Gary Will's Toronto Wrestling History

Gary Will's Toronto Wrestling History

A Brief History of Pro Wrestling in Toronto

Top drawing matches, year-by-year, 1929-1977
Toronto's Longest Runs -- The 25-Year Club

Unmasked! -- Wrestlers who lost their masks in Toronto

Toronto Ring Announcers, 1929-1986
Toronto Debuts in Main Events, 1930-1989


Artie Edmunds: The Pocket Hercules
Jack Johnson vs George Hackenschmidt, 1910


Title History

Pictured above are (L-R): Billy Red Lyons, Lee Henning, Pat Flanagan, Whipper Billy Watson, Stanley Stasiak, Jack Corcoran, The Beast, Bobo Brazil, Earl McCready, Nanjo Singh, Lou Thesz, and Frank Tunney.