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We have contributed Toronto & Ontario info to various sites, books, docs, and other projects since we began this site in 2003. Also some articles around the web some of which are posted below. All are external links that open in a new window.

1957 Queens Park vs Pro Wrestling
The world of pro wrestling has always had a history of conflict with the various sports commissions right from the early days of the sport. Toronto was no different...

Lionel Conacher: Big Train on the mat
Lionel Conacher was voted Canada’s athlete of the half-century in 1950 and most biographies mention his participation in the world of pro wrestling but with little info. It’s time to remedy that...

Dave McKigney: 25 Years Later
A look at the career of Bearman Dave McKigney  aka The Canadian Wildman and his long association with Ontario pro wrestling both as a wrestler and innovative promoter... 

Tim Gerrard: Maple Leaf Regular
At the height of the Mid-Atlantic association in the early 1980's area native Tim Gerrard got to live out his dream of appearing at Maple Leaf Gardens and taking on the biggest stars of the era.
The Mid Atlantic Gateway has done some great features on Toronto including this one which was a lot of fun. 1982 Tournament Coda: What if Toronto? looking at the NWA Tag tourney that almost made it here. And we had a look at the great Johnny Weaver in Toronto. All of their T.O. stuff is at Mid Atlantic Gateway: Toronto