Gary Will's Toronto Wrestling History

Welcome to the new home of Toronto Wrestling History. The articles will be posted as we go in the blog and compiled here as they were originally presented . The Title Histories will be here soon. All content by Gary Will. 

A Brief History of Pro Wrestling in Toronto
Top drawing matches, year-by-year, 1929-1977
Toronto's Longest Runs -- The 25-Year Club

Unmasked! -- Wrestlers who lost their masks in Toronto
Toronto Ring Announcers, 1929-1986
Toronto Debuts in Main Events, 1930-1989

Artie Edmunds: The Pocket Hercules
Jack Johnson vs George Hackenschmidt, 1910

Ivan Mickailoff: "The man who made wrestling in Toronto"
The First Weekly Show: May 4, 1929
Arena Gardens: Toronto's original wrestling palace, 1922-38
Stanley Stasiak: Toronto's wrestling fatality, 1931

Two Leafs wrestle, rival promoters combine for charity: 1932
Toots Mondt charged after fatal car crash, 1932
The Panther vs the Lion: A Hand-Drawn Ad, 1933
CARTOON: Henri DeGlane by Chuck Templeton, April 12, 1934

The OAC, Jack Corcoran, and the bribery scandal of 1934
PHOTO: Dan O'Mahony headlocks King Clancy, February 21, 1935
Canada's most notorious criminal gets in the ring, 1935
PHOTO: Gordon Sinclair and the Duseks, May 22, 1936

Toronto's own world title, 1938
Commission halts Masked Marvel bout, September 22, 1938

Smiling John, The Forgotten Tunney
Everett Marshall vs King Kong Cox, 1940: A Real Contest?
Al "Bunny" Dunlop: wrestler, referee, promoter

Grey Cup Preview: The 1952 Edmonton Eskimos
Parkhurst wrestling cards, 1954-1955
BIG BOUTS: Watson wins NWA title from Thesz, March 15, 1956
Whipper vs Gorgeous George, March 12, 1959

Frank Tunney's 30th Anniversary, 1969

The Sheik's unbeaten streak: 1969-1974
"The Sheik causes wrestling revival," 1970
Whipper Watson's fifth decade in wrestling, 1970

Hercules Angelo Mosca?, 1970
Indie show with Terry Yorkston, 1972
PHOTOS: Dory Funk Jr. defends NWA title, 1973

Tunney-Crockett partnership approved, 1980