Title Histories: Canadian Heavyweight Title: Gary Will's TWH


22/07George Walker
   Billed as champion on arrival; still billed as champion, 24/02
29/05Jack Taylor
   Billed as champion on arrival
31/05Earl McCready
   Billed as champion on arrival; still billed as champion, 34/10
38/06Yvon Robert
   Billed as champion on arrival
41/06Earl McCready
   Billed as champion on arrival; Whipper Billy Watson claims the title after defeating McCready in the second fall of a best-of-three match, that went to a draw, 41/06/05, Toronto, ON; Watson claims the Canadian title was on the line in each fall; McCready defeats Watson, 41/06/12, Toronto, ON, to end the dispute; a scheduled match between McCready and Yvon Robert on 41/11/06, Toronto, ON, is billed as a battle between Canadian title claimants; Robert is a no-show for the match and neither wrestler's claim to the title is mentioned again
54/06Al Mills
   Billed as champion on arrival for one match
78/12/17      Dino BravoToronto, ON
   Defeats Gene Kiniski
79/04/08Greg ValentineToronto, ON
79/06/03Dino Bravo [2]Toronto, ON
   Bravo leaves the area
79/09/09Dewey RobertsonToronto, ON
   Defeats Greg Valentine in tournament final
80/05/25Great Hossein Arab (Iron Sheik)Toronto, ON
80/07/20Angelo MoscaToronto, ON
80/08/10Great Hossein Arab [2]Toronto, ON
80/12/28Angelo Mosca [2]Toronto, ON
81/07/12Mr. FujiToronto, ON
81/07/26Angelo Mosca [3]Toronto, ON
81/09/20Big John StuddToronto, ON
82/01/17Angelo Mosca [4]Toronto, ON
83/07/24Sergeant SlaughterToronto, ON
84/01/22Angelo Mosca [5]Toronto, ON
84/04/29Ivan KoloffToronto, ON
   Defeats Brian Adidas in tournament final
84/06/10Angelo Mosca Jr.Toronto, ON

-By Gary Will