MLG Footage 1948 Whipper vs Longson

Clip of a 1948 Longson-Whipper World Title bout from MLG. Whipper's manager Phil Lawson is there in the opening frames. He was a constant companion in the ring and around the office but passed on just a year later. 

Ref is The Little Flower of Uxbridge Bert Maxwell, perhaps Roger's second favorite ref... Great find to go along with the 1957 Footage.

At right Whip & Phil, Bert & Bill..

Thanks to Gary who had posted this link some time back at the MLW Archives group on Facebook.
'Not quite as old as the Angel footage (here on Youtube - MLG 1940 footage), but this is a rare look at Whipper Billy Watson in his prime, wrestling for the National Wrestling Association world title at the Gardens against champion Wild Bill Longson on April 22, 1948. This drew a reported 11,000. Watson had been the champion the year before. The National Wrestling Alliance -- the one that we all came to know (there had been an earlier promotion with that name) -- was formed three months later but it would take almost another year-and-a-half before Tunney joined in late 1949.' - Gary Will - Facebook

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