Toronto Results Various to 1984


Toronto, ON Various 1908 - 1984

This will just be some random and/or notable cards from the history added as there is time. I have near every card from the early 1900's up and am glad to help if looking for a card or debut. I use Gary's method of listing results as below.

W=win..W/DQ=by dq..W/COR-by count-out..DDQ=double dq..NC=No contest=ref decides no winner...W/DEC=win by ref decision..W/CNC=opponent could not continue..D=Draw....most of the bouts in the early days were 2 fall affairs.

1908/05/16 Labor Temple, Toronto
Artie Edmunds D Young Muldoon 1hr 53 min (1 fall apiece)
(Police broke up the third fall as they had hit the 12 midnight curfew)
Young Walker W Fred Daly
Bob McIntyre W Harry Raylot
Jack Edmunds W Bob Nash

1911/03/28 Agnes St Theatre, Toronto
Stanisłaus Zybysko W John Lemm 57 min (1-0 Lemm forfeits 2nd fall due to injury)
Herb Hughes W Sam Bain
Before the bouts photos were shown of the Rogers-Hackenshmidt bout in London 3 years prior
as well as the Gotch-Hackenshmidt bout from Chicago 2 yrs prior

1924/05/16 Arena Gardens, Toronto
Stanisłaus Zybysko W George Walker (2-1)
Aug Jokennen W Matalon
Larry Ness W Jim Watson
*Walker is Canadian Champion
*Lou Marsh called the main 'Toronto's first taste of 'big league' wrestling

1929/06/06 Arena Gardens, Toronto
Jim Londos W Tom Moore (2-0)
Fred Grobmier D Sam Rubin (Freddy Meyers)
Wladek Zbyszko WCOR Pat McKay

1930/12/26 Arena Gardens, Toronto
Count Zarinoff W Freddy Meyers
Stan Stasiak D/DQ Joe Maleciewicz
Al Baffert W Frank Maleciewicz

1935/04/25 MLG, Toronto
George Zaharias W Emil Dusek (2-1)
Al Mercier W Little Beaver
John Katan W Roy Shepek
Ernie Zeller W Jim Henry
*Henry pushed ref Phil Lawson and was fined 25$ by the commission

1939/11/30 MLG, Toronto
NBA World Title Bronko Nagurski W Ernie Dusek
Don Louis Thesz W Frank Sexton
Joe Savoldi W Pat Riley (The Angel)
Elmer Eastup W Jim Wright
*Lou Thesz had Toronto debut on 11/16 card)

1941/06/12 MLG, Toronto
Earl McCready W Whipper Watson 218
Bobby Bruns W Jerry Monaghan
Billy Hanson W Jack Claybourne
Wallace Muscovich W Tiger Joe Marsh
George (K.O.) Koverly D Lee Henning
*Regina's Earl McCready was crowned Canadian wrestling champion after pinning Whipper Billy Watson of Toronto in the fifth round of their bout staged by the Queensbury A.C. at Maple Leaf Gardens last night before 2,000 fans. Working on a punishing toe-hold that had Watson limping during most of the fourth and fifth rounds. McCready set him up for a series of body slams that spelt finis at the 6:15 mark. On behalf of Promoter Frank Tunney, Controller Freddie Hamilton presented the winner with a belt emblematic of the championship.

1942/12/17 MLG, Toronto
'French Angel' Maurice Tillet W 'Swedish Angel' Olaf Swenson
Whipper Watson W Walter Sirois
Earl McCready W Andy Meixner
Nanjo Singh W Zimm
Pat Fraley D Pedro Martinez

1947/05/15 MLG, Toronto
World Title: Lou Thesz D Whipper Watson
Mike Sharpe W Wee Willie Davis
Bob Wagner W Bobby Bruns
Ben Sharpe W/DQ John Katan
Sky Hi Lee W Dick Bishop

1947/05/29 MLG, Toronto
World Title: Lou Thesz W/DQ Whipper Watson
Bob Wagner W Brother Jonathon
John Katan W Tom Collins
Ken Kenneth W/DQ Sky Hi Lee
Lou Newman vs Pat Flanagan

