Update on new book 'Crown Jewel'

From our friends at the Mid-Atlantic Gateway... 

Our new book "Crown Jewel: The NWA World Championship 1959-1973" is now available on Amazon (amazon.com/dp/B08KH3VKWB) and via the Mid-Atlantic Gateway Book Store. (midatlanticgateway.com/p/crown-jewel.)

I was fortunate to preview this fine addition to Dick Bourne's Championship Title series and WOW! This book is packed with tons of history, great photos, and nostalgia from one of the most exciting eras of pro wrestling. Nobody presents books that look -and read- as good as these do. This one goes straight to the favorites shelf!

Canadians can get it here https://www.amazon.ca/Crown-Jewel-World-Championship-1959-1973


Read more about this exciting new book 
at http://www.midatlanticgateway.com/p/crown-jewel.html

And a great pre-review! at https://www.postandcourier.com/sports/wrestling/dickbournesnewwrestlingbook..

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