Maple Leaf Almanac

The Almanac is a look at the events and angles taking place both in Maple Leaf Wrestling and on the Big Bear circuit run by Dave McKigney. Started with the  M-A era 1978-1984 but will go back. The M-A era was mostly done years back so lots of info could be updated or added, just a general look at the scene. 

1929 l 1931 l 1937 l 1939 1940 l 1942 l 1945 l 1947
1950 l 1951 l 1953 l 1954 l 1955 l 1956 l 1957 l 1959
1960 l 1962 l 1963 l 1966 l 1970 l 1972 l 1974 l 1975
1976 l 1977 l 1978 l 1979 l 1980 l 1981 l 1982 l 1983

For the Mid-Atlantic era The Gateway's extensive Almanac cover the angles that often were just footnotes up here. We recommend you go through those to get a full picture of the scene at the time. 
Be prepared to spend some time!  M-A Gateway- Almanac