1947/06/05 MLG, Toronto
Whipper Watson W John Katan
Educational Feature : Tuffy Truesdale vs Rodney The Alligator
(Joe Perlove remarked 'Personally I didn't know any more when it was over except there must be easier ways of making a living than wrestling Alligators')
Sky Hi Lee W Toar Morgan
Bob Wagner D Ken Kenneth
Bulldog Drummond D Tom Collins
Brother Jonathon W Dick Bishop

1947/06/12 MLG, Toronto
World Title: Lou Thesz W/DQ Sky Hi Lee
Mike Sharpe W Brother Jonathon
Ken Kenneth D John Katan
Ben Sharpe W Lou Newman
Dan O'Connor W Toar Morgan

1947/06/19 MLG, Toronto
Wild Bill Longson D Mike Sharpe
Handicap Bout: Sky Hi Lee W Brother Jonathon/Walter Sirois
(Joe Perlove remarked: 'A swift poll of the gathering at the gardens revealed the opponent they would like to see Lee in with next is Rodney The Alligator, or better still with a whole alligator farm of alligators')

1949/08/04 East York Collegiate Memorial Stadium. Toronto
Whipper Watson W/CNC Sky Hi Lee
Wladek Kowalski W Abe Zvonkin
*'Kowalski, just. 22 6 foot 5. 265 pounds, all rock, rushed to his third consecutive rapid fire victory.
'This made a total of five minutes Kowalski has expended in three matches here
Nobodys had a good look at him yet, especially his opponents'
Tom Rice vs Ben Sharpe
Al Korman vs Tom Collins
Jimmy Simms vs Red O'Malley
*Attendance was 5,000 (plus several hundred peering at the show free from their porches and bedroom windows)

1950/06/15 MLG, Toronto
Yvon Robert D Whipper Watson (curfew)
(Ref was Ed 'Strangler' Lewis)
Larry Moquin D Strangler Bob Wagner
Timothy Geohagen W Jim Henry

1950/11/30 MLG, Toronto
Yukon Eric W/DQ Whipper Watson
Lee Henning W Bobby Nelson
Pat Flanagan D Willie Davis
Les Ryan W Jack Moore
Dan O’Connor D George Scott
Main is face vs face

1952/10/30 MLG, Toronto
NWA Title: Lou Thesz D Whipper Watson (curfew)
Pat Flanagan D Lou Plummer - cut to allow the main to start at 10pm
Chief Big Heart W Tiger Tasker
Jack Pasek D Bull Montana
Dick Raines W Jim Coffield

1955/03/03 MLG, Toronto
Antonino Rocca D Whipper Watson (Rocca unable to continue, ref awarded the match to Watson, but he refused win)
Lord Athol Layton/Bill McDaniel W Timothy Geohagen/Tex McKenzie
Mike Paidousis W Pat Fraley
Ken Kenneth W Alan Garfield
Frank Marconi W Harry Lewis
*Rocca-Watson was a return bout, first meeting (and Rocca's Toronto debut) was a draw
Both fan favorites

1953/12/17 MLG, Toronto
The Mills Brothers W Fred Atkins/Lord Layton
Pat Flanagan W Larry Moquin
Yvon Robert W Mr Kato
(was the feature TV match)
Golden Hawk D Sky Hi Lee
Ilio DiPaolo W Firpo Zbyszko

1957/06/13 MLG Toronto
Gene Kiniski/Fritz Von Erich W/DQ Whipper Watson/Yukon Eric
Edouard Carpentier W Frank Hewitt 
Ronnie Etchison W Bill McDaniel 
Prince Maiava W Jack Pesek
Fred Atkins W Larry Moquin

1959/01/15 MLG, Toronto
NWA Title: Pat O’Connor W/COR Lou Thesz
Bobo Brazil W Hans Hermann
Ivan/Karol Kalmikoff) W Fred Atkins/Mike Valentino
Hans Schmidt W Al Korman
Wally Seiber W Tiger Tasker

1959/12/17 MLG, Toronto
Canadian Open Tag Team Title: Don Leo Jonathan/Gene Kiniski D Ilio DiPaolo/Whipper Watson - curfew
Sam Steamboat W Dan Miller
Hard Boiled Haggerty/Fritz Von Erich W/COR Bobo Brazil/Timothy Geohagen
Doc Gallagher W Cowboy Hughes
Ivan Kalmikoff D Ed Miller
Bud Cody D Yvon Losier

