Stampede Wrestling; The History of the North American Heavyweight Championship

by James McDermott is a detailed look at the North American Heavyweight Title, the main prize during an exciting time in Stampede Wrestling. Extensive (almost 300 pages) and filled with many photos, including  from the Hart family and other private collections, it is a look at the history and the wrestlers who held it.

As author McDermott winds through the lineage  he conveys the excitement of Stampede in the early days, years before the rest of the world caught on. It explores the champs and goings-on and carries it in a narrative that is refreshing. Lots of history for younger fans, and the older fans that were there will love it.

From Stomper Gouldie to Wild Angus to Leo Burke to David Schultz to Bret and Owen and everything in between. Harley Race, Abdullah, Sweet Daddy Siki, Les Thornton, the NWA Title, and many more of the Stampede stars are featured.

There are lots of visual treats too, rare and unseen pics from the history of the title. Pages from the programs and items from the news are also featured and offer a great visual history. Asides such as the arenas, the feuds, Stu, and a look at the Toronto association are a great addition and show how influential the title was.

It's another in a line of great fan books. Written by fans for fans. I loved it and highly recommend it to wrestling fans of all ages. Great job ! Two thumbs up  👍👍


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For everything Stampede ,James has a great twitter feed with classic programs, pics, and video