Classic Photo: Little Beaver

   The little people wrestlers were very popular across Ontario and frequently headlined cards in the smaller arenas in the 50's and 60's. They were stars at MLG as well, a hit with fans of all ages. On this occassion Roger captures Little Beaver handing out promo photos to some of his younger fans at the Sutton Arena, summer of 1963. Little Beaver had debuted at MLG in May 1955 and appeared here up to 1987. The Star's Jim Proudfoot once called him 'the best performer in the business' and 'tremendous.'

Back to Roger and our conversations over the years...

...On another occasion I was sitting in a dugout at the old Maple Leaf Ballpark. Little Beaver was also in the dugout and we got to talking about the vagaries of running a wrestling business. Beaver went on to relate the following to me. 

'When I began to promote as well as wrestle all I got was complaints, bad working conditions, not enough pay, and on and on so now I don't promote anymore. I wrestle, collect my pay, enjoy life,, and most importantly sleep again at night.'.....