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The next in the series looks at the boom of Toronto wrestling

The rich history of professional wrestling in Ontario comes alive in chaotic detail in a new book by a pair of veteran 
Canadian wrestling journalists...
-Marshall Ward. for Slam Wrestling

This was a really enjoyable read if you’re into the history of Toronto wrestling and the key people involved running the city. Tons of historical notes on attendance, ups and downs in the city, the good and bad of The Sheik from ‘69-‘77, the Mid-Atlantic years and into the WWF’s foothold from ‘84 onward.
-John Pollock. Post Wrestling  via Instagram

I must say I really enjoyed this book, learned a lot about MLG wrestling, good read.
-Mark Bujan. via KM message board

So much information on the great history of Toronto’s Maple Leaf Wrestling. Its roots its glory years and in-depth study on Two of Toronto’s most nefarious wrestling characters. It will be a great reference guide for anyone interested in learning more about Maple Leaf Wrestling as we know it today!
-Wes Maidment. via Facebook

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