It's been fun over the years to hear from fans and their own tales of pro wrestling fandom back in the day. A frequent mention is how much fun it was just getting there, or getting home! And making your own title belts, a lot of fans did that. Another tie is family and friends. Some got introduced to the sport by their Dads, an older brother, or a Grandmother (lots of them!) while others attended with fellow fans. For me usually just one or two if you could find, there weren't many (admitted) wrestling fans in my neighborhood. 
In our later years it's a common bridge, the fun of wrestling as a kid. Some even found inspiration in the art of the contest, the fitness, the devotion to craft. Lessons that remained throughout their lives. I'm happy to leave my friend Jeff's wonderful love letter to wrestling & family as a final note. Thanks to Jeff and thanks to all of the friends of the site and their stories....AC

'It was in Toronto Ontario Canada where I was born and where I grew up. And that’s a very important part of this story and the impact that this sport had on the person that I was to become and the career path I chose. I can honestly say looking back and reflecting, that the impact of professional wrestling on me from a very early age, was the single biggest determining factor in my future success.'