Dave McKigney: 25 Years Later 2013

    Thanks to Greg for putting this back online at the new Slam Wrestling, originally posted 2013

    Think it's still mostly correct, some further findings since that ran. One clarification would be about the early history of the Bearman part. If it is as it appears... Summer 1957 and Dave is wrestling in Red Garner's CCWA. Terrible Ted would appear alongside handler Paul Brunet said to be in from Quebec. Ted would start appearing with Dave the following summer. 

   It has been 25 years since 'The Bearman' Dave McKigney died in Newfoundland and Labrador when his van left the road to avoid a moose. But his story is so much richer than just the end, from growing up poor in Toronto, to working the Ontario circuit, to promoting shows across the province. Come with us on a wonderful ride, revisiting the Bearman!   read more at Slam Wrestling   (external link will open in new window)

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