MLG Footage - 1957 Part Card

Thanks to Jon Boucher -  Twitter @jon_boucher for converting this and sharing with the fans!

Jan 17 1957 MLG
Billy Red Lyons vs Baron Gattoni
Bill & Ed Miller vs Pat Flanagan & Ken Kenneth
Edouard Carpentier vs Steve Stanlee

A tag bout in the middle of the card and the main are not included.
Whipper Watson vs Gene Kiniski
Moto & Hito vs The Brunettis

Note from Roger 
      'Thanks for the wonderful wrestling that took place at M.L.G. so long ago, I remember all of the participants. Phil Lisner, refs Bert Maxwell, Cliff Worthy, Bunny Dunlop,and old friend Joe Gollub. How I remember sitting at times with announcer Jerry Hiff at the ring side table, however always keeping my eyes on what was going on. As for the wrestlers on this card, Carpentier, Billy Red Lyons, Baron Gattoni who I saw previously on TV from Buffalo, Ed and Bill Miller, Steve Stanlee, and our own mule kicking Pat Flanagan.

I may very well have been in attendance for this show, not sure. Was a ticket holding fan, about a year away from becoming a roaming wrestling reporter.'
-Roger Baker