Quick Bits: The Lisowski's & Jersey Joe 1958

 A young Reggie Lisowski faces off against special ref Jersey Joe Walcott at MLG in April 1958. That's brother Stanley watching on with second referee Bunny Dunlop. In those days they had two refs for the tag bouts. 

Reggie had arrived in the area in 1954 with Art Neilson as his partner. When he returned in 1958 his partner was Stan Holek as brother Stanley Lisowski. In later years Stan teamed with Art Neilson as well, elsewhere, as the Neilson brothers. 

In their first bout as a team at MLG Reggie & Stanley took the Canadian Open Tag Titles from Whipper & Yukon Eric. For the bout in April Jersey Joe was assigned as the Lisowski's took on Whipper and partner Wilbur Snyder in an 'all-in' bout. Snyder and Watson steamrolled their opponents in the non-title affair and an unhappy Reggie decided to square up with the former boxing champ. It didn't end well!  

Wilf Long drawing of the previous weeks bout vs the Miller's Apr 1958

Reggie departed in 1959 and found worldwide fame as The Crusher. He returned as Crusher for two bouts during the brief AWA affiliation in 1978.