Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Peterboro 1945 Poster

This poster was on ebay recently, don't see too many from the outside towns from this far back.

I spent some time years back at the Peterboro (Peterborough as its more commonly spelled) Library and did the year of 1953 when they were running weekly shows - Oshawa Wrestling History - Peterborough 1953

I haven't had time to get back but the city was a regular stop for Tunney through the 1950's with Oshawa Promoter Pat Milosh handling the shows in 1952 and 1953 at the very least. Others ran the town too, Red Garner and his Central Canadian Wrestling Alliance, Gus Marmon and the Olympic Wrestling Club, and later Dave McKigney with his Big Bear circuit

For more on the Ontario scene see Maple Leaf Wrestling - Promoters in Ontario

Monday, May 2, 2016

Thesz in Barrie 1962

Lou Thesz would make frequent appearances in Toronto as well as the major cities on the circuit, Ottawa, Hamilton, and London. The smaller towns would be more infrequent.

This ad for Barrie makes note of the fact that Thesz is getting ready for a shot at Buddy Rogers NWA crown 'next week'. The next bout between the two appears to be the one here in Toronto in Jan 1963 when Thesz won the crown.

I couldn't find the results for this night in Barrie but 3 days later at MLG Thesz fought Argentina Rocca to a double countout.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ricky Johnson

Though not as well known as his brother Rocky or his nephew The Rock, Ricky Johnson was a pretty good wrestler here in the early 1980's. He had one appearance at MLG in 1980 and some turns on Maple Leaf TV and Cannon's Superstars before joining McKigney's Big Bear circuit through the mid '80's.

Vic Tanny's ad is from'79 , photos vs Eddy Mansfield from Cornwall 1982

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jack Corcoran

Jack Corcoran was well respected in his day and ran the Wrestling and Boxing scene in Toronto much as Frank Tunney would in the years after Corcoran stepped aside. While Corcoran passed the office to Frank and brother John in 1939 he would stay on in the office for a time promoting the boxing side and later in a non-official role.

Frank later said that Jack had been a father figure to him and from all reports Corcoran had the same demeanor Frank would be known for, a sharp contrast to most of the Wrestling-Boxing promoters of the day. There is more on Corcoran on the Frank Tunney page at the MLW site.

Boxing Clip 1941 ..... Templeton caricature 1933....Pink sketch 1939