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The Best (and rest) of Toronto Wrestling 
With Roger Baker
We celebrate 20 years with a deep dive into Toronto Wrestling
Over 120 entries and 175+ photos and images in 1-2-4 page format. . 
Featuring photos by Roger Baker 
Softcover black & white 7x10 238 pages $10.99 in Canada 
Available now at Amazon Canada & Worldwide Oct 2022

'Their combined work created a book that feels like it was published just for me. But there are thousands and thousands of other fans who packed the Gardens in Toronto's wrestling heyday and I hope they find this book too' -Marshall Ward for Waterloo Chronicle

The Canadian Heavyweight Title
The Complete History 1978-1984
With design and layout by Dick Bourne 
Softcover black & white 6x9 126 pages $10.99 in Canada 
Available through the Mid Atlantic Gateway - Bookstore 
And at Amazon Canada -  & Worldwide

'A remarkable, compelling, and long-overdue tale about a championship belt that shared the stage with some of the most respected titles in professional wrestling history.' 

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