Quick Bits: Terry Yorkston

  Terry Yorkston was our eras reliable if not quick thinking (or thinking at all sometimes!) referee of note. A regular at MLG and on the circuit during the Mid-Atlantic years 1978-1984 he was part of most of the big bouts and feuds of the day. 

Main pic: exiting the ring after a Youngblood-Ninja strap match Apr 1982

As a wrestler he was often mid card or lower but frequently went under a mask so may have had some bigger bouts while El Santo or Assassin, or Masked Marvel, among others. He started back around 1960 showing up as a referee for Kasaboski's Northland while wrestling as a lightweight on the busy Indy circuit around Toronto. 

He went on to do several tours as a wrestler for Kasaboski who favored the lighter stars. While often billed as from Detroit or sometimes Hamilton, in later years he became Tough Terry from Hollywood. 

By the mid 60's he was appearing on Tunney's CBC TV Wrestling and occasionally on the Hamilton cards. His debut at MLG came in 1972. By the time of the Mid-Atlantic era he was a regular referee though he still wrestled up to 1979. I'm not sure if he promoted at all but was frequently found on the many lesser promoted Indy type cards held in those days.  

He had a softer look, even as a wrestler, but sported tattoos (not so common back then) on his beefy forearms and looked like he could go a round or two. 

A picture is worth a thousand words...

I remember a few notable bouts with Yorkston as ref. One was the highly anticipated Toronto debut of the East-West Connection Adonis & Ventura matched up against the similarly named Italian Connection of Tony Parisi & Domenic DeNucci. The veterans had Adonis & Ventura stumped at every turn until the bad guys started bending the rules. With Yorkston none the wiser Adonis pins DeNucci while holding the tights. As Adonis & Ventura celebrate their successful debut Paris & DeNucci protest to Yorkston who firmly slaps his head in a classic move now known as 'Doh.' See photo above.

You will note also the fans in front of me celebrating the bad guys big win. As I was too!

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