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Unmasked! -- Wrestlers who lost their masks in Toronto : Gary Will's TWH

Masked wrestlers in Toronto date back to the first appearance of the area's first Masked Marvel in 1932. More than 20 wrestlers lost their masks in the ring in Toronto:

DATENAMEUNMASKED ASUNMASKED BY36/06/18   The UnknownHal RumbergJim McMillen38/09/29Masked MarvelTed CoxMayes McLain41/11/27Masked WolfJohn GrandovichThe Angel43/08/12Red ShadowLeo NumaWild Bill Longson44/01/05The CzarDick LeverBobby Managoff48/01/08The MummyPedro MartinezMasked Marvel49/01/27Mr. XEarl McCreadyMasked Marvel & tag partners49/02/17Masked MarvelLew ReynheerWhipper Billy Watson51/02/22Masked ManagerMayes McLainWhipper Billy Watson51/08/30Masked MarvelLou NewmanThe Zebra51/11/29The ZebraGeorge BollasWhipper Billy Watson52/12/26Masked MarvelFrank ValoisRed Mask53/06/11Red MaskDutch HefnerLou Thesz59/06/04Great BoloAl LovelockWhipper Billy Watson61/05/25Black TerrorLaverne BaxterWhipper Billy Watson64/01/16The DestroyerJoe ChristieJohnny Valentine64/05/06Mighty Herculesnot identifiedJohnny Valentine66…

Toronto's Longest Runs -- The 25-Year Club: Gary Will's TWH

These are the wrestlers with the longest gap between their first Toronto appearance for a major promotion and their last:

NAMEYEARSLou Thesz36.6Lee Henning35.3Ivan Kalmikoff33.2Sky Low Low32.4Whipper Billy Watson31.1Little Beaver30.7Joe "Killer" Christie30.0Ric Flair28.6Dick Beyer / The Destroyer28.0Billy Red Lyons27.4Pat Flanagan27.2Wee Willie Davis27.0Killer Kowalski26.7Gene Kiniski26.5Al Costello26.3Nanjo Singh26.2Lord Athol Layton26.0Don Jardine / The Spoiler25.8Mike Mazurki25.8Bobo Brazil25.3Bruno Sammartino25.2Paul "Butcher" Vachon25.2
This is different from a list of wrestlers with the most matches in Toronto, since several of these guys had lengthy gaps where they made no appearances here. For example, Dick Beyer didn't wrestle in Toronto after 1961, until returning 18 years later as The Destroyer. Don Jardine didn't wrestle in Toronto for over 20 years after starting in the area in the late 1950s, but he came back for a few matches as The Spoiler …