Make Believe Gardens !

The fine folks over at the Mid Atlantic Gateway  have been featuring a great diorama with figures representing the best of Mid Atlantic action circa late 70's early 80's.

Well we now have our own featuring a capture of the action at Maple Leaf Gardens circa 1982-83!

Thanks to highly underrated and slightly unknown star Barry Hatchet ('Kicking ass is my business...and business is good!') for these pics of a bout featuring Hatchet with Ninja and Ivan Koloff (and manager Sir Oliver Humperdink) in a handicap bout vs Blackjack Mulligan and 'Bad Bad' Leroy Brown.

Wouldn't be complete without everyone else from MLW ....we have
Norm Kimber making introductions
Billy Red Lyons waiting to interview Hatchet
Frank Tunney directing traffic at the curtain to the ramp
Refs Fred Atkins and Terry Yorkston (he of the pompadour)
Fans leaning on the ramp while the ushers hassle us.

Check out the table (that was there at least from the 40s right to our era, as with much of the stuff at MLG)
The ring bell (now adapted with a button, but looked like the same bell from the 40s!)
Norm's cheat sheet
The NWA ring apron
Jimmy Valiant's boombox
The gate (they never had that in the 40s and 50s, wrestlers would just pile out into the crowd)


Thanks to Barry Hatchet! 

And Griff.

Repost from 2017