Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Gorgeous George & Cherie 1961

As related to Gary Will's TWH : Whipper Billy Watson vs Gorgeous George our friend Roger Baker sent over some photos from the almost as famous May 1961 bout between George and Whipper.

GG's valet and wife Cherie was to get her hair cut if her man lost the bout. He did and she did before Whipper stepped in to stop the cut, the gentleman that he was.

You can see GG trying to talk Whipper out of it but Whip is having none of it. Cherie loses it and is crying as ref Bert 'The Little Flower of Uxbridge' Maxwell lays down the law.

At a re-match the next week. Cherie, still upset at the cut, chatted with Watson before the bout enraging the Gorgeous One who berated her. When he lifted his hand Cherie ducked behind Watson. At the intros he threw his robe at her she emerged and 'laid a pretty hand solidly against his cheek' and stormed down the ramp.

Roger is still just a superfan here sitting at ringside - before he started taking photos for all of the mags of the day.
WOW ! Thanks Roger !

Tony Marino is the other wrestler in the ring

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Canadian Middleweight Title belt 1930's

A beautiful Canadian title belt recently offered on ebay. Held by Jack Brentano in the 1930's. He doesn't appear to have wrestled in Toronto and not much info on him past some bouts listed -and the info below the pics.

From the auction:
You are bidding on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Professional Wrestling history. The Canadian Middleweight Championship belt held by Jack Brentano (also billed as Jack Brantano, Bull Brentana, John "Canada" Brentano, "Strangler" Brentano, The Red Flash (masked), Monsieur Jaques, Jacques La Roque and, no doubt, several more!)

This beautiful belt and metal buckle from the 1930s (at the latest) weighs 12oz and the main buckle face measures approximately 13.5 x 11.5cm.

Two metal Canadian maple leaf emblems are pinned either side.

The belt comes with an amazing book of provenance - a circa 35-page scrapbook full of newspaper cuttings, bills, telegrams, personal insights and more. Towns/cities wrestled in across North America include Vancouver, Edmonton, Tacoma, Bellingham, Seattle, Provo, Salt Lake City, Kelso, Long View, Great Falls, Helena, Fort Peck, El Paso, Grant's Pass, Eugene and Sheridan. 

Brentano appears to have held three belts at one time: (amateur) Welterweight champion of the Pacific Coast, Canadian Middleweight (this one) and the Montana State Middleweight title. He was born in St. Paul, Oregon in 1900 and died in 1945. One newspaper piece suggests that Brentano had been Canadian champion since 1928, won at Hastings Park, Vancouver.