Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sheik in Montreal 1967

Article on The Sheik winning the International Heavyweight Title by beating Gino Brito in a bout after they had tied in a tournament final

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Quebec Wrestling Articles

Some French language articles for my friends in Quebec 

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Johnny Valiant

Luscious Johnny Valiant above -about to crank Chris Colt - was once one half of the Valiant brothers tag team that had success in the 70's as a hard core type team on the Detroit, Indianapolis, WWWF, and Ontario circuits. Johnny came back (Jimmy was working for Tunney at MLG at this point) on Wildman McKigney's 1982 roster and had a wild feud with Colt through 1983, this time hearing the fans cheers in a series of Street Fights and Cage Bouts.

Pic above has Valiant retaining his N.A. Belt vs Colt in Cornwall late Aug 1983, Valiant had won the belt earlier in the month in the same arena and appears to be the last holder of the title which was dropped in subsequent tours when the Sheik was in with his U.S. Title.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Multiple Personalities 1982

In the Territory days it was not unusual for a wrestler to work as a heel in one town while working as a face in another - at the same time. On the MLWP site we have looked at Angelo Mosca, Canadian Champ and local hero (in the M-A era anyways) also as a vicious heel on WWF TV. His attack and fued with Pat Patterson stands out (remember the water pitcher incident!) as do his many title shots vs Bob Backlund.

In 1982 he also appeared in the Carolinas including one bout teamed with the man who would beat him for the Cdn belt in 1983 - Sgt Slaughter.

In the clip below - from the fabulous Pro Wrestling 1970 To Present Blog - 'Big Nasty' is in Lexington, NC teaming up with Roddy Piper no less. What a great tag vs Wahoo and Jack Brisco ! Here in Toronto he had just had (Apr 25) an AWA title shot vs Nick Bockwinkel and the next week worked in a tag after John Studd had interfered and 'cost' Mosca the title. See pic at the bottom. The May 16th bout Mulligan Jr was replaced by an up and coming Jake Roberts who did double duty in an earlier bout vs Sgt. Slaughter.


 82/05/16 MLG Toronto
Angelo Mosca/Jake Roberts W Nick Bockwinkel/Big John Studd
MID-ATLANTIC TV TITLE: Ivan Koloff WP Outlaw Ron Bass 
Jimmy Valiant W Pvt. Don Kernodle 
Johnny Weaver/Tony Parisi W Pvt. Nelson/Tarzan Tyler
Jake Roberts WDQ Sgt. Slaughter
Kelly Kiniski W Tito Senza
Tim Horner D Keith Larson

above pic is Studd interfering in Mosca's AWA Title bout on Apr 25 1982, don't think I have this pic on the site, another one that improves with Photoshop help.