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A trip down memory lane, The Canadian Heavyweight Title: The Complete History 1978-1984, published in co-operation with the Mid-Atlantic Gateway website, is a remarkable, compelling, and long-overdue tale about a championship belt that shared the stage with some of the most respected titles in professional wrestling history.
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Toronto has a great history of wrestling drawing big names and huge crowds to Maple Leaf Gardens. This book is for those who remember and a great read for those that are keeping the sport alive today. Really enjoyed it.
 Perry Gray On The Ropes Wrestling

  The Canadian Heavyweight Title - The Complete History 1978-1984
  In 1978 as the Toronto territory was taking off with the young stars of Mid-Atlantic wrestling, promoter Frank Tunney introduced a local championship. That title, the first true local title in many years, was named the Canadian Heavyweight Title to be defended by the top star in Maple Leaf Wrestling.

  During those years locally known as ‘the Mid-Atlantic era’, the area was one of the most exciting and important territories in the wrestling world.  Join us as we revisit the big cards, the tournaments, the beautiful title belt, and many other memorable slices of Maple Leaf Wrestling from 1978-1984.

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