1961/11/30 MLG, Toronto
Bulldog Brower W Yukon Eric
(Lumberjack Bout - both wrestlers wear heavy high cut boots)
Hurricane Smith/Cyclone Smith D Chris Tolos/John Tolos
Gentleman Jim Hady W Chief Kit Fox
Taro Sakuro W Chief Lone Eagle
Antonios Kontellis D Timothy Geohagen

1962/04/26 East York Arena, Toronto
Sweet Daddy Siki W Tom Emperor Jones
Bruno Sammartino W Hurricane Smith
Frank Valois D Juan Sebastian
Billy Red Lyons W Donn Lewin
Sam Steamboat D Pat Flanagan

1962/12/14 MLG, Toronto
US Title: Johnny Valentine W Bruno Sammartino to win the title
Roger Littlebrook/Sonny Boy Cassidy W Sky Low Low/Irish Jackie
Yukon Eric W/DQ Taro Sakuro
Stan Stasiak D Sam Steamboat
Gino Marella W Ron Bull Johnson

1963/11/14 MLG, TORONTO
NWA TITLE: Lou Thesz WCOR Bulldog Brower 
Johnny Valentine/Jim Hady W The Beast/Martino Angelo  
Giant Baba W Tony Parisi 
Yukon Eric W Tommy O’Toole  
Seaman Art Thomas WDQ Fred Atkins 
The Destroyer D Lorenzo Parente

1964/02/20 MLG, Toronto
Handicap Bout: The Beast/Martino Angelo W Whipper Billy Watson
Johnny Valentine W Hans Schmidt
WWWF Title: Bruno Sammartino W Great Kudo
Bulldog Brower/Fred Atkins D Erich Froelich/Jim Hady
Andreas Lambrakis W Great Mephisto

1964/12/17 MLG, Toronto
Whipper Billy Watson W Professor Hiro
(Fred Atkins handcuffed to Lord Layton)
Bulldog Brower W Sweet Daddy Siki
Billy Red Lyons/Andy Robin D Chris Tolos/John Tolos
The Sheik W Pat Flanagan
Michele Barone W Bob Leipler
Paul DeMarco D Alexander the Great

1966/02/27 MLG, Toronto
NWA Title: Gene Kiniski W/CNC Johnny Valentine
International Tag Titles: Masked Yankees W Seaman Art Thomas/Emile Dupre
Lord Athol Layton W Bob Leipler
Professor Hiro W Georgios Kanelis
Ernie Ladd W Joe Killer Christie
Tiger Jeet Singh WCOR Paul DeMarco

1967/08/13 Maple Leaf Stadium, Toronto
Tiger Jeet Singh D Johnny Valentine 120:00 (2 hours)
(US Title bout 2 Referees, 2 hour time limit, Singh loses if dq'd)
Assassin D Lorenzo Parente
Dewey Robertson WDQ Mohan Singh
Also advertised: Johnny Rougeau, Sweet Daddy Siki, Bulldog Brower, Fritz Von Raschke, Michele Barone

1967/12/17 MLG, Toronto
US Title: Tiger Jeet Singh D Edouard Carpentier
International Tag Titles: Whipper Billy Watson/Bulldog Brower W Fabulous Kangaroos
Little Beaver/Johnny Russell W Frenchy Lamont/Little Brutus
Assassin D Sweet Daddy Siki
Chief White Owl W Crybaby Cannon
Pat Flanagan W/DQ Hans Schmidt
Fred Atkins D Dewey Robertson

1969/10/05 MLG, Toronto
The Sheik W/COR Dominic Denucci
Lou Thesz W Magnificent Maurice
Fabulous Kangaroos: Al Costello/ Ray Kent W Bulldog Brower/Murray Cummings (2-1) 1
Whipper Billy Watson W Joe Killer Christie
Haystack Calhoun/Paul Diamond W Masked Assassin/Big Bill Terry (2-0)
Bobo Brazil W Mike Loren
Fred Atkins D Dewey Robertson
Lou Klein D Terry White

