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Roger & AC in Roger's 'Wrestling Room' 2015

Welcome to mapleleafwrestling.com  Classic Pro Wrestling in Ontario- since 2003.
Home to AC's stuff, Roger Baker's Corner, and Gary Will's TWH.

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Our friend Dick Bourne said this -about his M-A Gateway -but it couldn't have been said any better.  

'Our website (the Gateway) is all about the positive, about reliving and sharing good memories,” says Bourne. 'We don’t get into any of the backstage drama. We like to try and present the history of the territory just as it was presented to us back then on television and in the arenas. It’s like back in the days when people passed along folk tales from generation to generation; we want to pass along these great stories told decades ago so that new generations of wrestling fans will know them, too, and those great names will never be forgotten.'

We feel the same way. 

Andrew /AC 
Ontario 2021   

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