Tiger Tasker

   Kenneth 'Tiger' Tasker was a long time Maple Leaf presence both as a wrestler and then a referee,
as well as one of the inner circle that stayed around Tunney for many years.

We have looked at Tiger before in doing some of the longer pieces on the site but there isn't much about him in the recorded history of the area.

Of course he was one of the troupe along with Whipper Watson and Tommy Nelson that famously went to England in 1936. While in the U.K he wrestled Whipper in a movie starring George Fornby, 1938's Trouble Brewing. He and Whipper - then Billy Potts - both attended the Secord school in East York and were schoolmates before turning to pro wrestling. 

Main pic: Circa 1938

Not sure exactly when he had acquired the 'Tiger' name. Along with many others of the era UK travel mate Tommy Nelson also used Tiger as in 'Tiger Tommy', while Tasker was billed as both as Tiger and as Alaskan Tasker (or Taska) on those tours. An item says Harry Joyce, the promoter that took them to England came up with the name but as with 'Whipper' there are different versions.

As far as the origin of the name I asked MLW photog and super-fan Roger Baker for his memory of Tasker

'I saw Tiger wrestling a number of times at the MLG back in the mid fifties. He wrestled as a heel, with a mug like he had there was no other choice. He would work the 2nd or 3rd match on the card, and Tiger the rascal that he was would lose to no one's surprise. Tasker got the handle of Tiger as a result of his habit of raking his finger nails on his opponents back and shoulders, the only other wrestler that appeared in the Gardens that did that nasty maneuver was 'Leering' Lee Henning.'

There's not much to find on his pre-pro wrestling days. An item in 1933 has a 'Private Tasker' taking part in the wrestling portion of a mit-mat (boxing and wrestling) show at the University Ave Armories, it was more than likely the then 20-21 year old Ken Tasker.

As far as that first U.K trip, supposedly he and Whipper and pals were spotted by a promoter at the amateur-pro style shows being held at Consols Stadium in the summers of 1935 and 1936 but only Potts (Watson) is mentioned out of the group in reports of those shows.

He wasn't a full time guy in the early days and likley had a day job. He had wrestled in Ontario but only returned to wrestle in Toronto around 1948 and appeared sporadically until becoming more of a regular in the 1950's. He wrestled right up to 1960 before going full time as one of the regular MLG refs.

He was the third man in the ring for the historic Lou Thesz- Buddy Rogers title bout in 1963 and was involved in many of the big bouts right up to 1978.

Roger Baker reflects on Tiger as a referee

'Tasker was the number one referee during the sixties, and early seventies. He was very capable to handle the toughest bouts, as a result he officiated almost all of the main events, the wrestlers respected him, he was always even handed in the ring.'

In 1975 there was note about a thoroughbred horse 'named Tiger Tasker for the well-known wrestling referee' collecting it's first victory in a Detroit race. Not sure if he was involved but many of the Toronto wrestling fraternity were heavy into the horse racing game so there may have been a connection past the name.

In 1977 there was a small mention of him in a story about a jockey at Woodbine winning the lotto.
Tasker was mentioned as working security at the track in Toronto.

The last bouts he refereed in were during the AWA partnership in late 1977-1978, He officially retired in 1978 at the age of 66.

MLG 1964 featuring Tiger between WWWF champ Bruno and Waldo Von Erich. What a pic ! ! !

Roger relates a couple of personal notes regarding Tasker

'I can remember an occasion when my wife and myself were invited to a very pleasant get together at the late Dave McKigney's house many years back, Tiger was there with his wife, as were three or four other wrestlers, Tiger at the time was also handling some of the officiating for the Bearman's  wresting shows. Tiger had the look of an older ex fighter, he was built close to the ground, like a fire plug, he sported a smashed nose, facial scares, and two tin ears.'

'I last saw Tasker and his wife back around 1991, I was out doing some grocery shopping at a supermarket in Scarborough. I happened to look up and there was Tasker with his wife. I shouted out 'Tiger!' not having seen him for perhaps twenty years and we had a wonderful chat. At this point in his life he was far removed from being a wrestling referee, but he remembered me from all the times that I shot pictures of him at MLG, as well as the many towns that we both had a purpose to be at. Tasker told me that he still kept in touch with the Toronto wrestling office via his long relationship with Jack Tunney, by now the WWF had taken over Toronto.'

Kenneth A Tasker passed away on in September 30 1991 at the Providence Villa in Scarborough. It was just over a year after old pal Whipper had died.

As always thanks to Roger Baker! If you can add to the story of Tiger Tasker please comment or contact me