Film: Bruno vs Great Kudo 1962

 From June 1962 Bruno Sammartino meets The Great Kudo at MLG. This was the new masked persona for veteran Red Garner. 'Kudo' made his debut around 1960 on the circuit shows before showing up at MLG in February '62. Garner had previously been a Mr. Moto and kept the Asian style gimmick with the pre bout ceremony and going barefoot.   

After a few bouts as Kudo he was matched up against the newest Toronto star Bruno and the two got embroiled in a lively feud. During the bouts (also on the main Film) Kudo's manager Sam Sullivan (Gus Marmon?) gets involved with Bruno and a near riot ensues every time. 

Bruno went on to win the WWWF title and in his first Toronto appearance back as champion, his opponent - was Kudo. Note Jack Tunney doing the ring intros filling in on a rare night off for Gerry Hiff. At the end it it segues into a Whipper-Brower bout that will post separately.

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