Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stasiak & Strongbow '77

In 1977 hated rivals (in the WWWF) Chief Jay Strongbow and Stan Stasiak would partner up in Toronto for 4 bouts. As far as I know it only happened here, Stasiak who had been a long time heel stayed on the 'good side' after this teaming and would even earn shots against WWWF champ Superstar Graham (Dec 77) as well as AWA champ Nick Bockwinkel at MLG (Jan 78) before disappearing in Feb 78. 

Strongbow would also get shots at both Superstar Graham (Jul 77, Dec 77) and Bockwinkel (Feb 78) before also leaving the Toronto scene. He would show up again on the Wildman circuit in 1980 battling The Sheik and would return to MLG with the WWF for their first show at MLG in July 1984.

In a magazine article at the time, it has the reporter asking Vince McMahon Sr if he has heard about the pairing of the two rivals, to which the promoter denies any knowledge but that 'stranger things have happened' or something to that effect. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Whipper 1965

An article from the Toronto Daily Star Weekend Magazine 1965 

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Scarboro 1963

Scarborough Arena or Scarboro as known back then was a familiar spot for Wildman shows from the early 70's up to the mid 80's as well as Universal Wrestling for a short spell in 1975. This is the earliest I can find for a show by Tunney after a 'scheduling' issue at MLG and was likely East York Arena, the usual 'go to' was unavailable also. 

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Below is a pic of the Arena in 2009, virtually unchanged since the early 80's when The Wildman's crew would inhabit it through the summer months 

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Joe Gollob

Long time Ontario Referee Joe Gollob seems an interesting character. After a somewhat un-noteworthy boxing career in the 30's the Montreal native became a Wrestling referee and handled many big bouts at MLG, as well as in Oshawa, Kingston, and other spots around Ontario. 

Likely because of his boxing background he seemed to take a lot of bumps, not only from the Wrestlers, but also co-referees boxers Jersey Joe Walcott and Joe Louis - and on many an occasion also the fans ! 

He was involved in several riots in Oshawa, one noted in the clip posted above, as well as in Kingston in 1954. On both occasions they would run with a 'heel ref' angle, in Oshawa he would quick count the fan favorites and fail to 'see' the heels' indiscretions. Ultimately they would bring in another referee to even it up and old Joe would get thumped again by a combination of the ref and/or wrestlers. 

Clip below from 1957 is rather humorous in light of Gollub constantly getting tossed around

Clip below a bio from 1943


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

East York 1956

As a kid growing up in Toronto you may have played hockey at the East York Arena but back in the '50's and early '60's it was used as a back-up for Wrestling when MLG was being used for Ice Capades or other events. 

As Whipper was 'The Pride Of East York' it was a natural fit, the clip below with Whipper vs Buddy Rogers drew a reported 1800, quite a crowd for a small hockey arena. 

The following clips are from the 5 shows promoted there in 1956. Results can be found in the Toronto section at Tim Hornbaker's fabulous Legacy Of Wrestling site.

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Above Feb 2
Below Mar 8 , May 31, Oct 4, Nov 29


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