Lunch with Abdullah

 Back in 1998 Abdullah the Butcher was coming to town for the first AWF card at Scarboro's Appleby's. Besides being a big fan back in the day (remember the Wahoo-Abdullah-Piper bit) I also had a personal connection. My mother-in-law's friend had known his brother for many years and once shared a place with him. When Abdullah was in town back in the 70's he would stay there. in law set up for Abdullah to come to our house before the bouts that evening. 

They arrived in a small car that was on a tilt. It stopped and Abdullah started to get out the passenger side. The car must have popped up about 3 ft once he took his weight of the seat. He was joined by his brother and a couple of pals who were also rather large. Poor car! 

So he makes his way up the steps and into our kitchen. I had a hundred questions but could hardly utter a word. Still scared of him as bad as I was back when I was a teenager. I asked him a few things about wrestling in Toronto and he reluctantly spoke. The Sheik 'made a lot of money,' Wrestling promoters 'Always trying to steal from you,' and various other inquiries. In that voice you don't expect. We had a bite to eat and he used a fork! and we went outside to take a few pics. 

First thing he said was 'you're not going to sell them right!' to which I meekly replied 'no sir.' He grabbed my head and it felt like he could rip it off with his bare hands. I'm smiling in the pic but praying for my survival at this point. He took a few more with everyone and later that day we went to see him at the card. My wife's first pro wrestling. After about a minute she was shouting along with the rest of us 'cut him up' 'carve him!' The bout wasn't much but the fans loved it. 


Later that day....