The Panther vs the Lion: A Hand-Drawn Ad, 1933: Gary Will's TWH

This is the only fully hand-drawn ad that was ever used for a wrestling show in Toronto and looks completely unlike anything used before or after. Jack Corcoran's show at Maple Leaf Gardens on January 26, 1933 featured the Utica Panther and the Balkan Lion and the artist put the feline references to full effect.

Bulldog Cox would later be better known as King Kong Cox. Dick Shikat was a no-show and was replaced by Frank Speers.

Joe Malcewicz W Dan Koloff (2-1)                 31:51
Sammy Stein W Gentleman Jack Washburn    19:06
Frank Speers WDec Herb Freeman                 30:00
Ted Bulldog Cox W George Hagen                 19:38
Earl McCready W Mike Romano                    15:10
Jack Riley W Cy Williams                               11:26

-by Gary Will