Alexandra Studio Wrestling Photos

 Some of the Alexandra Studio's wrestling photos used to be online but seem to have vanished. It's a shame they are mostly hidden from the fans. I'm not sure how many there are, hundreds at least, thousands maybe. The Turofsky brothers started their studio back around 1911, and when wrestling hit big in 1929 they would cover the action through to their deaths in the late 50s. Michael Burns who worked with the brothers would continue with the studio. These are some in the .com collection.

Top Row 
Ivan Kalmikoff vs Don Lee 1955
Whipper & Phil Lawson 1942 Lawson known for his unorthodox training! 
Whipper unmasking Masked Marvel w/Jack Dempsey 1949
Thesz vs Great Togo 1954

Layton vs Kalmikoff 1955
Whipper vs Hutton 1958
Whipper vs Don Leo 1960
Bill & Ed Miller 1957

Thesz with the Press vs Hutton 1957
Bobo Brazil vs Ed Miller 1957 
Bill Miller behind the fence 1957 Think that's Bill
Gene Kiniski orating after his suspension 1957

Kowalski vs Schmidt 1953  The fans hated Kowalski less on that night
Sam Steamboat with the Thesz Press vs Don Leo 1960
Whipper with the Commando on Buddy Rogers 1956
Tolos Bros vs Mighty Jumbo (and Yukon Eric) 1960 


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