Presents: From Nanjo to The Sheik

Our next in the series looks at the boom of Toronto wrestling. 

With memories from -and featuring the photos of- Roger Baker
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10 From Nanjo to The Sheik
22 The Sheik
30 Did You Know: Wrestling Office
31 Did You know: Maple Leaf Wrestling name
33 Lou Thesz & The NWA Title
52 NWA Title Bouts in Toronto
56 Sam Muchnick
58 Roger Remembers Waldo Von Erich
60 Home of The Bulldog
70 Tickets & Times
72 Yukon Eric: The Sampson of the North
76 Bruno!
80 Rocca vs Thesz 1962
82 Have No Fear Kiniski is Here
92 Roger Remembers The Ramp
94 Roger Remembers Sweet Daddy Siki
96 The Inner Circle Group Shot
98 Frank Tunney, Jack Corcoran, the Inner Circle
  106 Phil Lawson 
  107 Phil Lisner
  108 Jack Deacon Allen
  108 Jerry Monahan
  108 Pat Flanagan
  112 Tiger Tommy Nelson 
114 Referees
  115 Joe Gollob
  116 Jack Forbes & Cliff Worthy
  116 Bert Maxwell
  117 Tiger Tasker
  122 Bunny Dunlop
  122 John Katan/Krusher Korman/Billy Stack/Terry Yorkston
  123 Fred Atkins
128 Notable Guest Referees in Toronto
132 Lord Athol Layton 
138 Roger Remembers The Fabulous Kangaroos
140 Did You Know: Toronto wrestling families
142 Pedro Martinez and Buffalo
148 TV and Maple Leaf
156 Perlovese
160 Carpentier vs Stasiak Nov 1966
164 Notable Debuts: Killer Kowalski 1949
165 Notable Debuts: Don Jardine 1959
166 Fritz Von Erich
172 Titles in Toronto
174 Bull Curry 
175 Johnny Powers
176 Attendance
188 WWWF/WWF Title in Toronto
190 Johnny Valentine
198 Did You Know: Whipper’s Beverages 
200 Lou Marsh
204 Sunday Night Wrestling in Toronto
205 1942 The Fans Decide The Bouts
206 Masked Wrestlers in Toronto
214 Roger Remembers Don Leo Jonathon
216 Stan Stasiak
218 Wire Fence Bouts
220 Roger Remembers Tex McKenzie
222 Brief History of Wrestling in Oshawa
230 Whipper & Robert: The Canadian Dream Team
232 George Richards Mr. Big and Tall
234 Whipper wins World Title
236 Early Toronto Timeline
239 About the Author

Video Preview 

For Toronto wrestling fans this is a ‘must have’ book. So much great info.
-Jeff Marek Sports TV & Radio, LAW

The rich history of professional wrestling in Ontario comes alive in chaotic detail in a new book by a pair of veteran Canadian wrestling journalists..
-Marshall Ward. for Slam Wrestling

Expertly researched and interestingly compiled, would recommend to any wrestling historians (the dates, title histories and trivia are tops) as well as anyone with an interest in Toronto / Canadian wrestling history.

This was a really enjoyable read if you’re into the history of Toronto wrestling and the key people involved running the city. Tons of historical notes on attendance, ups and downs in the city, the good and bad of The Sheik from ‘69-‘77, the Mid-Atlantic years and into the WWF’s foothold from ‘84 onward.
-John Pollock Post Wrestling

I really enjoyed this book, learned a lot about MLG wrestling, good read.
-Mark Bujan 

So much information on the great history of Toronto’s Maple Leaf Wrestling. It will be a great reference guide for anyone interested in learning more about Maple Leaf Wrestling as we know it today!
-Wes Maidment

Wanted to connect to let you know how much I enjoyed From Nanjo to the Sheik. It’s great!
-Vern May