Quick Bits: Johnny Powers

Johnny Powers 'The Golden Adonis' posing in front of the wall at MLG, and below in action vs Tony Parisi. Powers was a regular here from 1964-1967 and returned a few times (notable bouts vs The Sheik in 1973) but was mostly traveling and running his own ventures here and elsewhere.

Dressing room at MLG Jan 1965

Roger took these photos around the time that Powers was also promoting Cambridge, Galt and area. Powers had tough guy Martino Angelo as his ring manager and enjoyed a good run with the Powerlock finisher. Though he never challenged for the NWA Title at MLG, he did face Bruno in a 3 bout series for the WWWF Title in 1965. On the circuit he was a constant headliner and challenged both Thesz and Kiniski for the NWA crown in the smaller towns. 

vs Tony Parisi MLG Jan 1965

For a time he offered $1000 if his opponent could break the Powerlock and soon met up with Whipper Watson. Whipper did double duty and subbed for a missing Johnny Valentine, said to be stuck in Chicago and arriving at Island Airport just as the bout started. Powers got the big win after Whipper ended up outside the ring and was counted out. 

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Thanks to and photos by Roger Baker