Quick Bits: Tiger Jeet Singh 1967

Tiger Jeet debuted here in Sept 1965 as the latest protégé of Fred Atkins. It was on the undercard of a Thesz-Valentine world title bout. MLG announcer Gerry Hiff dryly introduced Atkins as Singh's 'interpreter and confidant' as he had previously with Professor Hiro. Atkins as always remained stone-faced while Tiger Jeet disposed of Stamford Murphy with the Cobra hold in a bit over 4 minutes. On the next card he handily finished off veteran Pat Flanagan the same way, this time in less than a minute.

Main pic: A young Tiger Jeet Singh poses at MLG in 1967

Tiger goes on to top the weekly cards and appears at MLG through 1983. He was one of a select few that challenged for all three major fed titles in Toronto (Carpentier & Stasiak the others). Singh faced NWA Kiniski and WWWF Bruno in '67, and AWA Bockwinkel in '79. He spent a lot of time in Japan in the 70s but still appeared quite regularly and did well matched up against The Sheik. They drew 50,000 fans over a 3 card series in 1971. Later during the M-A era he still managed some big bouts including a pinfall win over Ric Flair in 1979 and the previously mentioned AWA title shot.

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