Quick Bits: Frank & The Kangaroos 1967


     Aanother Roger Baker classic, this time with Frank Tunney and the Kangaroos Al Costello & Ray St Clair. Shot in Detroit a couple of years prior to the Sheik streak in Toronto as Frank (and nephew Jack with him) takes in a show. This version of the Kangaroos also appeared in Toronto. The original team of Costello and Roy Heffernan appeared here back in 1957-58 and had even been special referees for a World title bout (Hutton vs Whipper in '58)- both of them. 

This version didn't last long, Costello (the nicest guy in wrestling as per Roger) would soon team with Ray Kent/Don Kent, later Bulldog Don Kent. Frank and Jack perhaps scouting out the hot-at-the-time Detroit territory in a prelude to the teaming with the Sheik.