Podcast chat / Slam Q&A

  Was a pleasure to speak with Andy from Grappling With Canada about Gene Kiniski and wrestling in Toronto in general. The podcast looks at Canadian wrestling and has a ton of great content. Here he speaks with the author of the Gene Kiniski book and we join in about the 1h 51 mark to discuss T.O. Listen to it here Grappling With Canada Ep4

Posted by Marshall Ward | Mar 29, 2021

The rich history of professional wrestling in Ontario comes alive in chaotic detail in a new book by a pair of veteran Canadian wrestling journalists. Wrestling giants of yesteryear like Whipper Billy Watson, Fritz Von Erich, Yukon Eric, Gene Kiniski, and Bulldog Brower come to life in the pages of From Nanjo to The Sheik: Tales from Toronto Wrestling by Andrew Calvert with Roger Baker, out now and self-published. ...Read More

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