Quick Bits: Brower & Graham 1963


By October 1963 Bulldog Brower was firmly entrenched as the number one heel in the area. He had been running roughshod over all his competition, causing havoc from MLG to the smaller arenas on the circuit. We looked at some of Bulldog's exploits in 'From Nanjo to The Sheik' but you could write an entire book on Brower.

'Bulldog Brower was without a doubt one of the greatest and most violent of all the heels that ever appeared in the Toronto region. He first appeared in MLG in the early sixties, and then the carnage began in earnest. In his initial matches he savaged his opponents with such brutality that he was soon the top dog in the feeding chain at MLG.' - Roger 

Brower was coming off a 3 bout series vs NWA champ Buddy Rogers and had tagged with Sweet Daddy Siki & Johnny Valentine before teaming up with Dr. Jerry Graham. Dr. Jerry had been in Toronto for just a few months before he and Bulldog teamed up. It proved to be a good union as they took the International Tag Titles from Art Thomas & John Paul Henning in their first bout as a tag. They held the titles for just a couple of months before losing to Johnny Valentine & Jim Hady and the two went their separate ways. 

Photos in the MLG dressing room and during the title change bout Oct 1963
Note the brass knuckles on Bulldog...
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