Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Muchnick Tunney Whipper Thesz 1956

Lots of clippings on the night Whipper Watson beat Lou Thesz for the NWA Title Mar 15 1956 in Toronto. This one you may have never seen before, in a scrapbook so just took a photo of it.

Whipper had beat Thesz by dq and special ref Jack Sharkey had declared Whip the NWA champ despite the dq. The NWA ruled that Whipper had not won the title and this was the re-match.

Click on the clip to enlarge it 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Les Lyman cards East York 1953-54

Like contemporary Red Garner, Les Lyman would put on shows around T.O. in smaller arenas,
Here are a  few Ads for shows 1953-54 at East York Arena. Tunney would also occasionally have shows at East York when MLG was un-available.

Wilf Jennings in one of the ads went on to be a ref for McKigney shows in the early-mid 70's . Black Jack Richards, Paul Penchoff, and Ivan Klimenko pop up a bit on other Indy shows of the time. Don't think Sandy Scott is the Sandy Scott of the Scott Brothers

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Old Argument 1933 style

the arguments about Professional Wrestling and its authenticity go back many years as this Lou Marsh piece from 1933 shows

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Huntsville Area Shows 1956-1960

A few clippings from Bracebridge and Sundridge.
1956, 1956, 1958, & 1960
First 2 are Kasaboski cards, Sundridge is fairly far north, past Huntsville and just on the edge of where Northland regularly promoted
Next 2 are with Tunney's guys, still unsure who promoted locally for those ones but looking into it