Quick Bits: Jim Hady

'Jim Hady was one of the finest all around pro wrestlers that ever appeared at MLG. Back in the early 1960's he was in his prime years and the wrestling fans always gave him a rousing welcome when he appeared at the venue, whether in a tag team effort or singles match.
Hamilton Forum 1961
I had the pleasure to meet Hady several times during the years that he was in the Toronto area. One chance meeting was when we bumped into one another at the Mt. Sinai hospital in June of 1963, the occasion being that we had both become fathers to baby sons and were excited to visit our wives and first born.

Another meeting was in a dressing room in the Hamilton Forum. Hady and Billy Red Lyons were present in the room and they offered to pose for photos. That suited me fine and I was pleased to get a picture of Hady performing a wrestler's bridge. This maneuver and other neck exercises contributed to the fact that Hady's neck was very muscular, it appeared to look at least twenty inches around.

Hady and Lyons Hamilton 1961

Hady had great physical strength, as well as being brilliant in the ring. He had a helluva sense of humor as well. I can remember so many years ago, Frank Tunney often would stand just ahead of the dressing rooms, maybe twenty feet before the ramp. This one Thursday evening Frank was standing at this spot, arms folded in front of his chest. Frank had his trade mark cigar clenched in his teeth and Jim is right behind Tunney, his arms are folded also in front of his chest. Hady is exaggerating Tunney's appearance greatly, and the wrestlers that were behind Tunney all had a great laugh.'

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