1969/11/30 MLG, Toronto
The Sheik W Giant Saka
(Saka managed by Cannon)
Bobo Brazil W Masked Assassin
Whipper Billy Watson/Bulldog Brower WDQ Fabulous Kangaroos: Al Costello/Ray Kent
Little Beaver W Frenchy Lamont
Haystack Calhoun/Mighty Igor WDQ Reginald Love/Hartford Love
Angelo Mosca W Mike Porky Loren
Dominic Denucci W Fred Atkins
Fred Curry W Ivan Kalmikoff

1970/10/19 MLG, Toronto
The Sheik WDQ Whipper Billy Watson *Watson Jr interferes
Lord Athol Layton W Mitsu Arakawa
Fabulous Kangaroos W Mighty Igor/Fred Atkins 
Love Brothers W Ivan Kalmikoff/Fred Curry
Bobo Brazil/Haystack Calhoun W Man Mountain Cannon/Masked Assassin 
Don Fargo W Mike Loren
Whipper Watson Jr *debut W Bobby Blaine

1972/02/20 MLG, Toronto
The Sheik W Carlos Rocha
Love Brothers D Bulldog Brower/Tex McKenzie
Johnny Valentine W Lee Henning
Pampero Firpo W Mighty Ursus
Fabulous Kangaroos W Mighty Igor/Ivan Kalmikoff
Ben Justice/Haystack Calhoun W Hans Schmidt/Killer Christie
Jacques Rougeau/Gino Brito W Masked Marvel/Man Mountain Cannon
Chris Tolos W Lou Klein,
Tony Marino W Baron Mikel Scicluna
Tony Parisi W Mike Loren

1972/12/17 MLG, Toronto
The Sheik NC Johnny Valentine
Tiger Jeet Singh W Lee Henning
Chief Jay Strongbow W Mike Loren
Pampero Firpo W Ivan Kalmikoff
The Beast/Sweet Daddy Siki W Hans Schmidt/Lou Klein
Lord Athol Layton/Dewey Robertson W Joe Killer Christie/Big Brutus
Tony Parisi/Mighty Igor W Killer Brooks/Dan Miller
Ben Justice/Haystack Calhoun D Kurt Von Hess/Karl Von Schotz
Tex McKenzie/Tony Marino D Love Brothers
Hayes/Louie W Lamont/Adams

1973/09/23 MLG, Toronto
NWA Title: Jack Brisco W Eric the Animal
The Sheik W Tony Marino
Ben Justice D Lee Henning
Pampero Firpo W Mike Loren
Executioner W/DQ The Beast
Hans Schmidt/Chris Tolos D Steve Bolus/Ron Doner
Mongols D Tex McKenzie/Billy Red Lyons
Bearcat Wright/Sonny King W J.B. Psycho/Pat Scott

1974/02/10 MLG, Toronto
The Sheik D/DQ Andre the Giant
Johnny Valentine W Masked Marvel
Tiger Jeet Singh W Big Brutus
Chief Jay Strongbow W Andy Marton, Jacques Rougeau D Hans Schmidt
Love Brothers D Dominic Denucci/Sweet Daddy Siki Billy Red Lyons D Chris Tolos
The Beast WDQ The Executioner
Lee Henning D Ron Doner

1975/11/30 MLG, Toronto
NWA Title: Jack Brisco L/DQ Spiros Arion
Stan Stasiak/Mark Lewin W The Sheik/Waldo Von Erich
The Beast W Mike Angelo
Edouard Carpentier W Lou Klein
Sweet Daddy Siki D El Brassero
Mongols W Dino Bravo/Nick DeCarlo
Crusaders W Don Kent/Kurt Von Brauner
Duncan McTavish/Lord Athol Layton D Chris Tolos/Wildman

1977/02/27 MLG, Toronto
US Title Spec Ref: Chris Tolos: The Sheik W Bobo Brazil to win the title
International Tag Titles: The Crusaders W Kelly Twins
Stan Stasiak/Chief Jay Strongbow W Ivan Koloff/Tarzan Tyler
Edouard Carpentier/Gino Brito WP Reginald Love/Lou Klein
Michele Barone W Terry Yorkston
Ken Patera W Steve Bolus
Sweet Daddy Siki D The Wolfman
Crazy Luke Graham D/DQ Tony Parisi

