Thursday, March 17, 2016

1942 The Fans Decide Bouts

Too bad they didn't try this in our era. Not sure they ever did it again , this way anyways.

It did happen in 1968 though that was because a storm had taken out several of the combatants and bouts were decided on the spot. Another time in 1979 there was a coin toss to decide a bout under similar circumstances

On this one the fans picked Katan to take on McCready and Whipper to meet Dunlop.

Al 'Bunny' Dunlop is already causing trouble back then and would continue to do so for many years, even after the outrageous 5$ fine !

Funny too that they refer to Dunlop as 'creaking' way back in 1942 as he had been reffing after a busy pre-war ring career. Seventeen years later, and about 12 years past his wrestling days he was said to be 'rather long in the tooth' when he got back in the ring again vs the Whip in 1959. The inimitable Joe Perlove in his recap in '59 would state that Bunny as a wrestler was a good referee, and while a terrific referee 'couldn't wrestle much when he was young' either !