Jack & The Kangaroos 1967


   A classic photo from Roger Baker. Jack Tunney and the Fabulous Kangaroos Al Costello & Ray St. Clair. 

Taken in Detroit a couple of years prior to the Sheik streak in Toronto, Jack (and Uncle Frank with him) take in a Detroit show. This version of the Kangaroos also appeared in Toronto. The original team of Costello and Roy Heffernan appeared here back in 1957-58 and had even been special referees for a World title bout (Hutton vs Whipper in '58)- both of them. 

This version didn't last long, Costello (the nicest guy in wrestling as per Roger) would soon team with Don Kent, later Bulldog Don Kent around here. Jack on the other hand was busy involved in the day to day workings of the office, running TV and other areas as Frank was approaching his 30th year as promoter. 


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