British Empire Title: Title Histories

41/06Earl McCready
   Billed as champion on arrival
42/02/12      Nanjo SinghToronto, ON
42/04/30Whipper Billy WatsonToronto, ON
42/10/01John KatanToronto, ON
42/11/11Earl McCready [2]Toronto, ON
42/12/03John Katan [2]Toronto, ON
43/01/28Whipper Billy Watson [2]Toronto, ON
   Defeats Nanjo Singh when Katan no-shows a scheduled defence; defeats Katan, 43/02/25
43/05/27Yvon RobertToronto, ON
43/06/10Whipper Billy Watson [3]Toronto, ON
48/05/13Nanjo Singh [2]Toronto, ON
48/06/03Whipper Billy Watson [4]Toronto, ON
49/03/03Fred AtkinsToronto, ON
49/08/02Whipper Billy Watson [5]Hamilton, ON
49/10/06Yvon Robert [2]Montreal, QC
49/11/17Whipper Billy Watson [6]Toronto, ON
50/01/25Yvon Robert [3]Montreal, QC
50/10/12Whipper Billy Watson [7]Toronto, ON
   Watson wins NWA world title
56/03/29Pat O'ConnorToronto, ON
   Defeats Lord Athol Layton
57/05/02Gene KiniskiToronto, ON
57/06/06Whipper Billy Watson [8]Toronto, ON
59/04/17Gene Kiniski [2]Toronto, ON
59/06/18Whipper Billy Watson [9]Toronto, ON
   Defends belt until 1967

-By Gary Will

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