The Maple Leaf Archives

A Maple Leaf shout out to the great content of the Maple Leaf Wrestling Archives. Run by our good friend Griff Henderson & his tag partner Barry Hatchet ('Kicking ass is my business...and business is good!') they focus on the Mid Atlantic era or Crockett years as we call them up here. 1978-1984. 

Nobody has a better Toronto collection - trust me on that- and Griff has always been there to share stuff and advance the cause. I could probably blame him too for starting me on all this. His dogged pursuit of photos of the Canadian Title belt a catalyst to dive in. Where was all the stuff? What happened there? What date was that? Why was Jimmy Valiant so popular? 

When we came up with the premise of the Canadian Title book it couldn't have been done without his help with photos and info from the collection. We used to have lots of Griff's stuff on the old site but went to a classic focus here while he built up the Archives page. Now a lot of the older fans, well not all of them! but many, share their own collections on the Archives FB page. A great place to see fan pics and rare stuff of the era. And a nicer generous guy you couldn't hope to meet. Check it out and enjoy!

Facebook: Maple Leaf Wrestling Archives   
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Youtube: Maple Leaf Wrestling Video Archives
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