Sunday, February 21, 2010

Owen Sound 1988

Poster and ticket from an ICW show in Owen Sound, ON in 1988. Not sure if any of these wrestlers are local guys, Tony Atlas worked MLG quite a bit at the onset of the M-A affiliation as tag partner to Jay Youngblood.

Thanks to Rob Elder


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hamilton 1964

Wrestler Martin Hutzler owned Martin's Sportstown Grill in Hamilton. On this occasion for the Football Hall Of Fame, several wrestlers would take part in acting as cashier for an hour. Billy Red Lyons, Abe Zvonkin, Jan Gotch, Jim Hady, and Eric Froehlich joined The 'Destroyer' -who had been unmasked as Joe Christie at MLG earlier in the year.

Other celebrities include CHCH Anchor Norm Marshall, Football Hall Of Famers Bernie Faloney, Garney Henley and John Barro, and voice of the Ti-Cats Perc Allen. 

The restaurant is still there, now known as the The Purple Pear 


Zicarelli Columns

A selection of Frank Zicarelli's columns which appeared in the Sun




John Studd

Took the above pic on Feb 21 1982 (cropped and smaller pic on the site) as he prepared to meet Blackjack Mulligan in a reprise of their 1980 Toronto feud when they had 3 straight violent Texas Death Matches.

As you can see Studd is not happy with my buddy's 'welcome' to MLG !

Studd had some good battles here, especially with the big men, Mosca, Mulligan, and Andre, and is one of several to have continued success after the WWF came in. He was here so often he could be considered a 'regular' in the area and was one of the few heels that would be nice to you outside or coming into MLG.

The shot below was sent to me, Studd in Montreal holding the Cdn Belt, as far as I know he never defended the T.O. version in Quebec


Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Della Serra's

With all the brother tag teams that passed through Toronto over the years, real or imagined, The Loves, Ole and Gene, the Mills, the Kalmikoffs, the Gallaghers, the Kellys, the Smiths, the Marcus', it is somewhat of a surprise that the Dellaserra boys never did make it to MLG. 

They would make some TV Tapings but always seemed to be around us, either in George Cannon's promotions, or other Canadian spots such as Quebec, Vancouver, and the Maritimes. Both would spend a lot of time in Europe and also work under a hood locally. Bob was the UFO in Quebec, Rocky one of Cannon's El Santos masked team.

The Brothers would return to Toronto in 1987 on a couple International cards. These two were great wrestlers in their day, a good mix of scientific skill and ring psychology and while they may not be household names in the history of Wrestling, definitely made their mark here in Canada and overseas. 


Sheik vs Abdullah 1975

Back then you mostly only heard about the angles and feuds, the title changes, or any other big news through the magazines which were at best a few months behind. Into the later 70's I discovered the newsletters and bulletins and could find out in Feb what had happened in NY in Jan. Still, as there was a 'blanket' over real coverage you would get feuds and bouts that were the opposite in other territories.

In Toronto in 1975 The Sheik and Abdullah The Butcher had a falling out , once partners they ended up in a bloody feud that rocked the rafters at Maple Leaf Gardens. As you can see in Atlanta just a couple nights prior they were teaming vs Andre and Wrestling II


Here are a few of their other bouts around this time and the blow-off in the cage

05/03 Detroit, MI The Sheik N/C Abdullah The Butcher
05/11 Toronto, ON The Sheik double DQ Abdullah The Butcher
05/17 Detroit, MI The Sheik double DQ Abdullah The Butcher

05/23 Atlanta, GA Andre The Giant/Mr. Wrestling II W The Sheik/Abdullah The Butcher
05/25 Toronto, ON The Sheik DCOR Abdullah The Butcher (Haystacks Calhoun spec ref)

05/30 Atlanta, GA Abdullah The Butcher W/DQ The Sheik b
05/31 Detroit, MI The Sheik W Abdullah The Butcher
06/08 Toronto, ON The Sheik W Abdullah The Butcher (Cage match)

Happened later too, Mosca as a vicious heel in WWF while Canadian champ here. When Andre 'finally' got his revenge match against Killer Kahn here in Toronto in 1981, they had actually wrestled the night before in Philadelphia and had many 'revenge' bouts by that time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On The Blades

Pro Wrestling and Hockey didn't meet up much during the MLWP era, though if you ever saw Tiger Williams in action it wasn't far removed from the squared circle.

The pic above from Quebec features Whipper Watson (r.)and fellow long time Toronto stalwart Pat Flanagan (l.) flanking goalie Paul Beaubien - taken I would think in the early 50's.

Both Whipper and Flanagan were great all-round athletes and likely quite a force on the blades. The only other notable hockey shot I can think of is a great pic in Greg Oliver's Canadians book of the Sur Le Matelas team in Quebec in the 60's. Picture the Leduc brothers on skates !

Speaking of Tiger, he did manage to get in the ring in Vancouver in 1984, a natural!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wildman 1983

Dave 'Wildman' McKigney sat out the first part of his 1983 summer tour with a broken foot, but still kept a presence at the shows. Pics above and below taken in Cornwall, On during July 1983


RIng Report 1966-67

Out of A Wrestling Revue 1967 covering the scene late 1966 early 1967

Click on pic to see full size


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jack Brisco

Jack Brisco was a 'real wrestler' if you were a fan back then. Brisco had been in Toronto many times during his NWA Title run  in 1973-75 but this time he was the challenger and he and Flair put on quite a show with Brisco coming close to pinning the champ June 27 1982.

The magazines were touting Brisco as 'taking another run at the title' but he had no such aspirations. Though he would retire from the ring a couple of years later he was still at the top of his game as another viable veteran facing Flair in Toronto at this time
RIP Jack Brisco

Greg Oliver has a fine look at Jack's career here



Jack Brisco NWA Title defenses in Toronto 

73/09/23        Jack Brisco W Eric the Animal
73/12/16        Jack Brisco WDQ Johnny Valentine
74/04/21        Jack Brisco W Johnny Valentine
74/07/21        Jack Brisco W Tony Parisi
74/08/18        Jack Brisco W Dominic Denucci
74/09/08        Jack Brisco DDQ The Sheik
74/09/22        Jack Brisco W Billy Red Lyons
75/03/23        Jack Brisco WCOR Stan Stasiak
75/11/30        Jack Brisco LDQ Spiros Arion
credit Gary Will

Welland 1952" Classic Clippings


A couple of original clippings from June 1952. Future referee and all-time tough guy Fred Atkins billed as 'Big, Bad Fred Atkins' and Warren Bockwinkel about 26 years prior to his son Nick.