Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1964 First Sunday night card : Sunday Night

In 1964 Frank Tunney tried out regular Sunday night wrestling after running Thursday nights since the 1930's.

The first Sunday card on Dec 27 1964 did well and he would run again just 4 days later on the Thursday Dec 31 and then again on the following Sunday Jan 3. Three cards in a span of 8 days drawing 20,500 fans.

Through the balance of Jan 1965 he ran 4 more Sunday shows before moving back to Thursdays in February. Over the rest of the year he would split between Sundays and Thursdays and in 1966 Sunday would become the regular night for Wrestling in Toronto.

The writeup and results would also be among the last by the inimitable Joe Perlove who soon stopped covering the wrestling and then passed on in 1966

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Wrestling at the Car Dealership 1978

Pro wrestling would sometimes turn up at unusual spots. Drive-ins, stores, camps etc

This one from 1978 has Phil 'Whipper Jr.' Watson and his crew of trainees appearing at a car dealership in Richmond Hill, ON. Phil had put on shows in the early 1970's around the small towns, sometimes in partnership with Dave McKigney. This one came at a pivotal point for the smaller guys like McKigney as the Tunney's (Jack mostly) had started to oppose the circuit in Ontario.

Jr. may have been trying to drum up interest or test the market before putting on some shows.

The Ad itself is similar to ones used by the Maich brothers in Brantford and area in the 1950's and the dealership or where it once stood - is now a condo development.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Jan 10 1957 Champions Abound: Classic Clippings

Looking through scrapbooks of original clippings from the 1950's there is no doubt Toronto was indeed a major city in the world of Pro-Wrestling ! !

Thesz, Hutton, Rogers, Watson, Kiniski, Rocca, Yukon Eric and many other big names made their way here or stayed around for years. It made for some interesting tag bouts too

This bout from 60 years ago tomorrow features a former World champ in Watson and 3 future World champs in Rogers, O'Connor, and Kiniski.

This bout was the first meeting of Watson and Kiniski coming after Kiniski initiated their long feud by interfering in a bout between Whipper and Rogers at MLG one week earlier.

Thanks to Roger Baker !