Poster Feature at the Gateway

   Our friends at the Mid Atlantic Gateway have been featuring some classic posters from the Mid-Atlantic history along with some great memories. We love our posters and have been enjoying the rare treats such as this beauty from 1977 showcasing a Lincoln Continental Tournament. They had these type of tourny’s frequently in the South which often had a good mix of names, usually with some from out of area. Local fans will note entrant Dino Bravo who had been tearing up the M-A scene just a year before he won our relaunched Canadian Title. A few years later they even brought a Cadillac Tournament here to Toronto which was one of the highlights of the era. As far as the prize I was always partial to the Continental. Smoothest drive ever! 

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Courtesy Mid Atlantic Gateway
I was actually there [in Roanoke] that night and the strap match two weeks later. Read More