1978/12/17 MLG, Toronto
US Title: Ricky Steamboat W Ric Flair to win the title
Canadian Title: Dino Bravo W Gene Kiniski to win the vacant title
Tony Atlas/Jay Youngblood W Baron Von Raschke/Greg Valentine (nontitle)
Tiger Jeet Singh W Zimba Khan
Paul Jones W Gene Anderson
Jimmy Snuka W Swede Hansen
Johnny Weaver W Rudy Kay

1979/06/03 MLG, Toronto
CANADIAN TITLE, LUMBERJACK MATCH: Dino Bravo WP Greg Valentine to win the belt 10:10
WWWF TITLE: Bob Backlund WP Ernie Ladd
$5,000 BOUNTY MATCH: Ricky Steamboat WP Big John Studd 
(Bounty offered by Ric Flair)
Paul Orndorff WP Moose Morowski 
Johnny Weaver/Jay Youngblood W Brute Bernard/Swede Hansen 
Dewey Robertson WP Joe Marcus 
Johnny Yachetti D Chris Tolos

1980/06/15 MLG, Toronto
Canadian Title: Great Hossein W Dewey Robertson
US Title: Ric Flair W Jimmy Snuka
Angelo Mosca W/DQ Ray Stevens
Tony Parisi W Tim Gerrard
Pedro Morales/Johnny Weaver W Doug Sommers/Steve Muslin
Bob Marcus W John Forsythe

1981/11/30 MLG, Toronto
Canadian Title: Big John Studd L/DQ Bad Leroy Brown
Ron Bass/Rick Steamboat W Greg Valentine/Ivan Koloff
Johnny Weaver W/COR Lord Alfred Hayes
Jay Youngblood W Ricky Harris
Tony Parisi W Frank Marconi
Steve Bolus W Tim Gerrard

1982/07/11 MLG, Toronto
WWF Title: Bobby Backlund W Greg Valentine
NWA US Title: Sgt. Slaughter W Wahoo McDaniel
Mid Atlantic Title: Jack Brisco W Roddy Piper
(Piper had actually won the title 7/7 in Charlotte, North Carolina but was not acknowledged here)
Jimmy Valiant/Jake "The Snake" Roberts W Ivan Koloff/Ninja
Johnny Weaver W Tim Gerrard
Tony Parisi W Bob Marcus

1983/07/10  Exhibition Stadium, Toronto- Night of Champions
NWA Title Harley Race WDQ Ric Flair
CANADIAN TITLE: Angelo Mosca W One Man Gang 
US TITLE: Greg Valentine DCOR Wahoo McDaniel 
TV TITLE: Great Kabuki W Jimmy Valiant 
NWA TAG TEAM TITLE: Ricky Steamboat/Jay Youngblood W Dory Funk Jr/Jake Roberts
WOMEN'S TITLE: Fabulous Moolah W Princess Victoria 
Johnny Weaver/Mike Rotundo W Alec Girard/Tim Gerrard 
Sgt. Jacques Goulet/Kelly Kiniski W Bob Marcus/Joe Marcus 
Nick DeCarlo/Billy Ryan W The Executioner/Mike Armstrong 

1984/05/27 MLG, Toronto
NWA Title: Ric Flair W Dick Slater
Russian Chain Match: Angelo Mosca W Ivan Koloff
Angelo Mosca Jr. W Great Kabuki
Grapplers W Pez Whatley/Vinny Valentino
Buddy (Bret) Hart/Johnny Weaver W Leo Burke/Rudy Kay
Terry Kay W Don Kolov
Brian Adidas W Doug Vines
Tony Parisi WP Jeff Sword

84/06/24 MLG, Toronto *Last NWA Card
Jimmy Valiant/A Mosca/Buzz Sawyer W Paul Jones/Assassin/Giant Kamala
Pez Whatley/Vinny Valentino WCOR Grapplers 
CANADIAN TV TITLE: Brian Adias W Bobby Bass
Tony Parisi W Gary Royal 
Nick DeCarlo W Bob Marcus 
Jesse Barr W John Bonello