivan/Mark Lewin/Jet Star
86/06/08 Scarborough, ON Wildman on Ad
86/06/10 Whitby, ON Canadian Wildman/Angelo Mosca Jr. W/COR Kevin Sullivan/Mark Lewin
86/06/29 London, ON Wildman/Joey War Eagle vs Sweet Daddy Siki/Snake Williams

87/05/03 Erin, ON Wildman vs The Sheik
87/06/14 Toronto Canadian Wildman vs. Chris Colt - Cage match - Last Ontario Appearance