Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jan 10 1957

1957 was a good year on the Toronto Wrestling scene. Looking at results from across North America, it was a good year all around, maybe one of the best of the era. This night at MLG sees a stacked main event tag bout with a former World champ alongside 3 future world champs.

Whipper Watson, by this time a 2 time former champ, teams with Pat O'Connor vs Buddy Rogers and Gene Kiniski, all of whom would get a run with the NWA Title. Former Boxing champ Jersey Joe Walcott completes the champs theme by refereeing the bout.

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Maple Leaf Wrestling

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quebec Mid 70's Photos

A few action shots from Quebec mid 70's , 74 maybe

top - Don Leo Jonathon putting the squeeze on Jacques Rougeau Sr 
middle - maybe Eddie Ethefier (Morrow) dropkicking Neil Guay? (Guay had blonde hair early in career) - or Tyler - but Tyler usually has the checkerboard trunks
bottom - pretty sure thats Edouard Carpentier flying over Tarzan Tyler

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MLG Poster 1963

There are not a lot of posters from this era. Appears that they weren't produced in volume, rather there would be a couple around the Gardens, outside Frank's office or in the Hot Stove Lounge so they don't turn up too often. 

This one from 1963  features U.S. champ J.P. Henning taking on former champ Johnny Valentine. Henning was a big star in Toronto at this time and was coming off a NWA title shot at MLG vs Lou Thesz but would lose his belt on this night -after 19 minutes of action

Rest of the card was 
Johnny Valentine defeated John Paul Henning to win the U.S. title 
Little Beaver/Sonny Boy Cassidy defeated Sky Low Low/Billy The Kid
Killer Kowalski defeated Tony Marino
Lorenzo Parente defeated Stan Stasiak
Seaman Art Thomas defeated Fred Atkins
Hans Schmidt drew Jim Hady

There is a photo feature from a June '63 bout between Henning and Lou Thesz on the MLW site
MLW - JP Henning vs Lou Thesz